• Show Date: 21/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Lagotto Romagnolo

Manchester Dog Show Society

21st January 2023

Lagotto Romagnolo

Thank you for accepting me as your replacement judge. Sportsmanship was very evident, and I enjoyed judging this delightful breed.



1: WORRALL, Mrs Amanda & WORRALL, Mr David & WORRALL, Moonreed Drake, 10-month-old pleasing head properties and he gives the right expression. High at wither but he just needs to settle in topline. Coat of the correct texture. He moves out well and uses himself.


1: YOUNG & DUIGENAN, Mr & Mrs M Mangham Foogel Roberto at Onyxro (imp Fin), really super young man of obvious quality. He is good for size and square in outline. His head properties please and he has the correct length of neck. Excellent coat, super depth to chest and has angulation in front. Balanced behind, he has a super topline and well-set tail. RBD

Post Grad

1: BENELLI, Mrs Monica Il Granaio dei Malatesta Rublo, is the correct shape if not possibly up to size. His head pleases and has the correct proportions. High at wither and leads into the correct topline. Square in outline and balanced in angulation. Moved out with style

2: HAMLYN, Mrs B Bransbubble High Neb, with a very pleasing head and expression. Perhaps a little longer than the winner and not as good in front. Coat of super texture and he moved on the right track. Although could possibly have a little more animation.


1; GILDER, Mr J & BLUNDEN, Miss L & VAN GEMERT, Miss Rozebottel's Porthos (Imp NLD), super dog for both size and type. His topline is faultless. He is super in head with a delightful expression. Correct length of neck, good angulation in front and balanced behind. Superb temperament and uses himself so well on the move. BD and BOB

2: FERGUSON, Mrs Louise Truffalusa November Moon From Mizani, pleasing for head properties and expression. All male with good depth to chest. Moved out on the right track and he has a super attitude. Possibly not as square as the winner.

3: WHITTICK, Mr Simon & WHITTICK, Mrs Barbara Arcticbreeze Turbulence at Allsong

Special Beginners

1: BURMAN, Mrs Anna Nelbekio Ideal Igino, good for size and his coat texture is correct. A little longer cast for ideal but he has a super attitude and moves out well in profile. B Special Beginner



1: WHITTICK, Mr Simon & WHITTICK, Mrs Barbara Allsong Nuova Luna, 11-month-old of type and the correct shape. Pleases in head and has a feminine outlook. Coat of good texture. Moved out ok. BP

2: WALKER, Mrs Alison & WALKER, Mr Sam CAMMINARE TREMIA CEDRINA, 8 month and needs a little in confidence. Good texture to her coat. Perhaps a little flat in skull but her expression is good. Not as square in outline as the winner.

3: WALKER, Miss Robyn Lauren & TONGE, Mr Curtis Camminare Tremia Daisy


1: MORT, Mrs Lisa Arcticbreeze Truth or Dare, good class of 2 quality bitches. This bitch won the class on her square outline and length of leg. She has a delightful head and expression, pleasing in ribbing, could perhaps have a little more in front angles. Good topline and well carried tail. On the move in profile, she uses herself well. In the challenge, she stepped up a gear and so was my BB

2: HARRISON, Mrs CINDY Arcticbreeze New Sensation, close up and will change places I’m sure on another day. Super head properties and an excellent coat, she was just a tad longer cast than the winner and that is what decided it today. However, I was splitting hairs and so she was a worthy RBB

Post Grad

1: MORT, Mrs Lisa Arcticbreeze One And Only, bitch of the correct proportions and type. She has a good head and expression. Correct length of leg and good texture coat. Moves well in profile, just could be a little tidier on the out and back.

2: WILSON, Miss Vanessa Emmroche Dancer, larger type but balanced in outline. Good coat, correct topline. Moved ok



1: MORT, Mrs Lisa Arcticbreeze Outbraker, super type and good for size, she pleases very much for head and expression, excellent coat, and condition. She is the correct shape and is sound in profile.

2: WARD, Mrs Jennifer Magpieblue Cassiopeia, decent bitch who is typical and honest. She is square in outline and has good length to her leg. Another who pleases in head properties. She moved out well and has an excellent forehand. Could be a little tidier going away, but very decent

3: FRY, Ms Carolyn & NORBURY, Mrs Victoria & MOREHOUS Prada Della Fino IMP USA NAF

Lee A S Cox (Judge)