• Show Date: 26/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Julie Sparrow Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 04/10/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Toy Group

Driffield Championship Show

Toy group

Judge: Mrs Julie Sparrow

I would like to thank the officers and committee of Driifield Championship Show for the invitation to judge the Toy Group. This group is a unique opportunity to dress to impress, and it is always lovely to see the committee in full evening attire. With the new date in August we were greeted with sunshine, the set out of the show was great with the in out rings and credit to the committee everything ran smoothly.

After my initial assessment of the dogs sent through I was a little surprised that a number of exhibits that were sent through from breeds today that had good entries with quality entries in them, that there were dogs with very poor dentition sent through to the group, I am not a mouth fanatic but when dentition is now a breed watch area for a number of breeds including breeds within the toy group, I can understand an odd missing tooth as an exhibit gets older but to find exhibits with dirty and tartared teeth especially in young exhibits was very disappointing.

Having judged and won groups at championship show level for over 20 years, I have always made sure that keeping dogs teeth clean is as important as presentation and movement. This has been drilled into me by the greats of the dog world from Joe Braddon, Terry Nethercott, Bob Flavell, Ben Raven. I cannot explain how disappointing it was today to judge dogs that have won top honours in the last few months with poor dentition.

I shortlisted the following for further consideration the Affenpinscher - Ch DATIRO UNFORGIBBON AT INGERDORM , the Bichon Frise - US Ch & Ch Holdsway Lion King (Imp) , Smooth Coat Chihuahua - Diamonchi Button Moon For Moltobello , Chinese Crested - Ch Habiba Hold My Purse, Cotton De Tulear - Cukoton Shot In The Dark, English Toy Terrier - Witchstone Trouble Brewing at Peopleton, Griffon - Ch Donzeata Royal Attraction, King Charles Spaniel - Ch Baldragon Fame Game at Ricksbury JW, Maltese - Ch Delcost Centrefold Pomeranian

Group One today was the surperb CHINESE CRESTED - Bitch - Ch Habiba Hold My Purse , having judged the beautiful bitch earlier this summer, she brought her A game, she epitomises the breed standard in all areas, she is put in the ring in excellent condition she has a beautiful head and expression, lovely neck, good body and nice chest she moves so soundly and today out shown everyone on the move around the ring, her attitude to showing is second to none and she is so lively and outgoing and never put a foot wrong, for me she so loves a big ring to show off in, a once in a life time dog,

Group Two was the Maltese bitch WELBOURN, Miss N & GILLIES, Mrs C R - Ch Delcost Centrefold , again one have I have judged previously. Today she was presented immaculately, she has the most beautiful head and expression with a lovely dark eye, good pigment, she has a lovely body and correct depth of chest, level topline presented to perfection, she covered the ground keeping a lovely outline at all times

Group three ENGLISH TOY TERRIER (BLACK & TAN) - Bitch FRANCIS & BLATCHFORD, Mr & Miss JW & W & LEONARD, - Witchstone Trouble Brewing at Peopleton another I judged last year, this young bitch is so typical of the breed, she has a lovely head correct candle flame ears, nice straight front, correct topline with a nice curve from shoulders to loin, a nice rear, lovely small dainty feet, on the move she has such a lovely profile with a good extended trot that one requires in the breed.

Group Four - CHIHUAHUA (SMOOTH COAT) - Dog: Mrs S Hunt - Diamonchi Button Moon For Moltobello – A really smart red male who is of the correct size, he never stopped showing, he has a lovely apple dome with correctly placed ears, with a nice eye, he has a nice neck with correct shoulders good straight front, he has a lovely body good tailset and carriage, he moved true both coming and going.