• Show Date: 15/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 16/10/2023

Hungarian Puli Club Of Great Britain

Breed: Hungarian Puli

The Hungarian Puli Club of Great Britain

Special Classes.

What a great entry this was – and full of quality I might add! Thank you to the exhibitors and to the Committee for this lovely appointment. I very much enjoyed it.

Special Junior Dog/Bitch (1)

1st Anderson & Mayne’s Vilmos Viva La Diva. What a promising youngster. Square in outline. Small head with correct proportion of muzzle to skull. Dark pigment. Medium size dark eyes. Ears set correctly and are ok for shape. Neck is a tad short at present. Moderate angulation fore and aft. Enough width for age. Short, round feet. Coat obviously developing. Really sound unexaggerated side gait. Little close behind. Very well presented.

Special Post Graduate Dog/Bitch (3,0)

1st: Cowley’s Kashbeluli There We Are Then JW. Of a nice size. Correct outline. Muzzle could be a tad shorter for ideal proportions. Shape of skull is typical from front and in profile. Neck moderate in length. Well balanced angulation. Chest is deep enough. Slight tuck up. Loins are short and broad. Tail set correctly. Very sound mover with typical action. Coat developing.

2nd: Crowther’s Porgeloci Tajtek at Catsun (Imp Hung). Smaller type than 1st. Great head, type and expression. Dark eyes. Head well proportioned. Good pigment. Neck quite short. Moderate angulation fore and aft. Chest ok for depth and width. Tight elbows. Firm topline. Well set tail. Tends to tuck rear under slightly which spoilt the outline a little. Very sound mover.

3rd: Grover’s Impeccable Eighth Bouncy Girl at Codemops (Imp Swe)

Special Open D/B

Areal pleasure to judge this class which, in my opinion was full of quality right down the line. To be honest, despite some slight differences in ‘type’, I liked them all very much indeed.

1st: Sharpe & Dyer’s Ch Catsun Comanche Legacy ShCEX. An impressive male with a great outline. Masculine head which is of ideal size, shape and proportions. Eyes are dark brown and ears are well set and of the correct length. Excellent pigment. Neck of medium length and blends nicely into shoulders. Shoulders are well laid. Good upper arm and neat elbows. Deep chest and well sprung ribs. Short muscular loins. Topline is firm and strong. Coat is in excellent condition and presents correct cording. Great mover with typical lively short stepping stride, but covering the ground with ease and elegance, Loved him.

2nd: Cowley’s Ch Callendu Despicable Me At Kashbeluli ShCM ShCEX VW. Another super exhibit who looked great here. Very good size for a male and of a most lovely type and in excellent condition. I love his shape. I feel he has a really nice masculine head. Very balanced in angles fore and aft. Deep chest. Fine bones. Well set tail which he carries well. Moves out with an excellent action, but not quite as collected out and back as the winner today. Great coat and presentation. Just preferred the outline and cleaner movement of the winner on the day.

3rd: Grover’s Sinergi Shenanigans At Cordemops. Another good one in my opinion. With a nice head for overall shape and expression. Great shape and so well constructed. Fine bone and masculine without being overdone. Strong topline. Broad, muscular loins. Great mover. Great presentation.