• Show Date: 03/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kirsty Watts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/09/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Retriever (Chesapeake Bay)

Southern Counties Canine Association

3rd June 2023

Spanish Water Dog

A huge thank you to those who entered and turned up to show under me. Having been keenly interested in the breed for almost 10 years it was a pleasure to judge them for the first time at a Championship show. Due to the nature of the breed some dogs had recently been clipped out, others apologised they left their dogs at home due to being recently clipped, or being in season, so unfortunately there were many absentees. A good judge should be able to identify evidence of a good coat with a couple of weeks growth, and the structure of the dog is more easily seen, so there really is no reason to leave them at home, especially when a Breed specialist is judging. I’d rather see a well-kept clean short coat than a long, corded, matted and dirty coat. My Best of Breed did not have the long corded coat that many would consider essential in the show ring, I understand that the white coat does not cord as easily and many owners keep white dogs clipped shorter. My Best Bitch was in a short, working coat, I did not penalise either dog, and I was informed that the bitch is always kept that way due to being an active worker. Bites could be better, but I noted that the FCI standard does not insist on a scissor bite. As a traditionally docked, or naturally bobbed breed, with many dogs still being imported, it is unfair to discriminate against dogs with tails and high tail carriage. It is hard to breed away from these traits within a small gene pool. I was delighted to see my BOB go on to get a Group 3 under judge Ann Ingram (Ireland).

OD 2(1) 1.Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherford’s Sh Ch/hr Ch Zorrazo Hey There Yogi Bear, an absolute pleasure to go over this super robust dog, who is the picture book SWD. Super strong but elegant head, Flat skull with medium stop, correct 3:2 skull to muzzle ratio, nice tight lips, well pigmented nose with well open nostrils, medium sized, correctly shaped and set ears, medium sized oval shaped hazel eyes, his expression just oozes his happy and cheeky character! Short muscular neck leading into strong shoulder, slight rise at the wither, into strong level back with well-muscled loin, nicely set bobbed tail. Correct 9:8 body length to height ratio. Moderately angulated fore and aft. Tight elbows, legs straight and parallel with ample bone, tight round feet. Deep chest with well sprung ribs, moderate tuck up. Shown in a short, rustic, natural, not sculpted, curly, woolly coat of excellent texture. Large well muscled hindquarters and well let down hocks enabled him to easily show off the breed typical brisk, sound and athletic movement. BD & BOB

VD/B 3(1) I dislike mixed classes as often the male is a more impressive specimen giving him the advantage, but on this occasion I chose the lovely bitch. 1.Walker’s Sh Ch Valentisimo's Tizi (B) One I have liked since she I judged her as a puppy, glad to see that she gained her title. I can’t believe that she is now 9yrs old! On first impression she’s obviously a bitch, at the smaller end of the breed standard, feminine but still conveying strength and robustness. Super, dark brown, non-diluting coat of a rustic texture with medium length cords. Finer more feminine, elegant head but still of correct proportions and conveying strength. Super pigment of eye and nose, well open nostrils, super expression. Correct bite, tight lips. Short muscular neck with well defined withers, short loin, slight dip to back, and less tuck, not a but understandable at her age and especially if she has been a brood bitch, natural bob. Deep chest, reaching to brisket, well sprung ribs. Straight legs with ample bone and tight feet. Moderately angulated fore and aft, moved steadily but briskly and still pleasingly sound in her twilight years. 2.Brewster’s Blackyboric (Imp Esp) (D), A diluting brown male of nearly 9yrs, at the upper end of the breed standard. Strong head but slightly shorter in the muzzle, rounded skull, good pigment, expressive hazel eye. Larger low set ears. Short neck into prominent wither, short back and loin, slight slope to croup, natural bob. Straight legs with enough bone, small rounded feet. Chest just reaches brisket, enough spring to rib, medium tuck. Well laid back shoulder, straighter in upper arm and a bit too long in second thigh leading to over-tracking on the move. Shown in a rustic corded coat of medium length, natural, not sculpted. Excitable on the move, but well handled by his young handler. RBD

PB 2(1) 1.Page & Robinson’s Deltoroesta Lady Marmalade, an absolute sweetie, black & white, tailed, bitch of 11mths old. Feminine head of correct proportions, flat skull and slight stop, tight lips. Dark brown eyes. Good pigment to nose. Bite could be better. Nicely shaped and set ears. Short neck into slightly high wither, straight back, strong loin, good tail set, carried like a scimitar. Well-muscled throughout. Tight elbows, straight legs and tight round feet. Good slope to shoulder and return of upper arm. Brisket reaching the elbow, good fore-chest but needs more time to develop spring of rib. Slightly more angulation at rear but still a puppy. Well let-down hocks. In short rustic coat of consistently curled woolly texture. Moved well, briskly and with purpose. BP PGB 2(1) 1.Donaldson’s Prizelands Frosted Fancy, smaller, nicely balanced white, tailed bitch of 18mths. Super head of correct 3:2 proportions. Lovely expressive hazel eye. Good pigmentation to nose. Tight lips. Flat skull with medium stop. Short muscular neck leading to prominent wither, straight back, short muscular loin, correct 9:8 body length to height proportions. Good slope of shoulder and return of upper arm. Tight elbows, straight legs with enough bone, tight feet. Deep chest, enough spring of rib for age, medium tuck. Well-muscled with slightly more angulation behind but still growing. Shown in short rustic curled woolly coat. Moved briskly and with purpose, tail held in a scimitar on the move.

LB 1(0) 1.Page & Robinson’s Zorrazo Xquisite Croatian Perl at Deltoroesta (Imp Hrv), 4yr brown & white bob tailed bitch. Nice expressive hazel eye, good pigment to nose, medium stop, slightly shorter nose, bite could be better. Good shape and set of ears. Moderately angulated throughout, would prefer slightly more return of upper arm and hind angulation. Well let-down hocks. Short neck, back and loin, slightly rounded croup. Well ribbed with good spring of rib. Tight round feet. Rustic curled woolly coat of medium length. Moved briskly, but a bit close behind.

OB 2(0) 1.Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherford’s Sh Ch/hr Ch Zorrazo Cheek by Jowl with Chanderhill, a brown bitch at the top of the height standard and shown in a short working coat but what a super fit for purpose girl! I loved her overall outline and muscular frame. Feminine head, expressive hazel eye, good pigment to nose. Parallel planes of skull and muzzle, tight lips, correct bite. Short muscular neck, slightly raised wither into straight back with good tail set. Tail held in a scimitar shape. Deep chest with good spring of rib, well ribbed back with moderate tuck. Slightly longer in body but balanced. Well-muscled throughout, won on her brisk, sound, athletic, powerful movement. BB 2.Searles’s Adormidera Apache Rose at Cravessa The surprise of the day, I did not recognise this 3yr old brown and white bitch, who is usually flat and miserable in the ring. Today she was on form and really seemed to be enjoying herself, allowing her virtues to shine through. When you wonder why the more experienced handlers win in the ring, think about how you are presenting your dog to make the most of it’s attributes. Lovely head of correct planes and proportions, hazel eye and good pigment to nose, tight lips, scissor bite. Good ear shape and set. Super expression, she actually smiled today! Short muscular neck, well laid back shoulder. Straight legs with strong bone, tight feet. Chest reaching to elbow, well sprung ribs, well ribbed back with good tuck. Slightly higher wither to straight back, natural bobtail. Slightly longer in body but balanced. Moderate hind angulation with well let down hocks. Well-muscled throughout. Rustic curly, woolly coat, just starting to cord. Moved briskly with drive. RBB

Kirsty Watts (Oakmarsh)