• Show Date: 27/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)

Bath Ch Show

27th May 2023

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)

What an honour to firstly be awarding my first set of CC’s to this breed and secondly to be doing so at the wonderful Bath Ch Show. This was by all accounts a great numerical entry for current times and I have to say there was some excellent quality too. I guess some may frown on me awarding the DCC to a puppy, but I truly felt he was something ‘special’ and I shall watch his future with great interest. I was very pleased with both of my line ups. It was such a great pleasure and one of my favourite appointments of the year so far. As an ‘all rounder’, I always want to judge breeds I do not own as much like a specialist as possible. We owe it to the breeders and exhibitors to do so. To be told after judging that I did judge like a specialist was very humbling and I thank all my mentors over the years. This is a wonderful breed and thank you to all the exhibitors for being so sporting and making it such a wonderful day. Thank you too to the Bath Committee for inviting me to judge once again at a show I hold very dearly.

Veteran Dog (1,0)

1st: Hodgson’s Ch Domburg Vettel Make’s A Move to Ddalrus. A very nice start to the day. A dog of obvious quality with a great head for overall shape. Looking great for his age. Parallel head planes. Slight bump on the tip of his nose. Good dark eyes of correct shape giving a typical expression. Ears of correct shape and size. Correct arch and length to neck. Super square shape. Distinct withers and nice calibre of bone. Moderately angulated all through. Deep chest. Super topline and tail set and carriage spot on. Pasterns are slightly sloping. Correct overlay for age. Coat in excellent condition and good texture. Moves with a light brisk action. Had to give way to youth today. A quality boy.

Puppy (1,0)

Little did I realise that it was here that I would find my dog CC winner.

1st: Cooper, Poulton & Poulton’s Domburg Never Say Never. What an absolute cracker! Took my breath away. Most lovely head for his age. Correct width to skull and proportion of skull to muzzle. Excellent parallel head planes. Masculine but with a wonderful expression. Good muzzle which is not too refined. Correct mask. Excellent eyes of slightly almond shape and dark brown in colour. Ears are correct for set and shape. Super arch to neck leading to well set shoulders with the degree of angulation I like to see. Good return and length to upper arm. Long, well-muscled forelegs. Just enough width and good depth to chest. Maturity will only improve further. Super square in body. Stifles are angulated to balance the front. Firm topline. Slight slope to croup. Excellent tail set and carriage. Black tip to tail. Slight slope to pasterns. Hocks firm and well let down. Shows a marvellous brisk stride going around the ring. Needs to tighten a tad coming towards. Completely epitomised elegance and strength and his lines just flow and fill the eye, An exciting prospect. DCC.

Junior Dog

1st: Hodgson’s Domburg It’s Leclerc. A big lad. Another most handsome chap with such a typical Belgian expression. Very well-proportioned indeed through the head with good parallel head planes. Masculine with correct mask. Would prefer slightly stronger lower jaw. Eyes correct for shape and dark in colour. Ears very nice for shape. Neck ok for length. Distinct withers. Long upper arm which could angle back just a tad more. Deep chest with sufficient width. Firm topline. Not quite as square as the ideal. Good croup and tail set. Slight slope to pasterns. Hocks could be slightly more defined but are set low enough. Sound in movement in all directions. In lovely condition.

2nd: Elliott, Brown & Godfrey’s Sezanne Afire Love. A very fine male who currently looks a tad feminine. Well balanced skull to muzzle. Needs stronger underjaw. Eyes are ok for shape and set. Ears are triangular in shape and well set. Moderate length to neck. Balanced angles fore and aft. Pasterns rather too sloping and feet look a bit flat. Topline is firm. Chest still to drop and broaden. Hocks are well let down and firm. Bit longer than I prefer. Lots of maturing to do. Moves soundly.

3rd: Davenport’s Hawksflight Dutch Stanger

Limit Dog (6,1)

1st: Gurney’s Hawksflight On A Mission. 22 months. Loved his head and expression. Most typically Belgian and super handsome! Good width to skull and well-proportioned skull to muzzle with slight stop. Excellent parallel head planes. Has masculinity and enough width and depth of muzzle for me. Super eyes which are slightly almond in shape and dark in colour. Perfect ears for shape and set. Correct mask and overlay. Super square in outline with distinct withers. Neck medium in length. Moderate lay to shoulders. Great return and length to upper arm. Still feel he needs to mature in chest, but it is ok for depth and carried well back. Firm topline. Pasterns have a slight slope. Hocks are well down and defined. Nice shape to feet. Coat a little sparse but he was so well presented. Moves with a lovely brisk, quick action without high lifting of forelegs. An impressive dog who has many qualities. Just needs to mature on further. Very deserved RDCC. Very well handled.

2nd: Yabsley’s Domburg New Demand. A much stronger dog in bone and build than 1st and not quite so typical in expression. I feel he is a tad plane through the head and, in my opinion, his eyes are a bit wide set with just detracts from the typical Belgian expression. He is ok for proportions of skull to muzzle and certainly has strength. Ears are triangular and ok for size and shape. Good bone. Neck of medium length and his shoulders are well laid and he has good return to upper arm. Chest deep and of good width. Square enough in shape and his topline is firm. Tail set and carriage ok. Low set, firm hocks. Moves very well in profile with decent stride. Narrowly defeated 3rd whose head an expression I preferred but wouldn’t get it together on the move.

3rd: Hodgson’s Verstappen Can for Ddalrus

Open Dog (5,4)

A shame 4 were absent here, but it left 1 quality dog.

1st: Stansbury’s Ch Domburg by Appointment at Woodbriar. A dog I know well and have rewarded highly in the past. Excels in head with super expression. Excellent proportions of skull to muzzle and super parallel head lanes. Masculine. Lovely eyes for shape and set and dark brown in colour. Ears are of great shape and set and complete his super head piece to make him so typical here. His neck is ok for length. Shoulders are long and slope quite well. His upper arm is just a tad short and straight and this makes him lift his forelegs too high in front in profile which is where he gave way to the DCC and RDCC. Not as fluid and elegant. Topline is firm. Chest is broad and deep. Croup slightly sloping. Moderate turn to stifles. Good bone. Low set hocks. Good tail set and carriage. Has a brisk stride but not quite as flowing as the main winners. Super condition and handling. A quality lad indeed.

Junior Bitch (1,0)

1st: Davies’ Hawksflight Dutch Orchid. A very feminine bitch. Bite to improve. Muzzle a little pinched at present. Moderate stop. Parallel head planes. Good mask. Eyes of correct shape, set and colour. Sweet expression. Ears ok for shape and set. Body proportions are just off square. Moderate angles all through. Decent bone. Chest is ok for depth, but somewhat narrow in width at present. Pasterns a little too sloping. Hocks are well let down. Tail set and carriage are typical. Black tip to tail. Moves soundly around the ring but not yet with the typical action. Lots of maturing and development to do. Well handled.

Post Graduate Bitch (2,1)

1st: Mouncey’s Shepherds of Paradise Rich Girl. I rather liked this bitch. Very nice for overall make and shape. She had a typical feminine head with good ratio of skull to muzzle, lovely parallel head planes and width and depth to muzzle that makes sure she is not overly snipey of fine but has the correct degree of femininity. Super expression. Correct eyes for shape and set. Ears are triangular and set very well. Neck moderate in length. Good angulation fore and aft without being excessive. Decent bone. Good depth and width to chest. Firm top line. Slight slope to croup. Tail is set on well and she carries it well on the move. Low set hocks. Moves with a light and easy brisk stride, but she needs to settle and gave ground here to the main winners. I shall watch her progress with interest.

Limit Bitch (2,0)

1st: Wraight’s Domburg My Oh My Denhalka. A super shapely bitch who caught my eye from the start. She is so elegant yet with the degree of strength a bitch should have. Wonderful head and expression with super ratio of skull to muzzle and enough width through the skull and muzzle. Slight definition to stop. Correct shape to head from above and in profile. Excellent parallel head planes. Typical mask. Super expressive eyes with slight almond shape and dark in colour. Excellent ears for shape and set. Overall, wonderfully attractive and full of breed type. Neck is moderate in length with a graceful arch. Distinct withers. Excellent shoulders with good length and slope to upper arm. Chest reaches to elbows. Good width and ribs carried well back. Typical in underline. Firm topline and loins. Square in outline. Slight slope to croup. Tail set and carriage ok. Black tip to tail. Correct turn to stifles and low set, well defined hocks. Pasterns with very slight slope and lots of strength. Feet are of a lovely shape. Coat was in super condition of correct texture and with correct overlay. Superb on the move with a lovely quick brisk stride and the perfect amount of reach and drive. I absolutely loved her. I wish she had a tad more confidence, but she was handled to perfection to show off all her many qualities. Super bitch. BCC & BOB

2nd: Roux’s Domburg New Love at Willowfrost. A strongly made, large-ish bitch. Not quite the femininity of 1st but skull is of correct shape and proportions of skull to muzzle are excellent. Lovely parallel head planes. Slight bump on bridge of muzzle and for me a tad snipey through the muzzle. Eyes are of a super shape and set and dark in colour. Ears perhaps look a tad big but are a super triangular shape. Good mask. Neck moderate in length. Shoulders a little more upright than ideal and not as good compared to 1st. Upper arm is long and angles back slightly. Chest deep and broad. Pasterns strong. Topline firm. Croup slightly sloping. Tail set and carriage are very good. Black tip to tail. Hocks firm and well let down. Moves with consummate ease and soundness and a typically brisk stride.

Open Bitch (3,0)

1st: Hesketh & Lesters’ Domburg All My Love. A very nice bitch indeed. Strong in build and body. Larger than some. Head is feminine with a very keen, beautiful expression. Excellent proportions of skull to muzzle. Skull shows good width and the overall shape of skull and muzzle are standard fitting. Excellent parallel head planes. Good strong underjaw. Eyes are lovely for shape and are dark in colour. Ears correct for shape and set. Typical mask. Neck is medium in length. Distinct withers. Shoulders are moderate in angulation. Upper arm is long and angles back sufficiently for balance. Pasterns show a slight slope and are strong. Chest deep and of good width. Topline firm. Stifles are well turned. Hocks are firm and set low. Superfluous condition. Coat quality and texture is correct. Moves with a lovely brisk stride and is so super sound. Very well handled. RBCC.

2nd: Ainsworth Hawksflight Milady De Winta. I really liked this bitch for size and shape. Very typey with lots of quality. Excellent head with correct proportion of skull to muzzle. Correct width to skull and muzzle. Parallel head planes. Good mask. Eyes are slightly almond in shape and dark in colour. Excellent ears which are triangular and set well. Very lovely expression. Moderate angulation fore and aft. Good bone. Deep chest of correct width. Pasterns slightly. Sloping. Topline firm. Typical in underline. Croup slightly sloping. Moderate turn of stifles. Tail set and carriage good. In super coat and condition. She moves very well showing a brisk but ground covering stride without exaggeration. Just preferred overall of shape of 1st, but close up.

3rd: Winton’s Aust Ch. Mirribandi Peppermint Twist (AI) Imp Aus