• Show Date: 11/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kim Ellis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Basenji




It is every judge’s dream to grace the centre of the ring at the World’s greatest dog show and it was truly an honour to have so many beautiful Basenjis entered. I had purposely steered clear of all Basenji judging for a long time, so the majority were new to me. Over the years quality in depth has improved immeasurably, as has movement. The long swinging stride is resembling a racehorse trotting full out is very much in evidence. The co-operation of breeders in all parts of the world has played a great part in improving the breed as a whole and temperament in general. On that note, I was disturbed to have a handful of bitches express their displeasure at being handled, when so many have made great strides to build on equable temperament, it is worrying that these individual specimens may go onto contribute to the gene pool.

My general impression is that the breed is in a healthy position, some attention is still required to keep that very important and distinctive headpiece, wrinkle seemed to be more abundant and heads more typical and better proportioned in what I later found to be overseas entries rather than UK dogs. But coats and colour have definitely improved over the years, without exception coats were short and pliant, tricolours were blackest of black and the bright orangey red was in abundance. Overall I came away extremely happy with what I had found and I must compliment the high standard of presentation and handling. The future of this unique and very special breed is I feel in very safe hands.

Veteran Dog (8)

1. Young’s VESTOID ROMULUS. R/W in such esteemed company am surprised he doesn’t have his title. Fits the standard closely, having a square outline with excellent leg length. Classical head with excellent wrinkle, crested neck correctly set into shoulders, very good front construction, well filled chest, straight forelegs, well arched neat feet, very good topline, shelf and tail set, with tight double curled tail, well handled. A great start to the day for me, he and the two behind him glided effortlessly round the ring with daisy cutting action, all so straight and true.

2. Dunsdon’s CH/AM GRAND CH/AUS CH KAZOR’S BREAKING THE BANK R/W. Just preferred the front on 1, though just as well constructed overall, with good angulation front and rear, well balanced. A very pleasing type, reminiscent of dogs of old, elegant yet strong, neat size, dark almond shaped eyes giving that desired far seeing expression, strong topline and good tailset, well arched feet.

3. Jardine’s WOODELLA HOT ROD. R/W another pleasing older type, very well constructed overall, square in outline with good length of leg, a little strong in skull but proportionate length of muzzle, could do with a little more wrinkle. Straight forelimbs and moderately angulated behind, well set tail with a single curl, moving with an effortless free stride maintaining balance at all times.

Junior Dog (4)

1. Muller’s MI MIJAS POPPIUS SCENT TO BURUDIKA. R/W 14 months old, quality, brought much of the breed standard immediately to mind. In each successive class, the more I saw of him, the more I liked him, stands squarely and naturally. His head qualities were a deciding factor, though to be super critical ears could be smaller, they were set high on the head, forward pointing and hooded, dark almond shaped eyes giving an inscrutable expression and profuse wrinkle, with correct head proportions, set on a well arched elegant neck. Ideal size and outline, finely built though masculine, fulfilled the term gazelle like grace’. Front well filled, deep brisket, standing on well arched feet, very well constructed all through, very good tail set with reach behind and double curl completed the picture. Moved with the long swinging stride resembling a racehorse trotting full out and most lovely temperament, attentive to handler. From Poland CC & BOB, just a bit fidgety on the table in the group, but he is young!

2. Geradts’ KING RIMBO AFRICA HEART. Brindle, anther who caught the eye, very attractive and well proportioned head, with dark eyes, good wrinkle and far seeing expression. Finely boned yet strong limbs, with excellent forechest, level topline, standing well up on neat feet, quite angulated, but exudes elegance especially on the move

3. Casentieri’s ALCHEZ BEST LIFE. Tri, lots to like, ideal size, pleasing head, dark eye and almond shaped eyes, good wrinkle and forward pointing ears when he uses them. Well arched neck, good topline and shelf, standing I really liked him, square in outline, balanced, strongly made yet elegant. Sadly moving wide behind today, though very good in profile with a free swinging and lengthy stride and accurate in front, but his day will come.

Post Graduate Dog (3)


2. Casentieri’s ALCHEZ GUAVA NICE DAY. R/W another of older type and ideal size, moderate in construction, a little short in neck and upper arm, short back, a little steep in pelvis, but carries his tail well. Well sprung ribs and deep brisket, he comes alive on the move with a long free swinging stride and carrying legs straight forward presenting a picture of balance.

3. Geradts’ JOBIRAKI AFFECTIONATE ARTWORK. R/W rich colour, elegantly and finely built, leggy and with gazelle like grace, but lacks balance, being long in the loin and lacking shelf behind. Calf lick on muzzle detracts from his expression and ears a little low set, but he has dark eyes correctly shaped, a crested neck, good shoulders and forechest, deep brisket and level topline, moved freely.

Limit Dog (6, 2 Absent)


2. Carrington’s BUSHWACKER OCEANS ELEVEN. Tri pressed hard for top honours, just preferred the head and wrinkle of 1, but he has neat forward pointing hooded ears well set on top of head, dark eye and inscrutable expression. Strong yet elegant neck well set into shoulders, well filled chest, straight legs, standing on well arched feet, with good spring of rib, level topline and correct tailset. Strongly yet elegantly and correctly constructed, presents a very pleasing outline. Free flowing on the move with effortless floating action and legs carried absolutely straight forward, very well handled. Top class and deserves his title.

3. Sandford’s MEMETUKA HOT NSPICY AT ANKADZIWANA. R/W ideal size, very well proportioned heat with the neatest small ears, obliquely set eyes giving desired expression. Well filled in front, deep brisket, a little down on pasterns, good tail set and curl. Overall squarely made, not the freedom of action of 1&2 particularly in front.

Open Dog (18)

This really was a ‘wow’ class, so full of quality with many outstanding dogs present, but quite a few with flat feet.

1. Knowles’ CH TOKAJI KLASSIC TRICKSTER AT SARAWANA. Tri, his handler didn’t always show him to best advantage, but his overall attributes could not be ignored and on the move with a change of handler he came alive, my notes say spectacular, effortless and with a daisy cutting action. Absolutely typical and very soundly constructed, lovely well proportioned head, dark almond shaped eyes, adequate wrinkle, forward pointing ears. Very balanced, high on the leg compared with body length, square in outline, short back, good spring of rib and depth of brisket, well arched feet and good tailset and curl. Strongly yet elegantly made. Res CC

2. Jarszak’s INT/PL/AL/MK CH/AL GCH POKER FACE OUT OF AFRICA. R/W rich orangey red coat, many of the same comments apply, ideal size, finely boned yet remaining strong and elegant, another with a very pleasing balanced head with a lofty carriage, small neat ears, plenty of wrinkle, correctly angulated with dead level topline, good shelf and tailset with tight double curl, mature in body, plenty of heartroom, standing on well arched neat feet. Really eye catching on the move, liked him enormously and pressed hard in tough competition

3. Pazdzierkiewicz & Pomykala’s PL/HU/SK CH BAHATICCA’S JUNGLE EDITION R/W deep colour, another with a lovely head, quizzical inscrutable expression from dark eyes, profuse wrinkle, though ear set could be a tad higher. Strong yet elegant well arched neck, well filled chest. Super straight front and rear, a bit more angulated than 1 and 2, another who moved with daisy cutting action.

Veteran Bitch (7, 2 Absent)

Several with round eyes in this class.

1. Richardson & Wood’s WOODELLA PURPLE HAZE OVER COOPERLAND. Tri, beautiful head, balanced with a lovely expression from dark eyes, obliquely set, small neat ears well hooded and very feminine. Elegantly and soundly made, square in outline with good length leg, straight forelimbs, well filled chest and good spring of rib, strong bone and well arched feet. Another who doesn’t always make the most of herself standing, single curled tail sometimes slack, another however who comes alive on the move with easy free flowing action and straight and true coming and going. Best Veteran.

2. Nagel’s INT CH MSUMARI’S DAYO YOUNOUE. R/W, preferred head, ears, eye and expression of 1, a little round in eye, well crested neck. Standing presents a very pleasing outline, moderate angulation, good shoulders, level topline, the best tail set and curl in this class, straight front and rear, free moving with drive and reach.

3. Nagel’s CH MSUMARI’S BAYOULI. R/W correctly made, another visitor with profuse wrinkle and a balanced appealing head, good topline, strong bone and well arched feet, a little down on her pasterns, another not making the most of herself standing, also sometimes slack with her tail, but overall quality.

Puppy Bitch (1)

1. Casentieri’s ALCHEZ GUAVA NICE DAY. Tri, leggy, feminine with a very appealing head, well proportioned, good ear set and wrinkle, dark almond shaped eyes. Straight fore and hindquarters and correctly angulated all through. Presents a square outline, well balanced, sort back, good shelf and high tail set with good single curl. Tight well arched feet. Moves very smoothly, effortlessly and truly. A bit apprehensive on the table, but so much to like, with maturity should go far. Alone but deserved Best Puppy.

Junior Bitch (4)

1. Pazdzierkiewicz & Nowak’s BAHATICCA’S STEAL THE SKY. Tri, real quality, beautiful head and expression, dark obliquely set eyes, ears could be smaller, but construction wise so correctly and elegantly made, moderate angulation, straight front and rear. Well laid shoulders, level topline, good shelf and tail set, strong fine bone and well arched feet, very well presented in shining black coat, moves effortlessly and freely, strong contender for top honours.

2. Casentieri’s ALCHEZ KOKO KOLA. B/W very nice type, a pleasure to go over, so soundly constructed with balanced angles, poised and alert, square in outline, finely boned. Balanced well shaped head with high set forward pointing ears, well crested neck, straight front, well filled chest, short back, high tailset and good shelf with strong hindquarters and neat feet. Moves as soundly as she is constructed, truly and freely.

3. Carless’ JENBASI STARGAZER. Brindle, older type, well shaped head with pleasing expression and good wrinkle, ear set could be higher, not as balanced as 1&2 and handler not getting the best of out her, good bone and feet, finely made, a little high in the rear

Post Graduate Bitch (9, 1 Absent)

Outstanding quality in the first four, all of whom I felt were worthy of titles.

1. Kozma Borbe & Baranyi’s TRANSYLVANIAN BLACK DIAMOND CHAMILA. R/W, what a find, beautifully handled and presented, absolutely exquisite head with plenty of wrinkle, strong neck of good length, well crested and set into well laid shoulders, perfectly level topline and high tail set, double curl, with excellent shelf behind. Moderately angulated with excellent leg length and strong well arched feet, finely built with that gazelle like grace, poised and alert, very similar in outline to the CC winner. Moves absolutely truly carrying legs well forward with easy stride. So glad she made the long journey from Hungary, I am sure we will be seeing more of her. Res CC

2. BAHATICCA’S STEAL THE SKY. Tri, another beautiful example, presenting a square outline and so strongly and correctly made, balanced all through with correct angulation and dead straight front and rear. Deep brisket and well filled chest, level topline another who pressed hard, just thought her ears could be smaller and preferred the neck and shoulder angulation of 1. Moves with a swift swinging gait.

3. Pawelski’s ZAWADI CONGO ATLANTA. Tri, another excellent example, giving her handler a hard time and not making the most of herself standing, but a beautiful well proportioned head with excellent wrinkle, good front and rear angulation, well balanced all through and presenting a balanced outline. Good depth of chest and spring of rib, exudes Basenji. Moves effortlessly and truly.

Limit Bitch (13, 1 Absent)

1. Casentieri’s ZVEZDNY ALLIANCE GENIE IN A BOTTLE. Brindle, very typy and strongly yet finely made, caught the eye immediately for her overall make, shape and elegance, though a little long in loin. Beautiful well proportioned head with plenty of wrinkle, small hooded ears and well shaped dark eyes, good length of neck full at the throat and crested, very good front construction, deep brisket and well sprung ribs, level topline and good shelf with high set tail. Could do with a little more weight, but floated on the move and carrying legs straight forward.

2. Jardine’s TADROSE NORTH STAR. R/W, not quite the poise and elegance of 1, but anther with a really beautiful head, forward pointing small ears and good skull to muzzle ratio, with dark almond shaped eyes and far seeing expression. Excellent forechest, though another a little long in loin. Good tailset with tight curl and reach behind, correct moderate angulation, strong bone with the very best of feet, well arched and tight, moves soundly and effortlessly carrying a level topline.

3. Baker’s SILVERBRIAR SAFIYA. R/W pleasing square outline with a dead level topline, scored over 1&2 in loin, not quite the shelf behind though high tail set. Lovely head with good eye and wrinkle, strong bone and feet, elegant with moderate angulation front and rear. Moved soundly straight and true. Overall very good quality.

Open Bitch (12)

Another ‘wow’ class, so much quality.

1. Dunsdon’s CH MAWALI FOUR GET ME NOT. R/W, what a consummate show girl, expertly and sympathetically handled, she fits the standard in every respect. Preferred her head qualities and wrinkle to 2, small forward pointing ears well set, well proportioned skull and muzzle, almond shaped eyes giving far seeing expression, well arched neck, straight front and rear and correctly angulated all through, short back, level topline and correct tail set with excellent shelf behind and tail tightly curled, well arched neat feet, Strong bone yet elegant and feminine, moves so smoothly and effortlessly in profile and perfectly straight and true coming and going. What a beauty, I can see why she has done so much winning. CC

2. Knowles’ CH BUSHWACKER DRAGON TATTOO AT SARAWANA JW. R/W Expertly handled and presented, her profile movement was just breathtaking. Perfectly square in outline, very well constructed, another ultra feminine yet strongly made, good spring of rib and deep brisket, very good feet, straight front and rear, level topline with good tail set and shelf behind. Just felt she lacked a little wrinkle, though she has a very good expression from dark obliquely set eyes, head and muzzle very well proportioned.

3. Nash’s CH TOKAJI MOON OVER MIAMI WITH MUTOKO JW. Tri, just felt she wasn’t giving of her best today, roaching her topline slightly, but one I have greatly admired. Most lovely feminine head with dark eyes obliquely set, enough wrinkle, neat ears, good length of neck, set into well laid shoulders. Square in outline, very well balanced and proportioned all through, straight front and rear, good leg length and excellent tight feet. Equally well balanced on the move, with a long stride and daisy cutting action, .