• Show Date: 14/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Judith Rand Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/09/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Gordon Setter

Bournemouth Ch Show.

14th August 2023





JD(4) 1. Fudge, Fieldberry Secret Weapon At Rufusmoor. Stood out in this class for his balanced outline. His head was well proportioned, masculine but not overdone, dark eye colour and low ear set. Neck of good length, level topline and tailset. Nice forechest, ribs well sprung with depth and length, good bone throughout. Correct front and rear angulation, moved out and covered the ground well.

2. McCarthy, Hernwood Wizard of Oz. Another nice young dog, not as together as first at this stage. Typical head, clean neck, level topline, well constructed throughout with adequate angulation fore and aft. Today I just preferred the movement of my first placing.

3. Marsh, Kilnrae Black Hawk.

PGD(6) 1. Morgan, Caradilis Sky Rocket JW. Still a youngster in terms of maturity at present. Well shaped head and nice eye colour, adequate length of neck, level topline.

Well developed forehand and rear angulation, depth of rib, good flat bone, short hocks. Moved out well. 2. Britton, Graylacier Classic Design. Heavier and a slightly more rugged looking type than first. Under his profuse coat, his front is good, well ribbed back, would prefer a slightly stronger topline. Moved well. 3. Hernwood Boston High Flyer

LD(5) 1. Ellington, Benbuie Thornbird of Finnsfolk. Liked his size, well balanced, masculine dog with a very nice head shape. Good reach of neck and enough forechest, level topline into good tailset, strong well angulated rear with nice width of thigh. Today he moved out enthusiastically and covered the ground well. Enough for me to award him the RDCC. 2. Mitchell, Cafotaliena Theif of Hearts by Brobruick JW. Another that appeals for size, very mature for his age. Head with correct proportions, dark eye giving soft expression. Neck flowing into good lay of shoulders, very good front angulation and strong backend. Depth of brisket and well sprung ribs. His movement today was not as positive as I would have liked. 3. Sandiford & Mazzeo, Hernwood Christmas Prince.

OD(5) 1. Sandiford & Lewis, Sh Ch Hernwood Neptune Sea. This dog stands out for breed type and quality. I loved his movement, head up and so proud, you can’t stop looking at him. He has a gorgeous head, dark expressive eyes, with low set ears. Strong arched neck, lovely lay of shoulders followed by a superb topline. He has ample forechest, good spring of rib giving enough room for his vital organs. Good bone throughout, correct forehand with a well angulated, strong muscled rear. He owns the ring with his faultless movement. From head to toe presented in excellent condition. I was more than happy to award this dog the DCC and later, after challenging his litter sister, the BOB. Well done. 2. Glenmaurangi Storm Trooper JW. 

Another very nice example of the breed, unfortunate to meet the first in such fine form. Well shaped head with a soft expression showing no coarseness, clean neck into well placed shoulders. Adequate front, nice spring of rib with good length, level topline, well angulated rear quarters. Splitting hairs on movement, I felt that one was more animated today. 3. Harker, Sh Ch Hernwood Achilles at Ettrick JW.


SBD/B(4:1a) 1. McCarthey, Hernwood Wizard of Oz. Second in JD. 2. Henderson, When I Was Your Man Black Lofty (Shcex ImpPol). Mature dog, shade strong in head for me. Neck of good length, reasonably well angulated fore and aft, level topline. Moving away was slightly untidy. 3. O’Kelly & Hancock, Caradilis Little Sparkler.


MPB(1) 1. Frost, Lainnireach Born To Be A Star. Very sweet 8 month old pup, very raw still and obviously has lots of developing to do. She has a pretty head and expression with nice dark eyes. Reasonable angulation fore and aft at this stage, moved well. BP.

PB(1) Same as MPB.

JB(2) 1. Sandiford, Hernwood Love Potion. Very nice bitch with lots to like about her. Pleasing head with a kind expression and a dark eye. Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders, excellent forechest with depth all through. Level topline with lovely angulation front and rear, moved out well, she didn’t want to cooperate with her handler today. 2. Passmore, Beechlake The Poet In My Heart. Smaller bitch than first. Pretty head and expression, adequate length of neck, front angulation was reasonable. I felt she was shorter in body length, this was emphasised by a fall off over her croup, which unfortunately showed up in her rear movement, making it rather untidy. 

PGB(6:1a) 1. Horns, Ordett Love Me Do At Keaswood JW. Well balanced bitch of good type, kind head with dark eyes, head has a lot of work in it but is still feminine. Nice front, good bone, long neck and good lay of shoulder blades. Spring of rib with depth, would prefer a slightly shorter loin, level topline which was also evident as she moved effortlessly around ring, with nice tail action. Very well off with coat, which is in good condition, tan markings were a nice colour. She didn’t put a foot wrong today, I was happy to award her the RBCC. 2. Sandiford & Jarvis, Hernwood Lunar’s Gin. Another nice bitch, with lots to like. Feminine well shaped head, good eye colour, neck of good length. Nicely angulated, level topline and moved well. Today I thought she would benefit from losing a little weight. 3. O’Kelly & Hancock, Caradilis Sparks Will Fly JW.

LB(5:1a) 1. Hardy, Cottonstones Evergreen With Cafotaliena. Young bitch with a clean balanced outline. Feminine head, nicely shaped skull, expressive dark eyes, neck of good length. Showed equal angulation fore and aft, level topline, nice width of thigh with good muscle tone. Little more coat would complete her picture, but what she has is of good quality, with good colour tan markings. 2. Warren, Benbuie Quantum of Solace. Larger bitch with substance but also still maintaining femininity. Pleasing head, arched neck into good lay of shoulder, nice front, depth and spring to ribs, another with muscular hindquarters. Moved well. 3. Hernwood Gin Fizz.

OB(3:1a) 1. Sh Ch Hernwood Aphrodite JW. It’s a few years since I last judged this bitch, I liked her then, but she’s certainly come along way since then. Loved this girls style and ring presence, with an air of just look at me about her. Her outline when stacked was very pleasing. Her head is well shaped, with a typical expression and dark eye, enough stop, low set ears. Long arched neck into well laid shoulders, good front with depth all through, lovely spring of rib with length, with the right amount of bone for a bitch. Her topline was level and continued over her croup with a nice tailset, this showed in her effortless movement. She was in in super condition, both in body and coat, all spot on. I was delighted to award this lovely bitch the BCC. 2. Ball, Kilnrae Black Sapphire With Marshmoor. Younger bitch unfortunately transferred into this class. Not a very big girl, she has a pretty well shaped head, reasonable body outline with adequate front and rear angles. Going away movement was loose, and needs to strengthen.

Judith Rand