• Show Date: 18/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/10/2023

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Welsh Kennel Club

18th August 2023

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)



1: WATTS, Mrs Kerry Biankai Best Kept Secret, 8-year-old in fine fettle, he is good for size, and he has a masculine outlook. Super topline, well carried tail and balanced in angulation. Uses his ears all the time and is a happy and willing showman. A credit to his owner. BV

Minor Puppy

1: GENTLE, Mr & Mrs D & D Arkoschi Stepin Out In Style, 8-month-old who is good for size. Forward for his age but just needs a little in confidence. Could possibly be just slightly more compact. In good condition.


1: FAIRBAIRN, Mrs C Tidos Undercover Operative, 9-month-old and showing a lot of potential. Won the class on head, expression and front assembly. Has a very pleasing expression, super topline, well-set tail and uses himself to advantage on the move. He is balanced in outline and moved out well.

2: ENTWISTLE, Miss D Zoomeera Talk of the Town Dorenty, 10-month-old and still to put all together as yet, he is good for size and shape, just need to settle in front on the move and I just preferred the expression of the winner today.

3: STADING, Mrs Lynn Stadmeyer youwillrock DJ


1: HOLMES, Ms C M & ENTWISTLE, Miss Dorothy Cazants The Gaffer luvs Dorenty, 13-month-old super smart in in outline and has a super topline and tail set. Pleases in head with a masculine expression. Uses his ears to advantage and has an endearing expression. Moves out well keeping a smart outline, Champion quality. RCC

2: POYNER, Ms M D Anadeia Ovation For Mikichi, 14-month-old and pleases for type and size. He too has a pleasing expression and moved out well on the out and back. Just needs to settle in topline and he’ll be away.


1: ENTWISTLE, Miss D Zoomeera Talk of the Town Dorenty

Post Graduate

1: HUNT, Mrs S & FOTHERGILL, Mrs Diane Diamonchi Mr Moonstone, still young and his head hasn’t finished yet, but he is coming along on the right lines. He pleases for type and shape, is balanced in outline and won the class on the out and back. Strong topline, well carried tail and uses himself well.

2: HOLLISTER, Mrs K Copymear Pocket Rocket at Hollichi, smart in profile, he takes the eye for his outline and topline. Not quite as clean coming towards me as the winner today. Masculine head and decent in topline.

3: MCALLISTER, Mrs Angie Bermac Bound For Glory


1: SUTTON, Mrs B Nikitos Nowwatzizname, smart youngster who is destined for a title. He is full of self importance and is super for size and type. Super sound on the move and totally balanced. Considered him further.

2: HICKS, Miss E Pablo Del Rey De Petit Roi Mojito At Casiatodo (IMP), decent chap and he pleases very much for type. He pleases in head and expression and has a good mouth. Good topline, well carried tail and is sound on the move. Just not the look at me attitude today of the winner.

3: DODD, Mrs Helen Anadeia Maikoh


1: ROONEY & GREEN, Mr, Mr & Mrs S,J & A Ch Anadeia Tokala with Jaschin, in a class of his own in males today. He is so balanced and totally typical in outline. The consummate showman and in perfect condition. CC & BOB

2: HUNT, Mrs S Diamonchi Button Moon For Moltobello, liked this young man very much too. He has a super outline and has an air of importance on the move. Not quite the expression of the winner but a really decent type.



Minor Puppy

1: TAYLOR, Ms Lesley ARKOSCHI OH MY TWEED, 8 month and with a lot of promise indeed. The sweetest of heads and expressions. Super to go over and in fine fettle. Great for size and type. On the move she keeps a firm topline, uses herself in profile and is champion quality for sure.

2: FOTHERGILL, Mrs D Diamonchi Miss Beautiful, 6-month-old and all in front of her. Delightful attitude and another with the sweetest of expressions. Not as precise on the out and back today, but she can be forgiven that. Has a future.

3: SAUNDERS, Mrs S Bellellem Molly's Girl


1: FOTHERGILL, Mrs D Diamonchi Miss Sparkle, what a cracker at 6-month-old and the world awaits her. She is quite delightful. Head and expression are a delight, beautiful topline and as sound a bell. In the challenge her mind went elsewhere and so she had to pay the price, however, we will be hearing great things in future I have no doubt.

2: FAIRBAIRN, Mrs C Tidos Secret Service, 9-month-old and another promising pup. A little erratic on the out and back today but she too has a future. I liked her.

3: DODD, Mrs Helen Anadeia Pepper Potts


1: ROONEY, Mr S J Yorone We've Got The Moves, 16-month-old show girl. Super for size and type and the most delightful head and expression. Sound to go over and sound on the move. Champion quality.


1: BAKER, Mrs & Miss Jane & Jessica Daisy Bukovynian Star (IMP UKR), 13-month-old and pleasing in outline. She uses her ears well and she has a decent front. Needs to body up but this will come. Super attitude.

Post Graduate

1: ENTWISTLE, Miss D Cazants the Geisha Luvs Dorenty, super smart for size and shape, she is attentive and holds an outline. Super sound on the out and back and she keeps a firm topline. Uses her ears all the time, she is destined for a title.

2: BAKER, Mrs & Miss Jane & Jessica Daisy Bukovynian Star (IMP UKR)

3: FAIRBAIRN, Mrs C Tidos Critical Mission


1: DODD, Mrs Helen Mikichi Diamond Marquise, a real sweetheart. She is super for size and type and has an endearing expression. She won the class on the move today. Sound and precise on the out and back and stylish in profile with reach and drive.

2: SUTTON, Mrs B Nikitos Nowwillieseeme, liked this young bitch for type and preferred her head shape. She has time on her side and as was just a little erratic going away from me today and this is what cost her. Champion bound for sure.

 3: HOLLISTER, Mrs K Copymear Cleopatra at Hollichi


1: HORNBY, Mr & Mrs Shelda & Kevin Ch Bramerita Posh Totty, beautiful for type and super sound, she is a delight on the move. Perfect size and in optimum condition, she was the complete package in bitches today and could not be denied the CC.

2: FAIRBAIRN, Mrs C Tidos Mission Control, loved her for type and size and her head and expression were a delight. In super condition and a pleasing outline. Superb topline and well carried tail. Just short stepped a little in profile and this is where it cost her.

3: SUTTON, Mrs B Ch Nikitos Notwhitebutivory

Lee A S Cox (Judge)