• Show Date: 12/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Poodle (Toy)

Crufts 2023

Thursday, 9 March 2023

Poodle (Toy)

It was an enormous pleasure and honour to judge a breed so very close to my heart at this show of shows. I would like to thank the Crufts committee for the invitation but most of all the exhibitors who provided me with such a fabulous entry and for bringing their dogs. The ringside was electric and all in all added to a most unforgettable day.

It has been a while since I have been active in the breed and I haven’t judged this variety for a couple of years, so most of the entry was new to me. Having exhibited in the halcyon days of very large entries, it has been worrying to see the dramatic decline in the number of Toy Poodles being exhibited over the last few years. I understand that not all are attracted by the amount of work that goes into putting a Poodle into the ring. I totally understand that presentation is the icing on the cake and there is nothing more breath-taking than a beautiful Poodle beautifully presented, but to once again increase the popularity of this totally charming variety, I truly hope that some judges are brave enough to judge the dog underneath and not turn it into just a grooming competition. This is a breed where hands on is so important. A good dog badly presented can look mediocre compared to the spectacularly presented mediocre one.

Temperaments without exception were good, just a couple a little unhappy with the atmosphere which led to them not using themselves to advantage.

Just a couple of observations and concerns. I have never been known as a head-hunter as I feel that the expression of a poodle is far more important than the head shape itself. A classically shaped head with no expression is worthless. However, the standard calls for long and fine with slight peak. I found too many too heavy in back skull and the desired peak not as prevalent as I would hope. Short forefaces are creeping in which gives an alien look with eyes being almost frog like. Some lacked chin and I do hope that judges aren’t fooled by hair being left on the lower jaw to disguise this. Balance of head to body is also so key, we do not want a Miniature head on a Toy body.

The majority measured easily, but my concern is that some, although in size at the wither, are too short legged and so lose balance. A poodle, no matter what variety, should be high stationed with length to leg.

Having said this, I was delighted with the majority of my winners and there were some classes, particularly in bitches, which gave me a lot to think about. The Open bitch class in particular was a delight with many worthy bitches not making the final 5 places, which is refreshing.

Puppy Dog

Entries: 4 Absentees: 1

1ST 15997 - Karamouche Top Gun at Trandella (Miss A J Thompson) 11-month-old black, mature in coat and body. Masculine in head but a pleasing expression. Decent for size. He has a super front on him, correct topline and well-set tail. Balanced behind. He uses himself on the move and keeps an outline.

2ND 15924 - Tuttlebees Love The Magic (Mrs A Corish) 9-month-old white presented beautifully and everything in the right place. I loved his expression, and his coat texture is super even at this age. Just needs to drop into himself. On the move he has carriage but just a tad erratic on the out and back at present. Title bound, I’m sure.

3RD 15986 - Xquisztdream Blaze Dynasty (Miss J & Mr L Scott & Peachey) 9-month-old red dog, lovely colour and in good coat. Would prefer a little more length to foreface but has the cheekiest expression. Would benefit with a little more body condition which will be to his advantage

Junior Dog

Entries: 9 Absentees: 5

1ST 16003 - Afterglow French Toast (Mrs R Wells) I was very taken with this Apricot of super coat and colour, Beautifully presented. He has a delightful expression and a super head. Balanced in outline being high stationed and short in back. Decent front and balanced angulation behind. On the move he carries himself so well. Out and back, he is precise, could just possibly reach a little more in profile. Good one though and very worthy of a title with the average amount of luck.

2ND 15944 - Afterglow Ava Gander (Miss S Hall) brown boy who measures ok. A wealth of coat and an excellent colour. Not quite the head of the winner but he is balanced in outline. A little erratic on the out and back and just needs to concentrate on the job in hand

3RD 15947 - Zya Nandj Minature Schnauzer Kennel Armagedon at Senkrah (Imp Srb) Naf (Miss F B Harkness) silver, well in size, pleasing colour that is clearing nicely. Needs to have a little more confidence on the table, but this will come.

Post Graduate Dog

Entries: 8 Absentees: 1

1ST 15926 - Turith Devil’s in The Detail (Mr G Currie) black dog of type and quality. He has a very pleasing head and expression, good for size and in super coat. Balanced in outline, he is square and has decent length of leg. Moved out on the right track, he could just carry himself a little better. With time and experience he should be title bound.

2ND 15968 - Philora Silver Special (Mrs S E Martin) silver of quality and type, he is good for size, decent head but just not the expression of the winner. Sound to go over and very sound in the move. Super colour and coat texture.

3RD 15949 - Afterglow Bag of Trix (Ms F & Mrs O Harvie & Phillips) white with the most delightful head and expression. Pleasing for size and decent to go over. Just needs confidence for his advantage which in turn would help with his carriage. But he is decent.

Limit Dog

Entries: 9 Absentees: 2

1ST 15950 - Jww Sjarmtrollet's Exciting News (Miss A-M & Miss H.g Hattmyr & Aarheim) brown of super coat and colour, beautiful head and expression, measures well, presented beautifully. On the move he is so very eye catching and really covers the ground, with reach and drive. Super to go over and square in outline, having length of leg to balance him out. He could be a little tidier when coming towards you but today this was forgiven.

2ND 16006 - Starianna Wreckit Ralph (Miss S White) white of type and champion quality and the most super head and expression. He is balanced in angulation. Square in outline and has super carriage on the move. He stands on super feet with his legs well under him. Close up to the winner today and I was splitting hairs as I really liked him. Super presentation as well.

3RD 15938 - Silvora Tik Tok (Mrs D & Mrs A Grant & Murphy) black dog who too should title, beautifully presented and full of type. Super expression but not the fineness in skull of the 2 above him. He is sound on the move but today he just lost his outline in profile, and this cost him. Fabulous coat texture and well bodied.

2750. Poodle (Toy) - Open Dog

Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

1ST 15929 - Am Ch Mikasa Magicstar Tommy (Mr B & Mr A Drewitt-Barlow & Marchal) Black dog presented masterfully in continental trim. Stacked he presented a breath-taking outline, and he was handled to perfection. His head and expression were a delight. An object lesson in a high stationed Poodle in a small package as he measured easily. Long necked and short backed with the desired hollow behind the wither. His tail set was bang on and he has dog behind the tail too. Not overdone in hind angulation, he is totally balanced. On the move he has such charisma, style and uses himself to advantage. He wasn’t rushed but held himself so well looking down his nose as he circled the ring rather than searching the sky for stars. I was very taken with him, a true scaled down Standard. He certainly pleased the crowd in the group ring!! CC & BOB

2ND 15934 - Ch Aedan Fighting Talk (Mrs B & Miss S Godfrey) another superb dog of obvious quality, not quite the head of the winner but so very close up in every other department. His carriage in profile is exceptional. He was well presented and has a jet-black coat of quality. All male, well in size and super topline and tail set. A credit to the breed indeed. RCC

3RD 15989 - Tuttlebees Devils Brew (Mrs J Shirley) another very decent black who is as fit as a flea. Good for size and to go over not a lot you would change. Today he just didn’t quite have the carriage of the winner, but I hope he gets a well-deserved title.

Veteran Bitch

Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1ST 15942 - Int Ch Djakartas Likkity Split Svjw-14 Eejch Lvjch Kbhv-17 Nordwv-22 (Miss Gustafsson) 11-year-old black in the most amazing condition. Such a showgirl and beautifully presented. Super sound has carriage and the sweetest expression. Delightful to go over and one the breed should be very proud of. A real credit to her owner. BV

2ND 15974 - Tuttlebees Follow A Dream to Langstrath (Mrs S Oldfield) another very pretty 9-year-old girl, delightful head and expression, looked super in her short trim and really enjoying her day as her tail never stopped.

3RD 15979 - Canparr I'm Runnin' Around (Mrs C & Mr N Parr) 7-year-old white who held herself on the move extremely well. Still in full coat and sound.

Puppy Bitch

Entries: 7 Absentees: 1

1ST 15987 - Mikasa Magicstar Small Talk (Mr A Sheppard) In she walked, and I immediately fell in love. Anyone who knows me well will understand why I loved this young bitch so much. For me she is everything a Toy Poodle should be. To start with her head and expression are simply sublime. She has the cheekiest way of looking at you which can only make you smile. She is long necked, short backed and the perfect tail set and carriage. Beautifully presented without exaggeration, her coat texture is superb for one so young. Stands on superb feet, there is very little to change, and I predict a wonderful future for this young lady as she is totally deserving. She quite simply is a sensation. I thought that she would be my CC winner but when it came to the challenge, her age told, and she just started to play up a bit. Yes, that’s Poodle but at this level everything counts. She should not be disgraced with the RCC in this company today, as she will have great days ahead of her and I so look forward to watching and applauding when she does. RCC and BP

2ND 15965 - Seldoop Xclusive (Mrs M Marston) white of immense quality, pleasing expression and super sound on the move. She too is good to go over but just could not match the winner in head. But she should be a title holder with luck.

3RD 15982 - Karamouche Dirty Dancing with Rognis (Ms D Pope) black who measures easily but is a real handful for her handler. Everything in the right place and she has time on her side. Carries herself well in profile.

Junior Bitch

Entries: 13 Absentees: 1

1ST 15928 - Swan Sensation Ukranian Victory (Miss Y Degtyarova) Loved this brown bitch. She is a wonderful size, has femininity and a fabulous colour. Her attitude is to die for, and she has superior carriage. Beautifully refined head and expression. She has balance of front leg and is square in outline. Presented to advantage and handled so very well. One I would have been proud to own.

2ND 15958 - Afterglow Karaoke (Miss T & Mr T James & Isherwood) another superb black of obvious quality and presented beautifully. She has a super expression but not quite the refinement in head of the winner. She carries herself so well and has the perfect tail set and carriage. For me, I would just like a little more length of front leg for compete balance, but she is a certain champion, and I won’t disagree when she does.

3RD 15964 - Seldoop Time to Shine (Mrs M Marston) 10-month-old black who although young is superb to go over and deserved this place in this class. She is a delight and with time should carry a title.

Post Graduate Bitch

Entries: 19 Absentees: 3

1ST 15914 - Norwelston Nut Kracker (Mrs H & Miss J Bakewell & Pretty) brown who is a good colour and has correct coat texture. Decent to go over and has all in the right place. She has the cheekiest expression. She is a little erratic at times but when settled she puts her feet in the right place.

2ND 15969 - Philora Silver Violetta (Mrs S E Martin) silver bitch of a good colour, a lot steadier on the move but would benefit from a tad more weight. Good to go over with all in the right place.

3RD 15948 - Greateaves Hazel Les Yeux (Mr & Mrs Harnett) brown, decent shape and holds herself well. Colour holding

Limit Bitch

Entries: 6 Absentees: 1

1ST 15990 - Airi Arabeska Omg Omg (Mrs V Smelova) black of type and quality. Carries herself so well and has a fabulous tail carriage. Her head is refined, and she has a super expression. Could possibly have a tad more weight to advantage. Good colour and well presented.

2ND 15994 - True Style Never Doubt Your Style (Mrs K & Miss T Ström & Otterdahl) black who is in full coat of excellent texture. Liked her head and expression too and at first thought she would be my winner, just felt that she lost her outline in profile when it mattered but a super bitch

3RD 15931 - White Truffle (Miss H Furey) white who is good to go over, has a super coat texture and excellent pigment. Moved well holding herself

Open Bitch

Entries: 17 Absentees: 3

1ST 15963 - Nummenpaan Applause for Dream High (Mrs Cd Aulisa) Superb black girl of very much the type I prefer. She has the most delightful head with an enchanting expression. To go over there is little to change, save possibly I would like her to be just a tad shorter in back, but this is being very picky. Her coat was well presented, and she has fabulous coat texture. However, it was on the move that she simply cannot be ignored. Precise on the out and back, she carries herself so well and in profile covers the ground with style and an ease of stride. Had to be special to head this class and she certainly was. Continued to impress in the challenge ad it was her polished performance that tipped the wink in her favour. A well-deserved CC.

2ND 15976 - Int/jkc Ch/br Centenial Ch Smash Jp Movin'on 2022ww (T Omura) So very close up and presented to perfection. She gave the winner a real run for her money. She too had a delightful head and expression, Long necked and balanced in outline. Very eye catching in profile but lost out in precision coming towards me today and this tipped the balance in the favour of the winner.

3RD 15945 - Afterglow Memorandum (Mrs V Hardcastle). A very honest black bitch beautifully presented and has a great coat texture. She too is very worthy of carrying a title. Not quite the head of the two in front of her, but she pleases in expression. Moved soundly and with precision but just felt she lacked a little sparkle when it mattered.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch

Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1ST 15966 - Philora Silver Destiny (Mrs S E Martin) silver of type and sound on the move, in good body condition and a good colour

2ND 15915 - Aedan Talk of Making Music (Miss C Bell) black, petite in size and in super condition, just losing her front today,

3RD 15962 - Almoona Hell's Angel NAF (Mrs Lees) another petite black with a cheeky expression, good for size and short in back

Lee A S Cox (Judge)