• Show Date: 15/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/01/2024

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Chinese Crested

Darlington Championship Show

15th September 2023

Chinese Crested

Not having exhibited or bred the breed for quite some time and also, not having judged them since Crufts 2019, I was interested to see how the breed was developing. The entry was numerically average for this day and age, sadly not the number we saw years ago.

While we still have quality Cresteds being shown, the depth of quality that the breed has been blessed with over the years is very sadly missing. Let’s hope that this improves, as the breed deserves it. A major concern was the amount of incorrect hair that some of the “hairless” dogs were being presented with. Many having double coats with crests reaching almost halfway down their backs and socks that hid feet. Many might find this glamourous, but it is absolutely incorrect, and we must not forget that there are two varieties Powderpuff and Hairless. For me, there is nothing more glamourous than a Hairless, with correct mane, tail and socks flowing in the wind as it circles the ring. You should be able to look through the furnishings, they should be harsh in texture, and it should have no undercoat whatsoever.



1: MOYES, Mr & Mrs B & E & HUNTER, G Ch Bryelis the Ringmaster JW, 9-year-old in good order, good for size and type, decent head and expression, moved out ok. Worthy of his title


1: FLETCHER, Mr S & MERRYWEATHER, Miss L Ynchreenoo trick or treat. Very decent hairless puppy of type and style, exceptional on the move and everything in the right place, would not want anymore of him but he is a certain champion. His carriage was exemplary, and he has a delightful temperament. He continued to impress in the challenge, and I could not get past him for the DCC. BP

2: FARQUHARSON, Mrs Mandy Shanshal Man of Steel. PP dog with the correct coat, again would not want anymore of him, but he pleases in head and moved out on the right track.



1: CROW, Mrs Donna Kojiki's The Look Of Love At Casacavallo JW, beautifully presented and super for size, masculine head and fantastic skin, showy on the move and he puts his feet in the right place. I’m sure he will title.

2: FARQUHARSON, Mrs Mandy Shanshal Man of Steel

3: MINTON, Mrs Jane Calabrinda Apollo

Post Grad

1: LOADER, Mr T Habiba Gotham Knight for Kettrice, decent for size and type, pleases in head and expression, good skin and super flaring ears. Moves out on the right track, could possibly just use himself a little more for advantage.


1; VAN ZYL, Ms Katie Shumllea Hot Spot of BrightHound, pleases for type and size and moves out well. He is not too overdone in furnishings, and he is in excellent condition. A very honest dog.

2: CROW, Mrs Donna Kojiki's Love To Hate Me At Casacavallo, superbly presented but preferred the expression and furnishing of the winner, moved out ok in profile, just a little wide coming towards me

3: OLIVER, Mrs J Ynchreenoo Masterpiece At Sarelidan


1; CROW, Mrs Donna Ch Arte Figure Next Level At Casacavallo JW (Imp F. I have made no secret that I really rate this super example of the breed and he was, in fact, my RCC winner at Crufts when he was a Junior. Since then, he has made quite a name for himself, and I was delighted to see him again today. I have said in the past that he is quite special. I still think that, and he has all the attributes that I want in the breed. I thought that he would be my CC winner today, but in the challenge, he rushed and lost a little in coordination and this sadly cost him. So, he had to settle for another RCC behind the puppy who just upped his game.

2: MOYES, Mr & Mrs B & E & HUNTER, G Joyway's I'm A Star at Bryelis (Imp Fin), close up and lots to like about him, would just prefer more positivity behind. Good for size and type and uses his ears well.

3: PIPER, Mrs C A Be My Dog's Topsail Cody of Zanjero JW (Imp) Deu



1: MOYES, Mr & Mrs B & E & HUNTER, G Bryelis Private Dancer JW Sh.CM, 7-year-old PP, decent for size and type, excellent coat. Moved out well.

2: GWYNNE, Mr William Neville PINKWILLOWSOWHAT(AT1), 8-year-old PP, good for size and moved ok. Just not the coat of the winner


1: DIXON, Mrs T Jean Dark Carolina Rose Avec Debrita (Swed Imp), very decent bitch for size and type, superb ears and expression, super skin and an excellent mouth. Totally balanced in outline, moves out well in profile, a tiny bit erratic coming towards me but she will title I have no doubt. RCC

Post Grad

1: LAWS, Mrs K Karamouche parti frock. This is a really beautiful PP bitch who reminded me of some of the great PP’s of the past. She has the most beautiful head and expression and super erect ears. She has a neck, excellent front assembly, correct firm topline and a well set and carried tail. On the move she has carriage, style and uses herself so well. Her size is perfect, and she was in wonderful condition. Add to this a correct veil coat, beautifully presented and you have a package worth its weight in gold. She was, for me, a clear winner today and she should title easily. I loved her. CC & BOB.


1: KEMPSTER, Lady Margaret & REES, Miss Gwenllian Oolagha Kristol Ayla JW, PP of quality and good for size, pretty head and expression, moved ok and keeps her topline.

2`; FLETCHER, Mr S & MERRYWEATHER, Miss L Ynchreenoo Lus-ny Shellee, hairless of type and very showy, would prefer more refinement but she is a decent bitch on the move.

3: BOWERS, Miss Nicola Bryelis I'm On My Way at Riveralca


1: DIXON, Mrs T Debrita Dragon Queen, decent bitch for size and type, she has a pretty expression, super skin and balanced in outline, moved out ok and keeps her outline in profile

2: GUDGIN, Ms S Scherzando Quaver at Jassendue JW, shapely and keeps a topline, decent ears, just not using herself on the move today to advantage.

Lee A S Cox (Judge)