• Show Date: 29/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Julie Moyes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Sealyham Terrier

Windsor Championship Show 2023

Sealyham Terriers

SBD/B (1,1a)

VD/B (2) 1st. Lewis’s Nomis Naughty Boy. Lovely presented D. Good head, domed skull, strong foreface & good bite. Arched neck, good shoulders & plenty of chest. Strong rear quarters. Enough coat of good texture. Moved well. BV.

2nd. Trezise-Dundas Cibach Carys at Firstwish. 12yrs. Loved her feminine head & expression, moderate angulation both fore & rear. Level topline. Moving well. Correct for size.

PD (1) 1st. Oulton & Fourie’s Whooperhill Sandman. Smart well-presented tan marked P. Good head with strong muzzle & good bite. Deep chest, good neck & shoulders, topline kept on the move, good rear. Super coat of good texture. RCC &BP

JD (1) 1st. Challenger’s Rowanrae Dream Come True. His make & shape presents a good outline a smart tan marked D. Good driving movement, showing his pads as he went, as expected from the well-constructed rear quarters.

PGD (2, 1a) 1st. Curtis’s Jolihem Lene Joe Badger. Heavily marked masculine headed D. Good topline, I would like better rear angulation, good coat texture which was well presented. Moved ok.

LD No Entries

OD (2, 1a) Bell’s Ch. Zippor Sleepy Sapphireson At Letara. Strong masculine tan marked head with domed skull, dark eye strong muzzle & good bite. Arched neck, good shoulders, level topline, well ribbed up in very good body condition. Well presented coat of good texture. Looked bored in this class alone but perked up with company in the challenge to take the CC.

GCD/B (1) 1st. Westbrook & Westbrook’s Magembay Mulan. Sweet feminine head with strong muzzle. She is of good shape but is hidden under excess coat particularly on the front legs which makes her look wide in front. She is not! The coat however is of good texture, keep at it, you will have fun with her.

PB (1) 1st. Moakes & Moakes Whooperhill Sleepinbeauty of Jomoaka. Attractive lovely headed B feminine expression, super neck & shouders, level topline, good length to body in super condition. Beautifully presented & handled, moved well. Should have a bright future.

JB No Entries

PGB (3) 1st. Smith’s Grevenia Higwen Amber Queen. Such a character really on her toes! Liked her overall shape. Lovely neck & topline good. Coat texture good very well presented.

2nd. Trezise-Dundas’s Firstwish Ara. Preferred this B’s head properties at 7yrs giving the youngsters a run for their money. Moving well and shown in good coat.

3rd. Westbrook & Westbrook’s Magembay Mulan

LB (2) 1st. Courtenay-Warren & Krykunivsky’s Bullbrit Shady Lady of Nunneley. Good head, neck & topline, correct length of body, good front & rear angulation. Sparse jacket. Wish she was smaller.

2nd. Curtis’s Kenaiteen Cascade. Better for size than 1 but preferred 1’s head properties. This one is shorter coupled but also shorter in neck. Coat rather curly.

OB (5,3a) 1st. Sacco’s Saore One Step Beyond. Pure Quality! Gorgeous feminine headpiece, lovely neck leading into well placed shoulders, deep chest, straight legs, level topline good rear giving powerful propulsion on the move which she does as one with her handler. Not a hair out of place on this beautifully presented B. Pleased to see her qualities recognised in the group. CC & BOB

2nd. Oulton & Fourie’s Am Grand Ch Am Ch Whooperhill American Celebration. Liked her shape & size, beautifully coated B. Good head & strong muzzle, good length of neck & topline held on the move. Good forequarters but would like more angulation in rear. Lacks substance behind the tail. Put on a good show to gain the RCC.

Julie Moyes Judge