• Show Date: 11/11/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Laura Crombie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/11/2023

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland

Breed: Irish Setter

Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Championship Show - 11/11/23

Irish Setter Dogs

They say good things come to those who wait, and after a three-year delay caused by the global Covid pandemic, it was wonderful to finally award my first set of CCs in Irish setters. I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this friendly, well-run show. The new venue was easily accessible, spacious and warm but a number of exhibits struggled with the slippery floor. I’ve passed on my feedback to the organisers in the hope that mats can be provided at the next show.

I was heartened to see that heads are generally better than when I last judged, when I found a proliferation of over-pronounced stops and uncharacteristically round eyes. However, I was dismayed at the number of dogs that are too short on the leg and long in the back, leading to an unsightly dip behind the shoulders. A firm, gently sloping topline is one of the calling cards of the Irish and is something we should strive to maintain. 

I was thrilled to see my main winners, in agreement with my co-judge, go on to take top honours in the group judging – Mr and Mrs Stockton’s Sh Ch Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW took RBIS and BVIS; Mrs Danks-Kemish and Mr Swannell’s Alolfrana All I Ask went RBPIS; and Mr R Green’s Loganrish Out on The Town getting BSBIS. Huge congratulations to you all.

I would also thank each of the exhibitors who entered under me – I truly appreciate you choosing to spend your time and money on your entry.

MPD (2)

1st Mrs Danks-Kemish & Mr Swannell’s Alolfrana All I Ask. A star in the making. Really loved this 8-month-old boy and hope he goes on to fulfil his early promise. So well balanced and with everything in the right place. Looks a picture standing, with gently arched neck flowing cleanly into well laid-back shoulders and on to a slightly sloping topline with correctly set tail. In fantastic condition with gleaming deep chestnut coat. Moved with such coordination for his age, reaching at the front and driving at the rear with tail carried correctly. Kind, dark eye with low-set ear and that mischievous expression I love. Delighted to see him take RBPIS and still giving his all after a long day in the ring.

2nd Mr, Mrs & Miss Richardson’s Bardonhill McIntosh Red at Montgreenan. Another very promising youngster who just needs time. He’s a rangier type who will take longer to mature. Loved his head with well-defined occiput, kind eye and well-chiselled foreface. Good depth of chest, gently sloping topline and correct angulation. Moved with drive and enthusiasm.

PD (4) 

1st Mrs Danks-Kemish & Mr Swannell’s Alolfrana All I Ask

2nd Mr & Mrs Lucas’ Gwendariff Bachelor Boy. This boy is 11 months old and shows great promise. Presented in excellent coat and condition with a flowing topline and well-anglated hindquarters with good bend of stifle and plenty of muscle. Flows cleanly from neck into shoulders. Head strikes the balance between elegance and masculinity with well-defined stop and dark eye. Tough decision between these two but just preferred the front movement of my winner on the day. 

3rd Mr, Mrs & Miss Richardson’s Bardonhill McIntosh Red at Montgreenan

JD (3) 

1st Mrs Berry & Mrs Morris’ Copper's Midsummer Night's Dream (Imp Swe). A new one to me but liked him very much. Mature junior with the most gorgeous head with neat, low-set ears, dark eye and plenty of chiselling to his foreface. His coat and condition are excellent but underneath it is a well-made dog with short hocks, cat-like feet, correct angulation and good depth of chest with elbows well let down.. Moved very well – straight and true with good tail carriage.

YD (5, 1) 

1st Mrs Berry & Mrs Morris’ Copper's Midsummer Night's Dream (Imp Swe) 

2nd Miss Green’s Glencarron Show Must Go On JW. Very different type to 1 but with much to appeal. A more upstanding, rangier dog of 20 months who will take longer to reach full maturity. Looked a picture standing and was very well handled to get the most of him even when he decided to dance around! Has a gently arched, muscular neck flowing into a gently sloping topline. He is well boned and has neat feet. Handsome head with kindly expression. Moved soundly but carried his tail a little high on the move for me today.

3rd Mr Green’s Loganrish Out on The Town

ND (2) 

1st Mr, Mrs & Miss Richardson’s Bardonhill McIntosh Red at Montgreenan

2nd Mrs MacFarlane’s Harelferg New Tricks. In good coat and condition with neat feet and well-set tail. Preferred the head of 1 and didn’t feel he moved out as well on the floor.

GD (2 ) 

1st Mrs Walker’s Gwendariff Ucant Touch This JW. Loved this boy’s overall balance when standing – each part flowed cleanly into the next. Has the most beautiful head with domed skull, correct stop, parallel planes and dark eye with low-set ear. He’s in great muscular condition and was beautifully presented. A real showman who powered around the ring on the move with drive from behind and reach in the front, but was another who carried his tail a little high for me.

2nd Mr & Mrs Davison’s Bardonhill Million Reasons. A sound dog with everything in moderation - his angulation fore and aft is correct with well-set tail and gently sloping topline. Another who was beautifully presented and in great condition. Moved well on the slippery floor with drive and coordination. His head is slightly finer and I just preferred the depth of flew of my winner. 

PGD (7)

1st Mrs Berry & Mrs Morris’ and Mrs Fitzmaurice’s Brinara Country Boy. This boy wasn’t the flashiest in the class but I couldn’t overlook his balance. He’s understated but very well made with each part in moderation, creating a balanced whole. He has a masculine head with nonchalant expression, a muscular slightly arched neck flowing in well laid-back shoulders and a clean topline. Moved the best in the class – straight and true coming and going.

2nd Mr & Mrs Bayne’s Corranroo Celtic Storm. In better coat and condition than my winner but not standing the best on the slippery floor. He has good depth of chest, sloping top and elbows well let down with freedom to move. Liked his dark eye, low-set ear and tight feet. Correct topline and moved with coordination.

3rd Mr Hill’s Shenanagin Stand N'Deliver for Ronjunes

LD (10,3) 

1st Mr & Mrs Davison’s Bardonhill You Don't Fool Me. Really liked this boy and he was unlucky to come up against my CC and RCC winners today. He was the best mover in this class and is so well made throughout. His head is just beautiful with lots of definition, kindly eye, low-set ear and well-defined occiput. His angulation is correct front and back, with topline sloping cleanly from his shoulders to the tip of his tail. Straight front, which was lacking in many. Moved with reach and drive and was straight and true coming and going.

2nd Miss Boyce’s Forfarian's Secret Admirer. Loved this boy but he kept leaning backwards when standing, probably due to the slippery floor. Really handsome head, gleaming coat, great muscular condition and moved well. 

3rd Mrs Walker’s Gwendariff Flags Are Flyin’

OD (6,3) 

A trio of lovely dogs, thank you for bringing them.

1st Mrs and Mr Stockton’s Sh Ch Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW. This boy is like a fine wine – he keeps getting better with age. What sets a good dog apart from a great dog is that showmanship and he has it in spades. Even at the end of the day in the BIS and BVIS competitions, he was powering around the ring, waving his correctly-set tail and having the time of his life. You’d think he might be used to the CCs by now but he was still keen to give me an excited kiss when he’d won! In terms of construction, he’s such a great example of everything the standard requires, from his untiring readiness to range to his perfectly sloping topline and unexaggerated raciness. His balance means he stands and moves beautifully. I loved his head, which belies his 7 years, and has a knowing expression. He is in peak condition and beautifully presented. To watch him move out around the ring, in perfect harmony with his handler, who he clearly adores, brought a smile to my face. It was my pleasure to award him his 34th CC and to see him take BOB, RBIS and BVIS. 

2nd Miss Ellrich’s Gwendariff Absolutely Marwe'llus (IKC). So unlucky to come up against my winner. I adored his head, which is just exquisite – so well chiselled, dark eye, low-set ears, well defined stop and nonchalant expression. He was presented in the most glorious condition – his rich russet coat gleaming under the lights. He is another who is so well constructed with each part flowing seamlessly together. Loved his balanced angulation, width of thigh, sloping topline, straight front and tight feet. Powered around the right with lots of drive from behind but just felt my winner had the edge on movement on the day. RCC, thank you for bringing him.

3rd Miss Tom’s Ir Sh Ch Toberbilly I Wish You Luck Jun Ch JD Cen.

VD (5)

Lovely class of oldies. Unfortunately most of them didn’t want to move on the floor in this venue.

1st Mrs Danks-Kemish’s Sh Ch Alolfrana Hotter Than U'know JW ShCEx. A new one to me but thought him lovely. He was the best mover in the class. At 7 years old, he was one of the youngsters and didn’t seem bothered by the slippery floor. Doesn’t have the coat of some but has nothing to hide. Well balanced throughout with sloping topline, good layback of shoulder, broad quarters and well-set tail, which he used well on the move. Handsome head. 

2nd Mr & Mrs Rowbottom’s Sh Ch Lanstara Spring Moon. This gentleman belies his 9.5 years. Still in firm, muscular condition and dripping in coat, which was a shade paler than my winner’s. My noted say ‘balanced and unexaggerated’, which is exactly what I look for in an Irish. Handsome head, good topline and angulation and move soundly.

3rd Miss & Miss Tupper’s Staratlanta Elliott Sh.CM VW. Completed a handsome trio.

SBD (3)

1st Mr Green’s Loganrish Out on The Town. Came 3rd in a good yearling class. Nice young dog with good outline and gently sloping topline. Lovely dark coat, tight feet and straight front. Handsome head. Carried his tail a little high on the move for me. Delighted to see him take BSBIS.

2nd Mrs MacFarlane’s Harelferg New Tricks. See 2nd in Novice.

3rd Ms Ozog’s Amberlove Awesome Blixem (A.I.)

Laura Crombie (Judge)