• Show Date: 28/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Japanese Chin


28th April 2023

Japanese Chin



1: Ch Rakuchin Kenji Na (Ms T & Ms S Pearce & Hann), 8-year-old b/w full of fun and defying his age. In full coat and in super bloom. He has the most enchanting expression with a look of the devil. Sound on the move and keeping his outline. A real credit to his owner and the breed. Best Veteran.

Minor Puppy

1: Spindulys Zephyr at Threadgold (Imp Ltu) (Mrs S E Steele), 6-month-old b/w who shows promise, beautifully presented and a coat of great texture already. His expression is super. Well bodied for age and just that little bit more settled on the move today. Has a future. Best Puppy

2: Cranvarl The Red King of Jakconas (Miss Tong), 6-month-old r/w who is super for size and shape. He has time on his side and his expression is delightful. I liked him, but today his head and his legs just didn’t quite connect. This will come.

3: Threadgold Leonardo (Lady H D Bamford)


1: Cranvarl The Student Prince (Mrs L Crane), 6-month b/w. Full of promise and so full of fun, he nearly threw it away, but he was forgiven. His head and expression are super, he is the correct shape, and his coat is coming along. When he put his mind to it, he put his feet in the right place and carried himself well.

2: Threadgold Leonardo (Lady H D Bamford), b/w with a super coat of the correct texture. Not quite the expression of the winner. In super condition, he held himself well. Just a little narrow at present but time is on his side.


1: Jaschin Hold That Thought JW (Mr S & Mr J & Mrs A Rooney & Green & Green), absolutely beautiful b/w boy. Superb for size. His head and expression are divine. He is the correct shape, strong level topline and well-set tail, carried well. On the move he is precise, stylish and sound. Champion quality without a doubt. He continued to impress me in the challenge and stepped up a gear. Asked for the CC and was given it. Quite delightful.

2: Threadgold Leonardo (Lady H D Bamford)


1: Sharlarna Hit Man for Dabrives (Mr D & Mr B Hubble & Summerbell), b/w in full coat, perhaps just a tad too much. A real character and giving his handler a hard time. Good for size and shape, he presents a typical outline. Moved ok and looked decent in profile.

2: Threadgold Leonardo (Lady H D Bamford)

Post Grad

1: Bentwood Candide (Dr A Schemel), b/w of super size, he has a fabulous expression and is sound as a bell on the move. In superb condition and in full coat. Decent one and should carry a title with the average amount of luck. Handled well


1: Ch Anjuli Trevor (Miss L Lindsay), well known champion, fully mature and presented beautifully in full coat. He has a superb outline, is delightful in head and expression and has super open nostrils. On the move he impresses and is as sound as a bell. Very worthy of all he has achieved, and he will continue to have good days. Was unlucky to meet his son on such form today but should not be disgraced by that as he clearly is a producer too. RCC

2: Sharlarna Trouble Maker (Miss P Martin), liked this boy too and he pleases in outline, not quite the side gait of the winner but he is champion quality for sure. Beautifully presented and handled very well.


Minor Puppy

1: Tismechi Bee Orchid (Ms Clarke), 8-month-old b/w who is very feminine and has such a delightful character. Moved on the right track and has a super outline.

2: Cranvarl The Gypsy Princess (Mrs L Crane), r/w of just 6 months and on the table, she pleases enormously for type. Her expression is very typical, and she has so much promise. Today she decided that walking was far too much trouble and so had to pay the price, but her day will come.


1: Yakedo Irises (Miss T Burns), b/w 11-month-old and presenting a very pleasing picture stood. She pleases in head and expression and was presented beautifully. Moved out well and kept her outline.

2: Somergemz Balenciaga (Mr & Mrs K Calvert), rs/w of 11 months and also pleases for type and shape, on the move she scores and uses her neck and topline to advantage. Just needs confidence on the table and she’ll be away.

3: Sharlarna Conchita for Meglind (Mrs S E Lindley)


1: Jaschin Who’d Have Thought at Anjuli (Miss L Lindsay), r/w who pleases for balance and shape. She has a super head with the correct expression, good in front and strong topline. Moved out well in profile. Once matured in body and mind she has a future.

2: Sharlarna Primadonna (Miss L Bradley), b/w who I thought would be the winner on first appraisal. She has the loveliest head and expression and is fabulous in outline. She was just a little reticent on the move and tended to lower herself in profile. She will have better days

3: Sharlarna Eye Candy (Mrs T & Mr A Quinn)


1: Sharlarna Vivacious (Miss L Bradley), delightful b/w who is superb for type. So very feminine and a real show off. She has a delightful head and the cheekiest of expressions. Good for neck, topline and tail set. On the move she is sound, stylish and takes the eye. Thought her very worthy of the RCC behind the beautiful Open winner and feel she is destined for a title.


1: Jaschin Thoughts That Count (Mr S & Mr J & Mrs A Rooney & Green & Green), b/w who has her mind on other things. She won the class on profile action and expression. Time is on her side, but she needs to concentrate on the job in hand

2: Apologies, Name not supplied. In full coat and decent for shape, just needs to gain a little experience as she tended to pace in profile,

Post Grad

1: Rakuchin Skyes Aria (Ms T & Ms S Pearce & Hann), b/w who pleases for shape and type. Decent coat pleases on the table and sound on the move.

2; Cranvarl Maude (Miss J & Mrs L Tong & Crane). R/W beautifully presented and is super for size. She has a very typical expression. Looks decent in profile but just a little erratic on the out and back today, that’s when she actually went in a straight line, which just added to her likability.


1: Craimose Touch of Class (Mr C F Young), lovely b.w of quality. She has the most fabulous expression and is super for type and size. Scores on the move where she is precise and sound. Presented to perfection and handled beautifully.

2: Sharlarna Bish Bash Bosh (Miss P Martin), another super b/w of quality and I liked her very much for size and type. Her expression is delightful, and she is presented in super coat. Not quite the precision of the winner going away. But champion quality.

3: Jaschin Fendi with Somergemz (Mr & Mrs K Calvert)


1: Ch Jaschin First Edition (Mr S & Mr J & Mrs A Rooney & Green & Green), have judged her before and gave her group 2 at Midland Counties last year, so no surprise that I rate her. She is a beautiful bitch and feel that she has never looked better being totally mature and sound, she presents a beautiful outline and can never be overlooked on the move. A real credit to the breed and she will continue to make a name for herself. CC and BOB

2: Jaschin Paws for Applause (Mr S & Mr J & Mrs A Rooney & Green & Green), close up and so similar in type, not quite the precision going away today but still beautiful

3: Sleepyhollow Peace Flower at Dalehouse (Mrs C M Oatridge)

Lee A S Cox (Judge)