• Show Date: 26/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kirsty Miller Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 31/08/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Papillon
I would like to thank the Driffield committee for inviting me to judge at this well-run show, my two stewards who kept the ring in order all day and to the exhibitors for a wonderful entry of 99 dogs. The overall quality of the entry was decent and I found many, especially in bitches that I particularly liked and I easily could have awarded the CC too, however I will not sugar-coat it and say that I think the breed is in a good way, as in my opinion it is not. The first line is our breed standard is ‘Dainty, well-balanced, little dog’, where has this gone? We have far too many now that are short on leg, thick in bone and very ‘stocky’ all through, this giving the total wrong outline for the breed. I am the first to want a well bodied Papillon but please do not mistake this for the whole dog being thick set and cobby, this is totally incorrect for our breed. Papillons should have a good length of leg, to give the ‘well-balanced’ appearance, with a medium length of neck leading into a level topline and that all important, high set tail, arched over the back, giving that silhouette so unique to our breed. This I found lacking in many today and is something as breeders we desperately need to work to get back. Small, pointy ears is another area of concern, the standard quite clearly states ‘Very large, mobile with rounded tips’ some today we more like a Chihuahua, therefore we lose the whole reason as to why the name ‘Papillon’ was derived! On a whole movement has improved since I last judged, high stepping fronts seem to have diminished, however we do seem to have an increase now on fronts that toe in. Movement should be parallel both front and rear, it is quite clear in the standard. Presentation on whole was excellent, as were temperaments. I was very happy with my main winners and delighted to see my BOB/BP continue to show her socks off in both groups and end up with a very well deserved PG2. Class 997 VD (4 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: 2059 MASKELL, Mrs K & MASKELL, Mr S Kazkell Robin The Limelight JW Sh.CM lovely to start off the day with this handsome young man of 8 years, who has matured like a fine wine and only got better with age. Lovely sized dog with a good outline and shape. Handsome head of the correct proportions with good dark eye. Well set, large ears with amble fringing. Well made, with a good spring of rib and well bodied. Finely boned, straight forlegs with lovely hare feet. High set tail, with excellent plume, arched correctly over his back. Super silky coat, excellently presented. On the move, he is light and free flowing with good reach in front. He really put in a good show today and I felt he really deserved BVIB over a bitch I have always greatly admired. Well done! 2nd: 2079 THOMPSON, Lady J & AUSTIN, Mrs S MELANGEL HIGHLAND VOGUE AT JHANAKIA 9 ½ year old R/W of a good overall shape and balance. Handsome head with a lovely gentle expression. Well set large ears, just not the fringing of 1. Well bodied throughout with a good depth of chest. Level topline and high set tail, arched nicely over his back. He is so sound on the move, parallel both fore and aft, I would just have liked to seen a little more extension in front. Presented in first class order and shown to get the very best out of him. 3rd: 2099 WILKINSON, Mrs S M Lafford Inspector Morse In Poppywood JW Class 998 PD (9 Entries) Abs: 1 I found this a challenging class to judge, with there being no Minor Puppy class. I do hope the society changes this for next year, as Papillons, like most breeds are very different at 6 months than they are at 11 months. 1st: 2097 WHITEHILL, Mrs M AMICAE TOP OF THE CLASS gorgeous R/S/W 10 month old, carrying a wealth of silky coat for his age. Super outline, with a good length of leg and lovely arched tail set with excellent plume coming. Excellent head and eye with room to mature even still, not at all overdone but just right for his age. Super, large mobile ears, with the correct rounded tips and amble fringing for his age. He is lovely to go over, with a good length of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Finely boned, straight legs and correct hare feet. Ample depth to chest and well sprung ribs set back into a firm a loin. Firm, level topline. Moved beautifully around the ring and ever so sound. He was in my mind for the RCC and I am sure he will trouble the best as he matures more. 2nd: 2101 KERRISON, Ms J E Lastayla Caramel Shortcake a real little cracker at his first show at only 6 months old. Beautiful size, small and dainty. Lovely outline with excellent tail carriage. Super head and eye, with slightly rounded skull between large, well set mobile ears. Good length of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Level topline. Well angulated rear. On the move he comes alive, moving freely around the ring and very sound coming and going. He is still very raw but his overall construction and movement won him his place here today. 3rd: 2006 ANDERSON & ANDERSON, Mrs L & Miss K Elmaraine Outlander For Northlyte NAF TAF Class 999 JD (8 Entries) Abs: 1 1st: 2041 HEADLEY, Mrs C & HEADLEY, Mr T R YELDAEH'S MR CHIZLEWICK very stylish R/S/W dog, on the bigger size but with the classic outline I look for in the breed. Beautifully presented in a wealth of silky coat. Nicest of heads which was well marked with a well-defined stop and finely pointed muzzle. Large, well placed ears that were beautifully fringed and alert at all times. Nicely bodied with excellent angles both fore and aft. Correct finely boned legs with hare feet. Level topline and well set on tail which is arched beautifully over his back and with a lovely plume. Moved out ever so well, with excellent power and drive, free flowing and so sound but all with an air of elegance. Shortlisted into the last four for the CC. I am sure he will have a good future. 2nd: 2045 KEOWN, Mrs M Keomandi Fly Me To the Moon Tri dog, that I have admired greatly from the ringside. Super for size and shape, he is so dainty and elegant. Loved his head, so correct for the breed, super eye and expression. Well set, large ears with enough fringing. At present he is going through the ‘junior’ stage and is lacking in weight and coat condition, where 1 scored today. On the move, he is elegant and free flowing with sound movement coming and going. I am sure that once he has matured in body and come back into coat, that he will most certainly trouble the best and I could easily see him gaining his title. 3rd: 2038 GREEN, Mrs J L & COOPER, Mr C Wilachans Thin White Duke Class 1000 SBD (2 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: 2065 MONTGOMERY, Mrs C ELMARAINE REMY MARTIN AT CARROLLRYAN nicely sized tri dog with the prettiest of heads and expression. Well set, mobile ears with good fringing. Very good to go over with good body and substance. Level topline and correct high set tail, with good plume, just carried slightly too tight to his back. Moved soundly both fore and aft, with a pleasing profile action. Presented in first class order in good coat. Best Special Beginners in Breed. 2nd: 2100 KERRISON, Ms J E Kezkez Signore Nico Rosberg, very sweet B/W dog of a lovely size and well balanced shape. Very pretty in head however for me he is perhaps a little too extreme in head. Dark eyes, with sparkling expression. Super fringed ears, set well and alert at all times. Finely boned forelegs with good hare feet. Decent body and substance for his age. Moved out with elegance and soundly, could just settle a little more on the move. Class 1001 PGD (9 Entries) Abs: 1 1st: 2091 WELLS, The Rev'd K & BROWN, Ms A Skyvana Caught at Metamorphic another dog that I have admired from the ringside and I was pleased to be able to get my hands on him today. Excellent for size and shape and he really holds an impressive outline when standing. Very handsome head of the correct proportions. Medium, round eyes that give a good expression, however they could be sligtly darker in colour. Large, well set ears, which he used well at all times. On the table, he is lovely to go over, with everything flowing into place. Super body, with well sprung ribs and firm loin. Finely boned, straight forelegs with correct hare feet. Well angulated rear and good muscle tone. It is on the move where he impressed greatly and really caught my eye, moving with elegance around the ring, with super reach and drive and being ever so sound coming and going. Presented in lovely silky coat and handled to get the very best from him. I was very happy to award him the RCC and hope there is more to come from him in the future. 2nd: 2022 DAVIDSON, Mrs E & DAVIDSON, Mr M G Northlyte Wild Flame Of Elmaraine NAF TAF classy R/W dog, that impressed greatly when standing, giving a nice outline and with good length of leg. Handsome head, a little thicker in muzzle than 1. Good dark eye and expression. Good length on neck leading into well placed shoulders. Well sprung ribs, with decent depth of chest. Level topline and well set, tail arched over his back nicely. Good hindquarters which he used on the move to advantage. Very sound coming and going. Very much the showman. Presented excellently and handling to get the very best from him. 3rd: 2081 THOMPSON, Lady J & AUSTIN, Mrs S SKYVANA CATCH ME AT JHANAKIA JW Class 1002 LD (13 Entries) Abs: 2 1st: 2044 KEOWN, Mrs M Keomandi Fairy King nicely sized R/W dog that presents a very typical outline when standing with a super tail set and carriage. Handsome head of the correct proportions, a fraction light in eye. Large, mobile ears with correct rounded tips that are alert at all times. Well made, with good angles fore and aft. Well bodied and a firm, level topline. Well angulated hindquarters. Finely boned legs with good hare feet. Moved out well in the class being very sound both fore and aft with a good free flowing action. Presented and handled to best advantage. 2nd: 2078 TAYLOR, Mrs P Paparottsie Blue Moon tri dog that really impressed for his construction and movement. Super head and eye with beautiful large, well fringed ears that he used to advantage. So good to go over with everything flowing into place. Well angulated forequarters and hindquarters. Nicely bodied and good firm topline. Tail set high but is carried a little too close to his back, super plume. Beautiful mover, full of elegance and very sound coming and going. Handled to get the very best from him and presented in superb condition with a wealth of silky coat. 3rd: 2012 CHALLENGER, Mrs A Skyvana Devil in Disguise with Lyveden Class 1003 OD (12 Entries) Abs: 2 1st: 2072 STANBURY, Mrs S Inixia Made By Design this little B/W dog is not an instant eye catcher to begin with but the more you study him, the more you realise how much there is to appreciate about him. Beautiful size and so elegant and dainty throughout. On the table, he really is a pleasure to go over. His head is divine, beautifully marked with lovely symmetrical markings. Correct proportions, with low set, round dark eyes giving the sweetest of expressions, slightly rounded skull between well set, large, heavily fringed ears, that he used to advantage at all times. Good length of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Excellent depth of chest with finely boned, straight forelegs and elbows close. Well sprung ribs leading back into a strong short loin. Level topline held firm at all times, with tail set correctly off his back and arched nicely over with a good plume. Another that really impressed on the move and this really is his crowning glory, strutting out with a great attitude and carriage correct for the breed and being ever so sound with it. A challenging dog for his handler to show at times but on the last go around for the CC, I could not get past his super movement and I was thrilled to award him the CC, I believe his 3rd. Interesting to note, I awarded his sire the CC & BOB the last time I judged and his grandsire the RCC the time before. Clearly a type I admire. Many congratulation to his clever breeder. 2nd: 2021 DAVIDSON, Mrs E & DAVIDSON, Mr M G Ch Elmaraine Chasing Rainbows striking Tri, so full of quality and really is the ultimate showman. Standing he presents a lovely outline, with good length of leg. Exquisite head, perfectly marked and super expression. Large enough ears, with rounded tips and super fringing. Adequate length of neck, leading into well placed shoulders. Finely boned forelegs, with good harefeet, however they are inclined to turn out. Lovely depth of chest, well sprung ribs and firm loin. Tail set high off his level topline, arched nicely over his back with a good plume. He is dainty and elegant on the move, with a lovely profile action, I would just prefer him tighter in front. Nevertheless, he is a very worthy Champion and one I could easily sign a CC for. Put down in first class order and handled to very best advantage. 3rd: 2010 CARROLL & NEWMAN, Mr S & J Ir Ch Eryanto's The Great Guinness Denemore Class 1004 GCD (4 Entries) Abs: 1 1st: 2029 GEARY, Mrs G TALIESYN BLACK WALNUT Nicely sized 7 year old s/w, who presents a lovely shape and outline. Masculine head but not too strong, lovely kind dark eye. Very large, mobile ears with good rounded tips. Very nice to go over, with everything in the correct place. Good straight legs, with great harefeet. Well bodied with a good depth. Lovely level topine. Well angulated hindquarters. Long tail, set high, and carried correctly over his back. Moved out with a lovely profile action, and sound coming, just a little untidy in rear. Presented well. 2nd: 2037 GREEN, Mrs J L & COOPER, Mr C Wilachans Rebel Rebel tri colour. Balanced outline when standing. Masculine head with a good eye. Well set ears, which he used to advantage but I would like to see them larger and with a little more fringing. Well made throughout, with good front and hind angulation. Well bodied. Good straight legs and correct harefeet. Lovely plumed, long tail, carried well. Moved out well and very sound. In good coat and condition. 3rd: 2100 KERRISON, Ms J E Kezkez Signore Nico Rosberg Class 1005 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: 2088 WALSH, Ms H Jorgealin Moon Star At Purepixie, beautiful 7 year old R/W bitch that I have often admired and I was pleased to see her here today. She has the most beautiful shape, with excellent tail set and carriage. Gorgeous head and expression, with super dark round eyes that give the most appealing expression. So well made, with good body and substance but plenty of elegance throughout. Dainty, finely boned forelegs with correct hare feet. Level topline. Well angulated rear. Super sound on the move with a lovely carriage in profile but I feel she lacked the ‘sparkle’ today I have previously seen and had to give away to the dog for BV who was more on his toes. However, she is a super quality bitch and one to be incredibly proud of. 2nd: 2033 GEARY, Mrs G FEDELTA ANGELICA AT TALIESYN r/s/w not in her best coat today. Well balanced outline. Head of good proportions. Lovely large ears well fringed and very alert. Good reach of neck. Well angulated front. Very well bodied. Good turn of stifle. Straight legs with good harefeet. Tail set well, carried nicely over her back with a good plume. Moved well and soundly. Class 1006 PB (10 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: 2098 WHITEHILL, Mrs M AMICAE BRIGHT SPARK stunning, dainty, 10 month old R/S/W bitch that really was everything I was looking for on the day. From the moment I saw her walk in, I knew she would be the one to beat and for me today, nothing could. Everything about her screams ‘Papillon’, she has the most beautiful outline and the silhouette I look for in a Papillon. Beautiful, feminine head of the correct proportions with the prettiest of expressions from sparking dark, round eyes. Good bite. Very large ears with good round tips and lovely fringing coming, used to advantage. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders, and a well angulated front. So well bodied for one so young with a good depth of chest and spring of rib. Topline held well at all times. Good turn of stifle and well angulated hindquarters. Finely boned, straight legs and correct hare feet. Perfectly set tail, arching well over her back with a good plume coming. On the move, she is a dream, so full of elegance and her carriage is just beautiful. In profile, she is free flowing and has great reach and drive, coming and going she is ever so sound. Super textured coat which was presented immaculately. She didn't put a foot wrong all day and although still a baby I could not deny her a very well deserved 1st CC & BOB, I was thrilled to see her go on to PG2. I have no doubt she will be titled and her future is assured. Congratualtions to her breeders/owners! 2nd: 2046 KEOWN, Mrs M Keomandi Just Call Me Angel another classy R/S/W bitch, quite similar to one, I would just like a little more leg length. Super pretty head and expression. Lovely, well set ears, that she used to advantage. Well bodied, with good substance. Finely boned legs, straight and correct hare feet. Firm topline and well set tail, which was beautifully arched over her back. Well turned stifles. Moved effortlessly around the ring and very sound coming and going. Another lovely type from this kennel. 3rd: 2082 THOMPSON, Lady J & AUSTIN, Mrs S ABLAZZOR EBONY AND IVORY AT JHANAKIA Class 1007 JB (5 Entries) Abs: 2 1st: 2074 STONE, Mrs S & ISHERWOOD, Mr T Stagedoor Isobelle a very elegant and smart tri colour at just the right stage for a junior bitch. Her outline is really beautiful and typifies what I like to see in Papillon. She is well-balanced with a good length of leg and has a perfectly set tail and carriage. Very pretty head and expression with large flaring ears, used to advantage. Excellent neck and shoulder placement. Slender bone and correct hare feet. Well bodied, with well sprung ribs and level top line. Enough rear angulation. Super textured coat which is presented immaculately, she just needs a little more of it but this will come as she matures. She is a little rocket on the move and goes around with such style. She is very sound but could benefit from a fraction more reach in front. Handled to get the very best out of her. 2nd: 2071 MOWATT, Mr C J & MOWATT, Mrs J D Iotastar's Hopes and Dreams a pretty R/W bitch a little heavier and shorter on leg than my winner. Very pretty bitch, with the sweetest of heads and expressions. Well set ears with some good fringing. Very well put together with everything in the correct place. Good front and rear angulation. Well bodied. Tail perfectly set, with a good plume. Lovely, finely boned straight legs with the correct harefeet. Moved out soundly, just not the carriage of my winner. Presented in 1st class order. 3rd: 2076 TAYLOR, Mrs P Pamhurst Pandora Class 1008 SBB (1 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: 2040 HARVIE, Ms Fiona Afterglow Barbie Doll with Penchrystona, I was really taken with this very sweet R/W puppy, who just needs time to settle and work out what all this dog showing lark is all about. Lovely outline when standing and a real little character. Beautiful head and expression, with well defined stop. Lovely dark eye. Well placed ears, large and with plenty of fringing coming. Well bodied for her age. Slender bone and hare feet. Level topline and tail set well, just carried a little too tight to her back. On the move, once settled she is very sound and presents a nice outline in profile. Class 1009 PGB (5 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: 2068 MORRELL, Mrs S Aurora vom Schwabenhof for Temelora (Imp Deu) very impressive Phalene and a comfortable winner for me in this class today. Super outline when standing with great balance. Most beautiful of heads, with kind expression and correctly set ears, framing her face beautifully. Excellent depth of chest with elbows tight to body. Well ribbed and firm loin. Firm level topline with a nicely set and carried plumed tail. Well angulated rear. Correct hare feet. Moved out well, with elegance and style and very sound coming and going. Presented in superb condition with her coat gleaming in the sun. One with ordinary luck should gain her crown. 2nd: 2095 WHITEHILL, Mrs M AMICAE BELLE OF THE BALL a real sweetheart, with the most appealing head and expression. Super dark, sparking eyes. Ears well set but could be a little larger. Enough neck and well laid shoulders. Good depth of chest and well bodied throughout. Level topline and correctly set tail, arched well over her back with a splendid plume. Moved out well and soundly, just not the elegance of 1. Presented in a wealth of silky coat and handled well. 3rd: 2085 THORNTON, Mr C & THORNTON, Mrs A Khanor Another Kate Class 1010 LB (5 Entries) Abs: 2 1st: 2048 KIRK, Mrs E Lynflyer Rainbow Dancer At Kirkchase JW dainty, elegant tri bitch that really presents a super outline standing with her perfectly set and carried tail. Very pretty head and eye with well defined stop. Large, mobile ears, fringed well. Enough neck and well laid shoulders. Good body and substance. Firm, level topline. Tail set perfectly off her back, carried high and arched well over her back with a good plume. Slender, finely boned legs and correct hare feet. On the move she is light and free and very positive at the rear, however I would like to see her a little more settled coming towards. Beautiful silky coat, presented to advantage. A quality bitch. 2nd: 2014 COLLINS, Mrs T Houm Tetatet Ariette at Collness (Imp Rus) a R/W bitch that I did admire, however she just lacked that elegance of my winner. Beautiful, feminine head, with dark expressive eye. Well fringed, large ears, used to advantage. Very well bodied with good spring of rib. Straight forelegs and hare feet. Well angulated hindquaters. Super topline and tail set, with good plume. Excellent silky coat, presented to advantage. Moved out well and very soundly. 3rd: 2018 COOPER, Mr C Wilachans lizzy Class 1011 OB (10 Entries) Abs: 2 1st: 2011 CARROLL & NEWMAN, Mr S & J Ir Ch Candygolds Queenie Denemore This superb B/W bitch closely personifies in my opinion everything you would wish for in a Papillon. She is the perfect size and her outline is simply exquisite. On the table she is a delight to go over, with a beautiful, balanced head. Dark sparkling eyes giving a lovely expression. Large, alert, mobile ears with amble fringing. She is full of elegance, yet has body and substance with a good spring of rib. Well angulated fore and aft. Finely boned legs and correct hare feet. Level firm top line, held at all times. Well-turned stifle and good angulated hind quarters. Correctly set tail of a good length and arched nicely over her back with a good plume falling either side. However, she is an absolute live wire and this is where she lets herself down. On the move she is dynamite and at times she can be very hard to access. I was lucky she settled enough for me to see how accurate she was up and back and on her sheer type and quality, I was pleased to award her the RCC. I am sure once she gets her head into gear and settles down more for her clever handler, she is a certain Champion. 2nd: 2067 MORRELL, Mrs S Athene vom Schwabenhof for Temelora (Imp Deu) litter sister to my post graduate winner, equally as nice and many of the same attributes apply. A slightly heavier type to my winner but still full of quality. Super head with correct proportions and lovely dark eye. Correctly placed ears, with rounded tips, framing her head lovely with good fringing. Good neck and shoulder placement. Nice depth of chest with elbows tight to body. Straight forelegs and super hare feet. Nicely bodied, with a good spring of rib. Well angulated hindquaters with good muscle tone. Firm, level topline with high set tail, arched nicely over her back. Moved out with a free flowing action and very sound coming and going. Another that I am sure will gain her title and would thoroughly deserve to. 3rd: 2066 MORRELL, Mrs S Johnasta Georgia for Temelora Judge: Mrs Kirsty Ryan (Feorlig)