• Show Date: 18/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Judy Wakker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Siberian Husky

DCC 2692 - Icynights Feeling Good at Kedalita (Mr D, Miss R V & Mr C Tapper & Leyland)

RDCC 2679 - Ch Hushwing Wezztlee with Keriquel (Mr R & Mrs S Sargent)

BCC 2685 - Ch Joy Av Vargevass at Polarquest (Imp Nor) (Miss A Shelford)

RBCC 2630 - Podricals Dream Baby (Miss L Casola)

BOB 2685 - Ch Joy Av Vargevass at Polarquest (Imp Nor) (Miss A Shelford)

BP 2670 - Keriquel Heart and Soul (Ms J D Platt)

BV 2685 - Ch Joy Av Vargevass at Polarquest (Imp Nor) (Miss A Shelford)

Thank you to the Border Union committee for inviting me to judge Siberians at this lovely show. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my time in the ring and feel very lucky to have had so many examples of my beautiful breed to judge. I take my judging very seriously as, in my opinion, everyone that judges Siberians has a huge responsibility placed on them to ensure we maintain a breed in the UK that is fit for function. These canine athletes were bred by the Chukchi as long distance sled dogs. As judges, even though we all interpret the breed standard subjectively, we should always have their origins and function front and centre in our minds when we are given the privilege of assessing our beautiful breed. Thank you therefore to everyone that took the time to enter under me. My stewards were fantastic and helped the day run smoothly with no hiccups, so a big shout out to them both.

I found the quality of exhibits to be encouragingly high, especially in males, the standard of which has tended to be lower than females in recent years. Just a few general comments however. The layout of the show and the large ring made this a very interesting show to judge at. Correct movement is paramount to our breed if they are to be able to do what they are bred for but so often the small ring size at shows can hide incorrect movement. There was no hiding poor movement in this ring. Sadly, I found a number of dogs that I have admired from the ringside surprisingly moving close behind in the large ring. I was also surprised at the weakness of a number of hocks. Weak, cow hocks are not going to survive long distances run in severe conditions. A number of bitches had short necks that spoil their balance and side profile. Finally, we need to watch the straightness of shoulders as obviously the poorer the front angulation, the lesser the reach. Some otherwise standard fitting exhibits were lacking the correct lay back of their shoulders.

Several exhibits were out of coat but unless they were up against a dog of an equal standard this made no difference to my placings. Temperaments were friendly and outgoing, no teeth problems and presentation and handling was generally of a high quality.

I was delighted with my final two line ups, making both challenges very enjoyable and ‘challenging’. The green cards could easily have gone to most dogs in the line ups as they typified ‘fit for function’ sled dogs.

MPD (0,0)

PD (2, 0)

1. Shelford’s Polarquest Queens Company

What a cracking 9 month g/w puppy, still very raw as to be expected of a Siberian at this age. Lovely head with correct ears, shape and set of eyes. Good neck leading to excellent front angulation. Super body and excellent rear angulation. Very balanced with lovely proportions and correct bone. This young boy came into his own on the move, easily one of the very best movers on the day. He will take time to mature and then there will be no stopping him. Masses of potential and I am sure he will follow in the ‘paw steps’ of his mum, the BOB winner.

2. Johnson’s Atlanticbreeze Bailey by Lupinemoon (ai) (IKC)

G/w 10 month of different type to 1. Good head with alert and friendly expression. Balanced construction, although I prefer slightly longer leg length and more turn of stifle which would increase reach and drive. Very well presented and handled.

JD (1,0)

1. Beirne’s Arctictreks Moroccan Moon

Lovely 1 year old g/w pied with an excellent handsome head. Good shoulders and strong topline. Correct proportions giving a pleasing side profile. Needs to tighten up in the rear but this will come. One to watch as he slowly matures as a very nice boy.

YD (1,0)

1. Houston’s Inukshuk Silaluk O' The Sea (Mrs A & Mr R Houston)

I really liked this 2 year old g/w youngster. Pleasing head with soft brown obliquely set eyes giving a cheeky expression. His flowing movement around the big ring was a demonstration of his great construction. Everything is in proportion. He pushed hard in the challenge and should go on to win top honours as he matures.

ND (1,0)

1. Johnson’s Atlanticbreeze Bailey by Lupinemoon (ai) (IKC)

As 2nd in PD.

GD (2,2)

PGD (5,0)

1. Hannam’s Charoite Wyatt

Super example of a standard fitting sled dog, 2 year old g/w. Still very raw but everything to like. Handsome head and good ears when he decided to use them. Excellent forequarters, well laid back shoulders and upper arm angles. Medium boned, well proportioned body with level top line on the move. Excellent hindquarters. Very well muscled. The big ring allowed him to show off his smooth free flowing movement that comes from such good construction.

2. Foard’s Bifrost Addler's Theory

Another super example of the breed, a striking b/w 3 year old that I loved last time I judged. He has matured physically since then but is still very young in nature, having fun with his handler. Great head with a real mischievous expression. Very well angulated and much the same general comments as for the class winner and could easily swap places on another day. Really nice boy.

3. Carmichael’s Podricals The Gambler by Glenbranter

Quality youngster who will surely shine in a couple of years.

LD (9,0)

This was probably the most difficult class of the day with some excellent dogs going cardless. After the worryingly poor quality of males over the last few years it was lovely to be really challenged by this class.

1. Tapper and Leyland’s Icynights Feeling Good at Kedalita

My critique of this white three year old last time I judged started ‘Wow, a stunning white boy in amazing hard condition’ and ended ‘Pushed hard in the challenge and his day will come no doubt’. Well there was no doubt this was his day. Super masculine head, with correct almond shaped eyes and ears ok when he chose to use them. Excellent angulation front and back with good depth and width of chest, great shoulders and level topline held firm on the move. Strong hind quarters and well muscled all round. Everything in correct proportion. The excellent construction unsurprisingly leads to fabulous movement, coming and going and in side profile. Presented in top condition and totally at one with his handler. Thoroughly deserved the DCC in a top quality challenge. DCC.

2. Cooper’s Trailhunters Polar Breeze for Janskcoo

Two year old white boy that made the DCC and RCC pull out all the stops to deny him a green card. Beautiful head with a cheeky and friendly expression. Excellent construction all round giving flowing, effortless movement with strong reach and drive, and along with the class winner, easily out moved the rest of a strong class. He was called in to challenge for the RCC but was a little unsure without his usual handler today. Absolutely no doubt he will win plenty of green cards in his show career as he is such a fabulous example of our breed.

3. Anderson’s Azgard Cohiba to Uriakin

Out of coat today but a very good dog thoroughly deserving his place in this tough class.

OD (10,2)

1. Sargent’s Ch Hushwing Wezztlee with Keriquel

Classic 6 year old b/w male with a side profile that jumps out at you from the centre of the ring. Handsome head with correct shape and set eyes and ears, giving a friendly and mischievous expression. Correct length of neck leading to excellent angulation front and back. Correct depth and width of chest, well proportioned throughout. Excellent side, out and back movement with firm level topline. In solid condition, beautifully presented and giving the picture of a ‘breed standard’ fitting Siberian that we should all aspire to. RCC.

2. Leich and Koops’ Forstal's Inola

Another 6 year old b/w standard fitting Siberian with a super head giving a real foxy expression. Great shoulders and upper arm angulation, correct depth of chest and strong rear construction. Well proportioned throughout. Excels on the move with that smooth and effortless reach and drive. As always with this kennel shown in excellent well muscled condition. Very much a top drawer Siberian who was in contention for the green cards.

3. Foard’s Bifrost Addler's Theory

VD (2,0)

1. Houston’s Rajarani Dominique

G/w 8 year old of super classic type. Handsome head with correct eyes and ears giving a gentle, friendly expression. Correct length of neck, good shoulders, straight and strong topline and correct hindquarters with balanced proportions. Good feet and pasterns. Lovely effortless movement, losing out in the tough challenge because sadly out of coat.

2. Patrick’s Ch Tom Bombadil of Poliarine Arktika at Coldasice

R/w 9 year old of different type to 1. Pleasing head with soft almond shape eyes and nice shaped well furred ears. More compact and heavier boned than my main winners and I would prefer more leg length. Moved soundly around the big ring and as always with this kennel well presented and handled.

MPB (2,0)

1. Harris and Lea’s Aloustair's Snowdrift

Delightful g/w baby, just 6 months old at her first show. She caught my eye when she entered the ring and didn’t disappoint. Good feminine head with correct ears and oblique set eyes giving a lovely foxy appearance. Balanced front and rear construction and moved well for her age. Plenty of potential and one I will watch with interest. Well done to her handler for her first time in a show ring.

2. Patrick’s Siberiadrift White Winter

G/w 8 month old of different type to 1 and heavier in bone. Another with a sweet feminine head and plenty of mischief in her eyes. Mature for her age and moved soundly around the ring. In good coat and very well presented and handled.

PB (8,1)

1. Platt’s Keriquel Heart and Soul. A true fit for function youngster, 11 months old g/w. Very feminine head with beautiful soft eyes and super erect every set on high. Classic foxy appearance. Growing up well balanced with great angulation, strong level topline, correct depth of chest and length of leg proportions. Super outline. Moved with ease making the most of the big ring to show her reach and drive and soundness out and back. Presented and handled to perfection showing off this great young girl. Could easily have won a green card, just losing out on maturity in the tough challenge. Good luck with her showing and working career, I am sure she will achieve great success in both. BP.

2. Wynne’s Coldfeet’s New Beginnings at Mydisa

Pretty 10 month b/w. Very raw youngster who will take time to mature. Very pretty head and good length of neck. Smaller in build to 1 but very similar in construction, particularly in the front. She needs to tighten in the rear but I am sure that will come. Very promising.

3. Harris and Lea’s Aloustair's Snowdrift

JB (3,0)

1. Cunningham’s Siberiadrift Daring Minx from Icebex

B/w bi eyed 11 month old with fantastic build all round. Being picky, I would prefer a slightly more feminine head but her construction and movement easily won her the class. Lovely proportions, good angulation, strong topline. In beautiful coat and condition.

2. Donaldson-Buist’s Aloustair's Ghost Chilli

Agouti 18 month old girl. Still very immature as to be expected in our breed. Balanced angulation and good body to leg length proportions. Moved well in side profile but needs to tighten up coming and going as she matures. Promising youngster.

3. Snelson’s Sakino's Envy at Ashtrax

YB (0,0)

NB (2,2)

GB (3,2)

1. Snelson’s Sakino's Envy at Ashtrax

B/w puppy, just under 12 months old, shown in beautiful coat and condition. Feminine head, super mischievous expression. Correct medium length of neck leading to good shoulders and upper arm. Body still to mature all over and as with some of the other youngsters, she needs to tighten in the rear movement but I am sure this will come.

PGB (4,0)

1. Casola’s Podricals Dream Baby (Miss L Casola)

I really loved this 2 year old g/w pretty girl. She caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. So feminine in the head with a lovely soft but keen expression. Built for business with super shoulders, strong level topline and correct, well angulated hind quarters. Lovely proportions all round. Correct oval feet and strong slightly sloping pasterns. Very easy movement with great reach and drive, and sound coming and going. Very well presented as always by this kennel and well handled. Everything to like about her in the class and in the challenge she easily held her own to win a deserved RCC. Well done. RCC.

2. Hannam’s Charoite Sundance

This g/w 2 year old pushed 1 all the way in this class. Very well muscled in super hard condition. Much of the above applies and my final choice came down to the slightly more feminine head of 1. She is very much fit for function and a super example of the breed who I hope will go on to win green cards as she matures.

3. Bowering and Evans’ Penkhalas Keona

Very pretty young lady.

LB (10,3)

1. Anderson’s Azgard Pinkster to Uriakin

Very pretty agouti 7 year old girl with a lovely friendly nature. Feminine head with good almond eyes and correctly set and well shaped ears. Medium arched neck, well laid back shoulders and strong top line. Excellent rear angulation to match the front giving a super side profile with great proportions. Good feet and pasterns. Just holding on to her coat, giving her the push over 2nd, who was completely naked. Such easy free flowing movement from the side and out and back. Very well handled. Clearly began to feel the heat in the challenge which sadly lost her a green card in such tough opposition.

2. Platt’s Wightflight Einich

This three year old b/w simply powers around the ring. Finer all round than 1 but very much in the same excellent category. Another classic feminine foxy head with almond shaped bi eyes and good ears. Superb front and rear construction with a super side profile. Her movement is effortless but to use the old cliché, she could run all day. Very much a fit for function example of the breed that we should all aspire to. Lost out to one on coat but I am sure she will become a champion in the not too distant future.

3. Jones’ Icynights Devils Mist (Ms S Jones)

Another excellent Siberian unlucky to meet 1 and 2 in such good form on the day.

OB (8,1)

1. Shelford’s Ch Joy Av Vargevass at Polarquest (Imp Nor)

There was no stopping this gorgeous 8 year old g/w on the day. As soon as she walked in the ring she demanded to win the CC and BOB. She is very feminine yet totally fit for function, meeting the breed standard in every way and just oozing class. Stunning head with lovely almond shape eyes with that keen friendly expression the standard looks for. Good ears, well arched medium length neck leading to excellent front construction. Straight and strong level topline with super proportions of size, shape, bone and weight. Excellent strong hindquarters. Excelled in movement, making it look so easy. Totally sound out and back. In great coat, well presented in hard muscle and well handled. My notes say ‘text book all round, a real canine athlete’. I was very proud to watch her represent our breed in the Group as my BOB winner. BCC, BOB, BV.

2. Jones’ Shaytaan's Upyours at Icynights (Imp Can)

So unlucky to meet the winner in such amazing form. 6 year old g/w bitch, super feminine head with a friendly, mischievous look in her eyes. Smaller in size than 1, but perfect bone and proportions, especially length to height. As with the class winner, her movement is her absolute forte. In the challenge she seemed a little unsettled and not really enjoying her day out. I really hope her day for big green cards will come soon.

3. Sargent’s Keriquel Rose Royale

Super fit for function siberian.

VB (9,3)

1. Jones’ Shaytaan's Devil's Dust at Icynights (Imp Can)

7 year old, g/w that is the near perfect picture of a Siberian. Super head, especially when she uses her ears! Stunning outline, with great shoulders, well angulated and super proportions throughout. Excels in movement and looking the best I have ever seen her in the ring – she has finally matured. She is a real credit to her breeders and owners. Thank you for bringing her and please keep showing her, she easily deserves to win green cards.

2. Seward’s Forstal's Crystal with Elleonia JW

Cracking g/w 9 year with the best of feminine heads. Lovely side profile with great angulation and excellent proportions throughout. Another who moved effortlessly around the large ring, using it to demonstrate how the correct construction of a Siberian leads to the correct movement.

3. McInnes’ Ch Hushwing Happy Feet at Inneska JW

Top quality bitch.