• Show Date: 09/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Karen Anderson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Border Collie Club

Breed: Border Collie

Southern Border Collie Club 9th April 2023

Dogs – Judge Karen Anderson

Thank you to the committee for my invitation to judge the dogs at their Championship show. Huge thanks to my stewards Christina and Hilary for their excellent support in keeping the ring moving.

Overall I was pleased with the exhibits. There are still a few dogs who lacked the desired front construction (quite a few short in upper arm and incorrect shoulder placement). This then showed on the move and takes away the desired movement of the Border Collie. I was also disappointed in how many dirty teeth there were across the classes. On the positive side, temperaments were excellent throughout and I was really pleased to see some exciting youngsters for the future.

Minor Puppy 3/1abs

1st Eyes of the World Vanilla Twist (ATC BA5777773BEL) 7 month b/w. Lovely youngster. Has a pleasing shape to him and lovely expression. Head coming together well with good length of muzzle and back skull. Nice front construction with enough upper arm. Chest still to develop fully but good space between legs. Rear of enough angulation to stifle. Perfect body length and well off for bone. A lovely mover keeping a tidy topline and good extension at the front. In good coat of correct texture. RPD

2nd Caleykiz St Elmos Fire

8 month B/W – Again a nice youngster. Sadly I couldn’t see the best of him on the move as he didn’t like the ring. Nice head proportions for age. Good eye shape and colour and ears used well on occasion and nicely set. Clean overall shape to body and balanced angulation. Correct textured cost of good length. Well off for bone. On the move he did have a nice stride and even gait on the moments he settled.

Puppy Dog 3/0abs

1st – Jupavia Divine Dream 10 month B/W. A very promising youngster growing in the right direction. His overall shape was good from every angle. Head proportions where I’d expect them to be for his age. Good set of ear, used well. Very responsive to handler. Desired length of neck. Good front construction, lay of shoulder and upper arm. Still needs to broaden in chest. Nice spring of rib and level topline. Rear angles with enough turn of stifle and shorter hock. Lovely length of stride on the move, nothing exaggerated. Pleased to award him BPD and watch him go on to win Best Puppy in Show. A bright future.

2nd Shemella Moon River. 11 month B/W. Another pleasing youngster. Head in balance and of nice shape. Brown oval eye giving a nice expression. Correct ear set but a little heavy in ear at the moment. Nice front angles, a touch steep in shoulder, but should grow through. Even length of back and clean angles front and rear. Coat of nice texture and thickness. Moving presents well, not quite the reach of my first and a little close behind.

3rd – Jupavia Phoenix Fire

Junior Dog 2/0abs

1st – Arrodare Family Tradition. 12 month B/W. Well what a little star this youngster was and for me on the day the cleanest mover of the entire entry. Not the biggest dog but everything is there in proportion with nothing exaggerated in body or on the move. Well shaped head of lovely proportions which will only get better as he matures. Oval dark eye and such a lovely expression. Clean bite. His angulations were all there and balanced front and behind. Nice length of rib with slight tuck up. Low set tail which touched the floor. Clean tight feet. Coat was of lovely texture and length. He moved so well in one with his handler, in every direction with a perfect footfall and reach. He can only get better and I couldn’t deny him the RCC. I will watch him with interest and sure he will have a successful show career.

2nd Nashdom Eyes on you. 15 month B/W. A nice youngster. A touch long in body at the moment looking at him from the side. Head of nice proportions. Oval eye and alert expression. Good reach of neck. Found him a touch steep in shoulder and would like a bit more upper arm. Coat of nice texture. Rear angulations were ok. Found him at this stage a touch narrow throughout, which showed on the move running close behind. In side profile he didn’t have the reach of my winner and short stepped slightly at the front.

Yearling Dog 4/0abs

1st Simmmovon Shockwave at Tambuzi JW 22 months B/W Larger male with good bone. He has a nice shape about him. Head of nice proportions. I wouldn’t want it any stronger. Brown oval eye. Ears well covered and of good shape and set. Pleasing expression. Appealing body shape with good depth of chest. Good length of upper arm and correct lay of shoulder. Rear in balance with enough turn of stifle. Strong hock. Presented in good coat which had the right texture. On the move he was clean in all directions with minimum lift and striding with good reach.

2nd Eye of the World U took my heart. 23 months. B/W. Honest boy with a lovely expression. Head is good in ratio to muzzle. Just needs to finish broadening in skull. Ears of good shape and used well. Good length of neck. Front would like a bit more upper arm but nice lay of shoulder. Correct length of back and enough spring of rib. Nice angulations to rear and well muscled. Tight oval feet. He had a nice movement in side profile and reaches out well. Just found him a touch narrow watching him move away.

3rd Germal Moet Ice Imperial at Darkquest

Novice Dog 5/1bs 1w/d

1st Arrodare Family Tradition. As above. Winner of Junior.

2nd Altricia Lucky Boy. 2 year old. Nice shape to this boy on first impressions. Head of pleasing proportions. A touch short in muzzle and needs to strengthen in stop. Front construction ok. Just a touch short in upper arm Clear chest with plenty of width. Overall, balanced in shape with a good length of back and moderate spring or rib. Enough rear angulations, touch long in hock. On the move, topline a bit bouncy but clean paces coming and going. In good coat throughout of nice texture.

3rd Tecklebridge Code Breaker

Post Graduate Dog 3/1bs

1st Tambuzi Stryke of Fate 2 year b/w Dog of good substance and bone. Head of correct proportions and not overdone. Ears set well and used to good effect. Clean front construction. Straight when viewed from front with enough chest. Needs to broaden out a touch. Clean neck with good lay of shoulder, enough length of back. Well muscled rear with enough angulation on short strong hock. Coat of clean and correct texture. Moves slightly narrow at the front when coming towards you, but lovely side gait and clean rear movement.

2nd Foxbarton Royal Prince. 5 years B/S. Head of nice proportions. Eyes of good colour and shape with. Ears set and used well. Good pigment throughout and clean bite. Overall angulation is nice, but slightly long in body and touch long in loin. Ok for coat. Had nice paces but could do with more drive from the rear and extension out front.

Limit Dog 6 0/ab

1st Miraje King of the North with Roseley (AI) 2 ½ B/W. All male. Head of a pleasing shape. Dark oval eye, medium ears used well. Good shape of skull in balance with muzzle. Strong medium neck onto good lay of shoulder. Front assembly has good angulation and plenty of breadth to chest. Nicely shaped body with enough spring of rib. Rear angulations were sound and well off for bone throughout. Presented in good coat of nice texture, enough undercoat. Just a bit weak on hock when standing and on the move.

2nd Laceway Don’t Stop me Now. Larger male but all in proportion. Really nice head shape and expression with enough stop. Ears of acceptable size and used well. Generous neck onto good shoulder lines. Plenty of upper arm onto slightly sloping pasterns. Enough length of back with good spring of rib. Rear angulations in balance with front and well let down hock. Enough bone Tail of good length. Presented in decent coat with correct texture. On the move, covered the ground well. Just needs to tighten up slightly at the rear but keeps a good topline round the ring.

3rd Arrodare An Emotion Away

Open Dog 9/0abs

1st AUS CH Wynnlake A Drop in the Ocean (AI) (IMP AUS) 3 year B/W presented in excellent coat. Very pleasing shape from all angles. Strong head with broadness of skull and enough stop. Brown, oval eye. Ears of good shape and size. Strong neck. Good front and rear construction with good depth of chest. Strong back onto good slope of croup. Well off for bone throughout and well muscled rear. Moved nicely with minimum lift, a touch narrow in rear. Has a lovely side gait.

2nd SH CH Fayken Truth or Dare with Arrodare JW Another pleasing male. On the smaller scale, but beautifully in proportion and well made. Nicely balanced head with good strength of stop. Enough width to skull. Ears of nice size and shape and used well to give a lovely focussed expression. Plenty of neck onto enough lay of shoulder. Front has plenty of upper arm and breathing space to chest. Rear in balance with good turn of stifle and short hock. Sits on tight oval feet. Tail of good length. Coat of correct texture with enough length. Moved well around the ring, extended well in side profile and neat coming and going.

3rd Arrodare True Legend

Open Members Dog

1st Moshanta May Contain Nuts JW ShCEx OSW. 4 year B/W. Really liked this male. Nothing overdone about him and built for the job he’s meant to do. Lovely shape to him and everything is balanced. Nice head shape with enough stop, all male but not too strong. Enough padding to muzzle. Ears of good shape set correctly. Used well to give good focus and a lovely expression. His front construction is near perfect with enough lay of shoulder, ample upper arm onto strong pastern. He possesses an excellent topline, with enough spring of rib. His rear construction is strong, well muscled with excellent angulation onto a strong hock. Tail set low. Presented in lovely condition, his coat having the correct length and texture without being excessive. On the move he showed that border collie movement I desire. Head down reaching out well and good drive from rear. Keeping a good topline all the way round the ring. Pleased to award him his first CC and I’m sure his others will follow. DCC

2nd Fayken I am Legacy. 4 year B/W. Another good male. Liked his head which has good shape. Muzzle equal to skull. Brown eye of correct shape. Ears of medium size which again he used well to give a lovely expression. His overall shape is appealing from all angles. Another with good front construction with enough upper arm and good depth of chest. He is lovely to go over. Strong back, correct length and slope to croup. Tail set on low. His rear has good muscling and has enough bone throughout. Shown in good coat. He moved well in all directions. Just not quite as tidy in rear as my winner.

3rd SH CH Master of Illusion JW

Special Open Working Dog 3/1bs

1st Germal Moet Ice Imperial at Darkquest. 21 months. 3rd in the Yearling class. An honest male. Head of nice shape and balanced muzzle length to skull. Dark Brown eye. Ears ok. He has a good reach of neck. Shoulder slightly steep but enough upper arm. Enough depth and width of chest. His overall shape is pleasing. Correct length of back and good spring of rib. He has enough rear angulation to keep him balanced on the moved. Coat has good texture with enough undercoat. Moves well. Tail set a touch high which shows on the move.

2nd Shemella Dark Star. 10 Years old. Nicely made boy. His head is ok. Touch long in muzzle and would prefer a stronger stop. Brown eye of correct shape. Ears of nice shape and set and used well. Enough neck. His front is ok although found him slightly upright in shoulder. Nice body shape with enough spring of rib and level topline. His rear had enough stifle angulation and length of hock with adequate bone throughout. Good muscling for his tender 10 years. On the move, he was a little erratic and a bit fond of flying his tail but once settled had nice paces.

Veteran Dog 4/0ab

1st Nashdom Putting on the Ritz (AI) 7 year B/W. Nice male of shape and size. Masculine head of nice proportions. Clean bite. Dark brown oval eye. Clean ears used well to give a focussed expression. His front and rear are well made. Chest of good depth to elbow, pasterns slightly sloping onto tight oval feet. Touch long in body but balanced throughout with enough angulation to rear. Strong bone throughout. Coat of good texture with correct undercoat. Clean, steady mover in all directions. BVD

2nd Brytess Achilles. 7 years. Good all round male. Masculine head of good proportions. Brown, oval eye and ears set correctly. He has a lovely expression to him and very attentive to his handler. Strong, medium neck onto good lay of shoulder. Parallel when viewed from the front. He has a good overview shape to him from every angle. Ok for coat. Clean paces from each direction but lost out to 1st as didn’t extend quite as well on the move.

3rd – Shemella Dark Star