• Show Date: 08/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/10/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Canadian Eskimo Dog

It was an absolute pleasure to judge one of my favourite breeds at this show. East of England has always been a great supporter of rare breeds and particularly Canadians. There was a super entry of 21 dogs making 22 entries, and I felt the overall quality was excellent. There were certainly dogs and bitches here that were not just worthy of winning a Champion title, but could (and should) easily top a Championship Working Group given a fair chance among more popular, well known breeds. I was so pleased with my challenges and felt my Best Dog and Best Bitch were cracking examples of this breed. There were also some fine youngsters coming through. What a treat for me as a judge! We were really pushed for time given the weather conditions and the high numbers of Siberians, and the group stewards pushed us to not do ‘run around’ the rings. I think this may have caused a little confusion for exhibitors. This is a breed that should have great confidence in itself and where it is going, and make sure it pushes on collaboratively to ensure continued success. You have some fantastic dogs and should be very proud for what you have all achieved!

Puppy Dog (3,0) – A good class. Such a good prospect for the breed.

1st Atkin’s & Cunningham’s Qimugata Hendriks. 6 months. An upstanding young man who looks an exciting prospect. Already masculine but with lots of maturing to do. Skull shows enough width for age. Wedge shaped head. Eyes are quite widely spaced giving a typical expression. Short, thick triangular ears that are set far enough apart. Neck is strong. Great front with super layback to shoulders and excellent return to upper arm. Enough bone for age. Chest developing well. Only slight tuck up. Well angulated stifles. Tail set is moderately high and carried over the back on the move. Sound as anything with a very nice stride.

2nd: Allen’s Qimugata Malfy. Brother to 1st and many of the same comments apply. Same masculine head. Indeed, very handsome. Well-proportioned skull to muzzle and good wedge shape. Well-spaced eyes. Neck moderate in length. Very well angulated fore and aft. Bit longer in the body than 1st. Good feet and strong pasterns. Topline is strong as are loins. Moves soundly. Lots of maturing to do.

3rd: Bailey’s Gerifreki Devils Food Made for Akna NAF TAF.

Junior Dog (1,0)

1st: Allen’s Qimugata Red Hills. Such an attractive dog and another brother to 1st and 2nd in Puppy Dog. This one has a very nice shape but is finer throughout at present. Head looks a tad longer and leaner. Would like a shade more definition of stop. Good neck and well angulated. Chest to develop on. Topline has a slight slope at present. Good feet and pasterns. Brisk, sound gait. Lots of maturing to do and then I’m sure he’ll look most impressive indeed.

Post Grad Dog – Absent

Limit Dog – Absent

Open Dog (2,0)

2 quality dogs here.

1st: Bailey’s Qimugta Judas by Akna. Last judged this lad at Bath in 2021 where he was my RBD. Has matured on so well. He has such an impressive outline that really screams Canadian Eskimo to me. He has a very handsome head with good wedge and strength throughout without being overdone. Well-spaced eyes which are obliquely set. Lovely short, thick ears with slightly rounded tips. Thick muscular neck. Great front with very well laid shoulders and super return and length to upper arm. Good bone and substance throughout. Ideal pasterns and feet. Deep chest which is broad enough, Level topline. Muscular loins. Moderate angulation of stifles. Firm hocks. Tail is well set and carried, if looking a little sparse of coat on the day. Moves with great reach and drive. Not in his best jacket today but does have evidence of the typical cape. Well handled. BD

2nd: Byrne’s Aavuuta Qimmiq Akiak (Imp Can) BEJCH IR JCH. Slightly more refined all through than my winner. His head is masculine enough with a good expression, but I just preferred the width of the winner at present. Moderate wedge. Ears not as good as 1st for set and shape. Neck is muscular. Moderately angulated shoulders. Good return to upper arm. Moderate bone. Topline is level and strong. I feel his chest just needs to fill out a tad more as he matures. Moderate turn to stifles and good definition at the hocks. Tail set and carriage is excellent and is well furred. Very strong, powerful mover who really catches the eye. Obviously still to reach full maturity and this will make him even more impressive. RBD.

Puppy Bitch (3,1)

1st: Allen’s Qimugata Neptunia. Sister to the puppy dog and junior dog winner. A quality girl who is developing so well. Very strong already. Feminine with excellent eyes and ears for shape and set. Good wedge. Thick neck. Excellent angulation throughout. Good depth and width to ribcage for age. Level topline. Slight tuck up. Excellent tail set and carriage. Firm, low set hocks. Coming into nice coat. A very good prospect. Moves with great reach and drive and so sound out and back. Excellent handling. BP

2nd: Needham’s Qimugata Junipero. Sister to 1st. Smaller and much more refined throughout than 1st at present. Very attractive and feminine but still has strength through the head. Good wedge. Eyes are well spaced. Ears are ok for set. Pretty good angulation and developing well in body. Standing a bit hunched today and not so steady on the move as the winner. Lots of maturing to do.

Post Graduate Bitch (2,1)

1st Downey & Last’s Snoqualmie Destiny. I felt this bitch was built along very nice lines. I like her head which is well balanced in skull and muzzle with enough stop. She has a good wedge. Eyes are well spaced and set obliquely. She has a beautiful expression – and knows it! Great muscular neck. Well laid shoulders and terrific return of upper arm. Good bone for size. Topline just slopes a tad for me. Slight tuck up. Well turned stifles. Firm hocks. Her tail is well set and carried. Moved with a good brisk stride when she settled. Not in her best jacket today.

Limit Bitch (3,1)

1st: Atkin’s Qimugata Harpist. A favourite of mine. An exceedingly typical Canadian Eskimo bitch. Feminine head which has enough strength to it. She is about as refined as I would like. Muscular neck. Well laid shoulders and good return to upper arm. Deep chest with enough width for me. Elbows are well set. Well proportioned. Level topline which is strong. Slight tuck up. Enough bone for size. Good bend of stifles and low set firm hocks. Tail set and carriage is good. Lacking a little coat for me today for total finish and perfection. Super mover in profile with great reach and drive. Very strong out and back. Exhibited in superfluous condition. RBB

2nd: Downey & Bailey’s Akna Cordillera. This is another nice bitch. Not so finished as 1st and looking a little ‘leggier’. Attractive head with well-spaced eyes which are obliquely set. Didn’t show off her ears. Firm, muscular neck. Not so good in shoulder or upper arm as 1st. Deep chest of good width. Topline was sloping on the stand. Well-turned stifles. Firm hocks. Tail set and carriage are good. Quite good bone. Powerful side gait. Rather close behind on the day.

Open (4,1)

1st: Needham’s Asiaq Queen Fabiola. What a cracking looking bitch. Took my eye immediately for her gorgeous outline. Such a feminine head with strength and perfect proportions. Super wedge. Perfect stop. Excellent eyes of correct shape and set obliquely. Nice small thick ears which are well set. Most beautiful expression. Thick, muscular neck which is not overly long. Excellent shoulders and great return to upper arm which sets her forelegs well under her. Super bone for size. Her elbows are set just below her chest which is deep and of a lovely width. Slight tuck up. Strong, muscular loins. Excellent turn to stifles and lovely low set, firm hocks. Excellent tail set and carriage. In great coat. Super shape to feet. Hard, muscular condition. Most superb mover in profile, covering the ground with great reach and drive. Super sound out and back. I absolutely loved her. Looked an absolute picture. BB & BOB

2nd: Graham’s Akna Voorhees. Has matured on so well since I last judged her. Built on such nice lines and of a lovely type. Has strength to head without being too overdone. Good wedge. Enough stop. Tight lips. Lovely eyes which are set obliquely. Firm, muscular neck. Bit more open in angles at the front than the winner. Topline is firm and level. Bone is just enough for size. Deep chest. Just a little more angulation at rear than front. Tail set and carriage is good. Strong hocks. Moves soundly.

3rd: McKinlay’s Carlotta Di Savoia (Imp ITA)

Veteran Bitch (1,0)

1st: Atkins’ Can Ch Akna Asavakkit From Qimugta VW. Another old favourite and I have written about her so many times. I can’t really add to what I have said before. Still looking beautiful. So typical through the head. I like her balance of strength and femininity for a working sled dog. Super construction throughout and great for bone and substance. Topline is level. Deep in chest. In super coat and condition and moving so soundly from all angles. Had to give way to youth today, but a great ambassador for the breed. BV