• Show Date: 15/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/10/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Bichon Frise

Darlington Dog Show Society

15th September 2023

Bichon Frise



1: SMITH, Mr R & COAD, Mr M PAMPLONA RUMOUR HAS IT, sensational young dog who does all he can to throw it all away. He is presented beautifully. To go over, he is quite special. His head and expression are a delight, and he is perfect for size and shape. Super pigmentation. On the move he had moments of brilliance and if he had decided to increase these moments, it could have been a different story. I loved him. BP

2: BURNETT, Mrs Sue Wolimorb When Stars Align, decent dog for type and size, he pleases very much in head properties, balanced in outline and carries himself well. Would just prefer a better front.

3: STOKES, Ms Maryanne & PARKINSON, Mr Derek Delbrupar's Moretti


1: STAFFORD, Miss G Louisianna Heartbreaker, 13-month-old who pleases enormously for size and type, presented to perfection, he has the most endearing personality. Liked his head and expression, good neck into firm topline and well carried tail. Moves with reach drive and carriage, champion quality without a doubt. RCC

Post Grad

1: GRANTHAM, Mr Aaron Clarke Deizi Yabba Dabba Doozie at Lake Giants, up to size boy but has everything in the right place, he pleases for pigmentation and is decent to go over. Well presented, he has a coat of good quality. On the move he uses himself well and really drives out behind.


1: WILSON, Miss D Manoir edge of the universe at Kantosky, won the class on reach in front, Ok in head and decent pigmentation, could do with a tad more leg for complete balance, coat well presented and decent tail carriage.

2: GLOVER, Mrs LYNN Freddie it’s a kind of magic, well presented and coat of good texture. He moved ok but could just use his neck more to advantage, could possibly benefit from a couple of pounds off to his advantage.

3: ASPINALL, Mrs Charlotte Sherrosea Future Hopes


1: COAD, Mr M & SANGHOON-LEE, Mr P & NAM, Mr S US Ch & Ch Holdsway Lion King (Imp), everything I like in a Bichon, he has shape, a wonderful expression, excellent pigmentation, style in spades, and joy of joys a decent front. Presented to perfection he is the complete package. Handled as ever superbly to get the very best out of him. Superb CC & BOB.

2: CARR, Mrs Deb Ch Daveyluvs D' Artagnan JW, liked this boy too, he is decent for type and shape, and he pleases for expression, wouldn’t want any more of him




1: PARKINSON, Mr D Jaimens petrichor, 7-year-old in fine form and beautifully presented, delightful for type and style, moved out really well and had everything in the right place. A real little doll. BV


1: WALKLATE, Mr DAVID & WALKLATE, Mrs SUE Pamplona Almost An Angel At Ashoka, 9-month-old and good to go over, she has a pretty head and expression. She won the class on front assembly. Moved out steadily and precisely.

2: PIKE, Ms JANE & CARTER, MR P CARTIKES AFTER MIDNIGHT, well presented 8 month and another with a decent expression, would just prefer more angle in front assembly and she could have just used her tail a little more on the move.

3: ASPINALL, Mrs Charlotte Eithlynn Grateful Heart


1: ROBINSON, Mrs A WATTLEMAEDE BIDDY, very decent bitch who pleases very much to go over, well presented and moved out with style and carriage, decent one

2: WALKLATE, Mr DAVID & WALKLATE, Mrs SUE Ashoka Copacobana, pleasing for type and shape, she is having a pleasing expression, could benefit from a little more tailoring perhaps



1: ROBERTS, Mrs L Deizi No Smoke Without Fire at Louisianna, beautifully presented and all of a package, pretty as a picture and decent to go over, she is sound and carries herself well.


1: MARQUISS, Mrs A Ch Quissmar Chasing Lightning. Very much the type of Bichon I prefer, her outline is breath-taking, and she has the prettiest of heads and expressions with super pigmentation. Little to change on the table, in perfect body condition, superb coat texture which was beautifully presented. On the move she is stylish, precise and holds a wonderful outline. I loved her. CC

2: SMITH, Mr R & COAD, Mr M Ch Pamplona New Sensation, close up, and beautifully presented, real quality, just felt the winner carried herself with more importance today. She will have better days, I’m sure. Very worthy bitch.

3: CARR, Mrs Deb Ch Daveyluvs hot tramp i luv u so.

Lee A S Cox (Judge)