• Show Date: 09/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/10/2023

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Papillon

Richmond Championship Dog Show

9th September 2023




1: DAVIDSON POSTON, Mrs J Ch Ir Ch NL Ch & Int Ch Spinillons Rebel Rowser JW, 12-year-old b/w in the most amazing condition and with all his teeth! He was presented in super coat of the correct texture. Delightful head and ears, moved out well. BV

2: MALCOLM, Mrs Hazel Anne & MALCOLM, Mr David Ch Feorlig It Must've Been Love, 8-year-old rs/w who pleases for shape and type, preferred the leg length of this boy and he too has a delightful head and good ears, just not as precise on the out and back today, but a real credit

 3: MASKELL, Mrs Karen & MASKELL, Mr Stephen Kazkell Robin The Limelight JW Sh.CM

Minor Puppy

1: WELLS, The Rev'd Kirsty & BROWN, Ms Amanda Metamorphic Maxim, 8-month-old b/w who is quite forward for his age, he is particularly well bodied, and I was impressed by his ribbing which was well back, with a strong level topline. Used his ears extremely well and has a delightful expression. Coat coming along and is of great texture. On the move, when he thinks about it, he is precise and stylish but has that puppy love of life that should be cherished.


1: WHITEHILL, Mrs M AMICAE TOP OF THE CLASS, 10-month-old rs/w who scores for coat texture and the most wonderful ears. Pleases for type and carries himself well in profile. Just needs to finish in body.


1: MASON, Miss Kara Finity Run The Gauntlet, 14-month-old tri, pleases for size. He has a super coat texture, excellent ears and carries his tail correctly. To go over he has all in the right place. On the move he has enthusiasm and can sometimes be a tiny bit erratic, but he puts his feet in the right place.


1: MASON, Miss Kara Finity Run The Gauntlet

2: GEARY, Mrs Gill TALIESYN DOUGLAS FIR, just out of junior, this rs/w boy is going through that teenage stage at the moment. His coat is coming, and he just needs to body up. Used his ears well and moved out well.



Post Grad

1: STANMORE, MR AND MRS Neil and Elaine Altaya Midwinter Moon, b/w in full coat, he is good for size and has a lovely expression, well bodied and moved out ok. Uses his ears well.


1: STANBURY, Mrs S Inixia Made By Design, very smart b/w who is full of type and style. He is of good size and shape, he carries himself well, is compact and is well bodied. Superb head and ears which he uses all the time. On the move he carries himself really well and is precise on the out and back.

2: WELLS, The Rev'd Kirsty & BROWN, Ms Amanda Skyvana Caught at Metamorphic, another very decent b/w who has the most wonderful coat texture. Super ears, I just preferred the expression of the winner today. Sound on the move and in fantastic condition.

 3: CHALLENGER, Mrs Angela Skyvana Devil in Disguise with Lyveden


1: RYAN, Mrs K F & RYAN, Mr E L & ROOSENS, Miss K Ch U Knock Me Off My Feet Daydream Believers with Feorlig, tri dog of exceptional quality and presented to perfection, he pleases for head and expression, is super for size and type and has the most wonderful coat texture. His ears are delightful, and he uses them all the time. To go over, he is sound in body and has the most wonderful muscle tone, which is a delight in a toy breed. Sound stylish and smart. For me a standout in males today. CC

2: ORCHARD, Miss Susie Ch Nightfire's Be Unique In Style at Panspayon (Imp), b/w boy who although up to size, is extremely good to go over. He pleases in head and expression, sound in body and sound on the move, worthy of a title and he too has a wonderful coat, super ears and is a real showman. RCC

3: BORG, Mrs & Ms A.C. & E.G.N. Elendil Crusader

Special Beginners

1: MASON, Miss Kara Finity Run The Gauntlet



1: COX, Mrs Pat Anne & COX, Lt Cdr Brian Ch TRICIANBRI TUPPENCE A KISS JW Sh.CM, super r/w with the most delightful head an expression. Good for size, super in body and sound on the move, in excellent condition

2: WALLER, Miss M Kazkell Theme for a Dream for Lilnrose JW, tri who too has a typical outline, moved out well and is in great condition. Just preferred the expression of the winner today.

3: BARNETT, Mrs Julie Feorlig Viva La Vida

Minor Puppy

1: DAVIDSON POSTON, Mrs J ELENA Kolekcja Szuwarka (IKC), really super 7-month-old tri with potential in spades. Super ears and expression, typical in shape and a coat of good texture, she pleases on the move, where she holds herself so well. Champion quality

2: WELLS, The Rev'd Kirsty & BROWN, Ms Amanda Farthinghall Belle, tri girl of 8 months, in super condition and well presented, she needs needs confidence and she’ll be away


1: ROBB, Mrs Irene & ROBB, Mr Glenn Gleniren Oops I Did It Again Sunshoo, 11-month-old rs/w of super size and quality. So sound to go over and she is super sound on the move. Delightfully mobile ears and she uses herself so well. In excellent body condition. Another certain champion for this kennel. BP

2: WHITEHILL, Mrs M AMICAE BRIGHT SPARK, liked this girl very much and she is slightly different in type but still has the most delightful outline. She just needs to finish in body. Champion quality without a doubt.

3: NASH, Mrs J Ookiimimi Serenity


1: HALE, Ms Amanda Dance by Candlelight with Picolina, b/w Phalene with a decent coat, balanced on outline and she is in good body. Moved ok.

2: NICHOLLS, Mrs Carolyn Dancing Destiny Mulan Sings at Cazarno, b/w with delightful ears and super coat texture. uses her tail well, moved ok just preferred the expression of the winner today.


1: RYAN, Mrs K F & ROOSENS, Miss K & GOESSENS, Mr J Ch Uppercut Daydream Believers with Feorlig (Imp), I was very impressed by this young tri girl and there is very little you would want to change, she is the perfect size, has the most delightful head and expression, dainty bone and a fabulous coat texture. On the move she will always take the eye as she has the most wonderful carriage. Presented and handled as you would expect. It was a very very close decision in the challenge, but the Open winner just tipped the balance with a steadier performance on the out and back. RCC

2: WALKLETT, MRS JUDITH ANGULLYON ENIGMA'S SECRET, rs/w who is good for size and shape, moved out on the right track and is in good body condition.



1: DAVIDSON POSTON, Mrs J ELENA Kolekcja Szuwarka (IKC)


1: WOODCOCK, Mrs Terri Ookiimimi Quaint And Quirky, r/w good for size and pleases for expression, attentive to her handler and moved on the right track.

Post Grad

1: DIPROSE, Mrs Karen Lilacrose Touch of Talent, decent tri girl, pleases for size, uses her ears well and is in good condition, she moved out well and kept her outline


1: ORCHARD, Miss Susie Panspayon Natasha JW, lovely tri bitch who should carry a title, she is spot on for size and has a wonderful expression. Superb ears and she uses them well. Sound in the move, she will always catch the eye.

2: MORRELL, Mrs Sue Aurora vom Schwabenhof for Temelora (Imp Deu), tri Phalane who is of the correct size and is in good body, coat of correct texture and is sound on the move.

3: JURY, Mrs Linda & JURY, Mr Wayne Melangel Gaily Georgia At Lindanwaye


1: ROBB, Mrs Irene & ROBB, Mr Glenn Ch Gleniren Daddy's Starmaker, There will be no surprise that I love this super young lady having given her a qualifier of the pup of the year last year. She is just superb, her head and expression are a delight, she just fills the eye. Her ears are so mobile, and she is super sound. She is a perfect size and totally balanced. In superb condition, her coat texture is wonderful, and it gleams with condition. Not much to change on the table, she is now the fully mature package. Today was certainly her day and it was if she knew she was being pushed by the younger Yearling bitch as in the challenge she put on a near perfect performance. CC & BOB.

2`; WELLS, The Rev'd Kirsty & BROWN, Ms Amanda Metamorphic Vista JW, liked this r/w too for type and size, she is in optimum condition, and she uses herself to advantage on the move,

3: MORRELL, Mrs Sue Athene vom Schwabenhof for Temelora (Imp Deu)

Lee A S Cox (Judge)