• Show Date: 04/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/10/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Paignton is always a fab show and to judge here was a real treat. Thank you to the amazing Committee! This is a breed I love and have watched for so many years since their non-CC days. I’m afraid to say I found this appointment a real challenge and was rather disappointed in the overall quality. I struggled to find a single ‘type’ I was looking for. Construction and movement were not as strong as I have seen in the past and many just didn’t move like an ‘Aussie’. This should not just be a generic moving dog or look like any other herding breed. I had to make a lot of compromises. These are of course just my opinions, and the entry may not have been representative of the breed as a whole. Presentation was generally excellent and all the dogs, without exception, had super temperaments. Congratulations to the BOB winner who was winning her 3rd CC on the day.

Puppy Dog (5,2)

1st: Burt’s Aussiame Hot To Trot. Eyes of good shape and set. Nice balance of skull to muzzle and good head planes. Ears are set quite well. Medium length to neck. Moderate angulation fore and aft. Chest is deep and ok in width for age. Level topline. Good shape to feet and nice bone. Moves soundly.

2nd: Lees’ Accra Forest Moon Over Amenbury. Head is ok for shape. Eyes appear a little too round. Ears are set well. Slight arch to neck. Just off square in outline. Moderate angles. Deep chest. Level topline. Moves soundly in profile, bit close behind. Lots of maturing to do.

3rd: Richards’ Accra Incendio Fire

Junior Dog (2,1)

1st: Lees’ Accra Forest Moon Over Amenbury.

Limit Dog (3,0)

1st: Lee’s Aoiristar Hunters Moon Over Amenbury (Imp Ire). This dog had more of what I was looking for. Masculine head with well proportioned skull to muzzle and parallel head planes. Had a lovely typical ‘Australian’ expression unlike many today. Neck has a slight arch. Moderate angulation of shoulders. Upper arm returns well. Good bone for size. Level topline. Deep chest and well ribbed. Well-turned stifles. Moves well but not quite with the verve today of the green card winners

2nd: Walsh’s Birkross You Blu Me Away. Out of coat today and it really didn’t suit him. Made him look rather long all through. A masculine head with good eyes and ears. Well- proportioned skull to muzzle. Neck a tad short. Shoulders moderate for angulation. Upper arm returns quite well. Level topline. Deep chest. Enough width. Well angulated rear. Low set hocks which were nice and straight. Moved a little too fast. Lots and lots of maturing to do for me.

3rd: Knott’s Shalako’s Come Heir High Water (Imp USA)

Open Dog (6,2)

This was nip and tuck between 1st and 2nd. With things I liked on one and things I liked on the other. Difficult choices.

1st: Milligan & Marley’s Allmark One for The Road With Alfsden. My RCC winner last time. He’s a good honest dog with many qualities. Nice for size and moderate. Reasonably masculine with well-balanced skull. Medium stop. Eyes are almond in shape and set obliquely. Medium length to neck with slight arch. Moderate lay to shoulders. Chest is deep and reaches to elbows. Ribs carried well back. Firm loins. Topline is level. I’d like more turn of stifles for ideal balance and more definition at the hocks. Pasterns are slightly sloping. Ok for bone. In really good coat and condition. Moves soundly, covering enough ground. CC

2nd: Wray-Ramsden’s Caronlea Celtic Fire Starter for Takhisis (AI) (IKC) JW. When he came in the ring, this was the one for me for overall shape and make. Preferred his degree of angulation to the winner, but he’s not quite so well proportioned. His head is quite strong. Ok for eyes and ears but I preferred the overall expression of 1st. Lovely neck and shoulder. Great upper arm. Topline was not as level as the winners. Good turn of stifles. Lovely low set hocks which were firm and well defined. In lovey coat and very well handled. RCC

3rd: Hellewell’s Franmar The Thriller

Veteran Dog (3,1)

1st: Richards’ Accra Mystical Man. A veteran who was in great condition. Head is well balanced for skull to muzzle. Muzzle tapers to tip. Eyes are a tad full. Neck is moderate in length. Well laid shoulders. Good return to upper arm. Straight front. Nice shape to feet. Rather up behind. Moderate turn to stifles. Firm hocks. Bit square in outline. Moves soundly.

2nd: Lee’s Louis Blanchette At Amenbury. In fit hard condition and thoroughly enjoying his day out. Not the type of 1st. Strong through the head. Neck is of moderate length. Angulation is very good fore and aft. Good depth of chest and ok for width. Bit long in body. Tail set a little high. Sound mover.

Puppy Bitch (5,1)

1st: Bridges’ Liskarn’s It’s In The Bag. A high quality youngster who stood out here. I felt her head was quite feminine with good balance to skull and muzzle. Muzzles taper slightly to tip. Eyes are ok for shape and set. Bright expression! Ears are well set. Nice length and arch to neck. Well laid shoulders and excellent upper arm. Chest reaches to elbows. Enough width. Level topline. Strong loins. Ideal proportions. Excellent turn to stifles. Well defined hocks which are low set and firm. In great condition. Super mover in profile. Really covering the ground with minimal effort. Great prospect and pushed hard for one of the green cards here. BP

2nd: Hodges’ Jopium Magic Dust. I felt she was quite nice for type. Super pretty with a beautiful head and expression. Here she scores in balance of skull to muzzle and overall shape. Eyes are set obliquely. Ears are well set. Neck moderate in length. Medium angulation at the front. Rather up behind at present. Good turn to stifles. Body is developing well, but she has lots of maturing to do. Moves very well. Should make a nice prospect.

3rd: Lees’ Aussiame Flaming Auror At Horurux

Junior Bitch (4,1)

1st: Hodges’ Jopium Fire N’ Ice. Super pretty like her sister to puppy bitch. Ultra feminine but has enough strength for age. Ratio of skull to muzzle is good. Muzzle tapers slightly. Eyes are of a lovely shape and set obliquely. Ears ok for set. Neck is of correct length with a slight arch. Quite well laid shoulders and return to upper arm. Medium bone. Dipping a little behind the withers. Chest developing well. Moderate turn to stifles and well-defined hocks. Excellent mover in profile. Coat to develop as she matures.

2nd: Lees’ Aussiame Flaming Auror At Horurux. A bitch with a lot of developing to do. Quite well put together. Head could be a tad more feminine, but she has a cheeky expression! Moderate angles fore and aft. Bit long in back and standing bum high. Moved erratically.

Post Graduate Bitch (1,0)

1st: Scanlan’s Franmar Blue Mystique. This bitch is rather heavy in the head for me. Rather too deep and blocky in muzzle for my preference. Eyes are quite full. Skull domed. Ears well set. She is very nicely constructed indeed with excellent angulation fore and aft. Firm level topline. Strong loins. Low set hocks. Excellent mover in profile. In great coat. Just too heavy all through for me. Very well handled.

Limit Bitch (4,0)

1st: Walsh’s Birkross Blue Lagoon. This one was really all I was looking for in type, make and shape. Smaller than some, but so feminine. Excellent balance through head with great ratios of skull to muzzle. Muzzle just right for width and depth and tapers slightly. Moderate stop. Eyes are ok for shape and she had a lovely expression. Lovely neck and shoulders. Great return to upper arm. Ideal bone for size. Chest reaches to elbows and is carried well back. Firm, level topline. Well bent stifles and definition at hocks. Superb mover from all angles – so lightfooted with great reach and drive. She just needs to mature. Had she had slightly more muscle and condition she could well have had the CC here. A very close decision. Just needs time. RCC.

2nd: Milligan & Marley’s Alfsden On One Hand with Alfsden. A large bitch compared to 1st. A bit stronger in head than I prefer, but it is well proportioned. Moderate length to neck. She is very well put together and overall nice to go over. Well proportioned. Chest is deep and of good width. Level topline. Moves soundly but a little unsettled on the day.

3rd: Richards’ Birkcross Secret Angel With Accra JW

Open Bitch (5,1)

1st: Gibbons & Satherley’s Wispafete Belongs to Music JW. A very pretty bitch with a well-balanced head. Good width to skull and muzzle tapers slightly to tip. Lovely shape to eyes which are set obliquely. She has a very endearing expression. Could perhaps have slightly more stop. I really had to look through the pattern on her head to appreciate her fully. Ears are ok for set. Her neck has a slight arch. Good width to front. Excellent layback to shoulders and good return of upper arm. Great bone for size. Chest reaches to elbows. Level topline. Well proportioned, though tail makes her look longer than she is. Excellent turn to stifles and low set hocks. In fabulous coat and condition and in tip top muscle and form. Very well handled to show off all her virtues. CC & BOB

2nd: McDevitt’s Caronlea Tequilla Sunrise (AI) (IKC). This one took my eye as she came in with her beautiful outline and thought she may be my winner, but I preferred the expression of 1st who I found more feminine. Her neck is of a nice length and she has good angles fore and aft. For me she was slightly too broad in chest and rounded in rib and she gave ground here when she moved out and back. Good bone for size. Very nice feet. Topline is firm. Well defined hocks. Sound in profile. Very well presented.

3rd: Milligan & Marley’s Allmark Sapphire with Alfsden JW

Veteran Bitch (2,0)

1st: Gibbons’ & Spencers’ Ir Ch Uk Ch Austrian Dream Cupcake To Go With Wispafete (Imp) JW ShCM Ir J Ch jw16. An old favourite who I have written about before. A pretty feminine bitch with very well-proportioned head. Good stop. Excellent eyes and ears. Neck is of nice length and has a slight arch. Very well constructed all through. Deep chest with ideal width. Firm level topline. Excellent coat and condition and very well handled. Super mover. Had to give way to the younger bitches today.

2nd: Summerley’s Scullymadra Green Hill. A really good honest bitch who has a lovely make and shape. Not as typical in head being a little too refined and not quite the shape to skull and muzzle I was looking for. Not as typical in expression as 1st. In superlative condition and moved out so well.