• Show Date: 11/11/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Justine Waldron Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/12/2023

Lowchen (Little Lion Dog) Club

Breed: Lowchen (Little Lion Dog)

Special Awards Classes

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge the special awards classes at this show and thank you to the exhibitors for their entries and acceptance of my placings.

Special Junior (3,0) 1 Richardsons Hollingsclose Style Just 6 months old but this puppy looks to be full of promise and character. Good head with strong muzzle and well defined stop. Lovely dark eyes set correctly. Good length of neck leading nicely into well laid back shoulder with nice amount of bone to legs. Good length of back with well sprung ribs. Matching hindquarters he moved out well with good parallel movement. 2 Morgan-Stanleys Golbourne Izzadorable This 17-month old lady had a super character displaying typical Lowchen style. Lovely proportions viewed from the side with a super head and dark eyes with good pigment. Correct bite. Correct lay back of shoulder with level topline and well sprung ribs. Correct set of tail. Moved out well. Coat as expected at this age just needs time to settle. 3 Pascoes Cleeview Livin The Dream

Special Limit (7, 3) 1 Morgan-Stanleys Golbourne Oh So Posh Very striking male just over a year old with personality plus. Super head and correct bite with good head proportions and strong muzzle. Well set ears of good length. Well balanced fore and aft with good muscle. Moved around the ring like he owned it – and he did! 2 Mills & Gobsill’s Hollinsclose All of Me for Clanscot Two-year-old feminine girl, another displaying the happy, lively character so typical of a Lowchen. Good head with correct proportions and kind eye with good pigment. Good layback of shoulder leading to level topline and well muscled rear. Moved out well. 3 Sproul & Coburn’s Bigglesmere Its Just a Silly Fase at Rishkhan (ai)

Special Open (7,1) 1 Pascoes Jadechar Parti Princess Lovely feminine girl with a lovely typical expression coming from correct head proportions with dark eye and correctly set ears. Well laid back shoulders with good bone. Level topline with length coming from her well sprung ribs. Nicely angulated rear with good turn of stifle. Moved out well. 2 Parringtons Melcia Iolanthe Another lovely girl with much to like about her. Lovely head with kind eye and well set ears. Level topline with good spring of rib and correct body proportions. Moved out well. Presented in lovely condition with correct coat. 3 Marron’s Charles Noblesa Aura (Imp Cze)

Justine Waldron (Judge)