• Show Date: 29/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Julie Moyes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Windsor Championship Show 2023

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers

SBD/D (1) 1st. Farquharson’s Manawyddan Song For Ireland. Good masculine head, neat ears and good bite. Dark eye and rim. Good neck and shoulder, good topline nice length of back. Good body condition. Well presented. Moved and showed well. BSB

VD/B (2) 1st. Sharne &Williams’s Flaxela Living Legend of Gwendonydd. Sound moving D. up to size. Very good body condition. Good head, neck and lovely sloping shoulders. Level topline. Strong rear. Well presented. BV.

2nd. Lui’s Thistlebe Them There Eyes at EblanaHalls Sh.CM ShC My type of shape and outline, so well balanced she is so feminine. Loved her. Lost out on movement today.

PD No Entries

JD (1) 1st. Farquharson’s Manawyddan Song For Ireland

PGD No Entries

LD (3) 1st. Hookway’s Denzilly Golden Compass. Beautifully coated D of lovely colour. Flat skull, Strong muzzle good bite. Good forequarters, good ribs and topline, driving movement from his well angled rear.

2nd. Balchin & Balchin’s Bridestones Red Cinnabar. Good head with strong jaw and good bite. Slightly longer cast than 1 and not so tidy in movement today.

3rd. Herbert & Herbert’s Saffini Smooth Operator At Julibidd

OD (4) 1st. Satherley & Satherley’s Silkcroft Shake It Off. Loved his outline elegant but still masculine. Deep chest, arched neck flowed neatly on to well-placed shoulders, level topline, correct length of loin, very good rear angulation. Handsome expression when you look into his soft eyes, lovely head planes. Wet ground was not to his liking, but we found the best ground in the ring and he showed me his best movement. CC. his 3rd I have since been told.

2nd. Clarke & Clarke’s Ch. Flaxela Perfect Storm. Well balanced beautifully coated D. Super masculine head, good neck and shoulders, topline and powerful rear. Moved well.

3rd. Satherley & Satherley’s Ch. Silkcroft Game Changer

GCD/B (2) 1st. Charleton’s House of Softy Indus. (Imp SWE) Good head, lovely big black nose, dark hazel eye. Good neck, deep chest, topline and tail set correct angulation. Lovely colour to coat falling in loose curls, happy chap shown in great condition. Sound free movement gained him the Res CC.

2nd.Balchin & Balchin’s Bridestones Red Cinnabar

PB (2) 1st. Lui’s EblanaHalls Kiss Curl. 2 adorable pups. She presents a beautiful outline due to her correct confirmation, couple that with a gorgeous coloured and soft coat she really catches the eye. Moves effortlessly covering the ground with style. She has my heart! BP RCC

2nd. Satherley & Satherley’s Silkcroft Fortune and Glory. This girl can move! One of the best today. I loved her head & expression, length of neck could be longer to give a better flow into shoulders. Good topline, length of body, and good angulation. Shown to perfection.

JB(4) 1st. Lui’s EblanaHalls Kiss Curl

2nd. Tilley’s Brynhir Born To Boogie At Starzak JW Stylish B. Pretty wavy coat coming through. Good head, neck & shoulder. Topline held on the move. Liked her for size. Moved & showing well.

3rd. Hughlock & Hughlock’s Keevasdream Ballerina Blue

PGB (2) 1st. Thoburn’s 1st. Northridge Hold Your Horses. Good headed B with feminine expression, good neck & shoulders, relatively shorter coupled than 2. Good rear quarters moved & showed well. Lovely champagne coloured wavy coat. I liked her character!

2nd. Munn’s Snowmeadow Treacle Toffee. A free moving B slightly smaller package but longer cast in body. Lovely head with soft expression. Pale coat colour falling in soft waves. Not helping her handler today.

LB (5,2a) 1st. Barrett & Barrett’s Saffini The Sweetest Taboo. Correct for size. Good head shape, correctly assembled front quarters, level topline & lovely rear angulation. Pretty coat of good clear colour. Moved positively.

2nd. Thoburn’s Northridge Galway Girl. Larger B. Good head & expression. Lovely bodyline. Attractive coat of lovely texture & colour.

3rd. Wright’s Abbeymead Capelli D’Angelo

OB (9,1a) 1st. Satherley & Satherley’s Silkcroft Wildest Dreams JW. Lovely class. Beautiful, Elegant, well-balanced B. Moved with ease over this sticky uneven ground. Lovely head of good length strong muzzle & good bite kind dark eye. Super neck leading smoothly into well laid shoulders, level topline & good rear angulation. Coat like silk falling in soft waves. CC & BOB

2nd. Satherley & Satherley’s Ch. Silkcroft Never Miss A Beat. As a judge I am blessed to have dogs of this quality. Very similar points apply but I do prefer the outline of 1.

3rd. Charleton’s House Of Softy Indi JaneyJimjams

Julie Moyes Judge.