• Show Date: 23/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: John McInnes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Siberian Husky Club Of Great Britain

Breed: Siberian Husky



I would like to thank SHCGB for the invitation to judge my breed at this show, it was an honour. I appreciated all exhibitors, taking the time and effort to enter this show. It was an enjoyable day , and well run by the show team, chief steward and stewards.

VB (14-1 abs)

1st Seward's Forstal's Crystal With Elleonia JW

Youthful veteran at 9 Yrs old. Scores well for height to length, depth of rib, tail set and carried nicely on the move, short hocks and sloping pasterns. Well handled and moved covering the ground sound and effortlessly. BCC, BVB, Referee awarded BIS then went BVIS.

2nd March and Smith's Trailhunters Kalisibella

Again lovely outline, feminine head, nicely put together, went well side gate and out and back well handled.

3rd Shaw's Norste Gazelle

Oldest girl in the class but didn't show it. Still powering light footed around the ring .Sweet head and well handled again with young handler

MPB (8)

1st Cunningham's Siberiadrift Daring Minx From Icebex

Good looking outline, short hocks, feminine head, moderate

neck, well handled and she settled on movement quickly. Sound out and back and confident, she also won next class taking it in her stride BPB, BPIS, in agreement with co judge.

2nd Fletcher's Siberiadrift Blue Lagoon at Whitepeak

Nice head and alert expression. Overall banced outline at this age, just not so settled on out and back as 1

 3rd Biddlecombe's Tsaritsas Koenisegg

Another lovely outline, pretty head, she took a little longer to settle. Promising young girl.

PB (14 - 1 abs)

1st Cunningham's Siberiadrift Daring Minx From Icebex


2nd Emery's Sakino's Epic Sass To Navajos

Feminine foxy head, eyes and ears correct, sloping pasterns and short hocks. Side gait was nice on the move out and back. She took a bit of time, but did settled.

3rd Sargent's Keriquel Wicked Game

Pretty girl, nice in profile balanced pleasing overall appearance. Unsettled on the move but caught flashes.

JB (10 -2 abs )

1st Tapper & Leyland's Ceannabeinnes Chenariva to Kedalita

Feminine head, eyes and ears good, nice proportions and short hocks. Liked height to length and overall balance. Well handled and in good condition light footed movement, nice topline, tail set and carriage.

2nd Cunningham's Siberiadrift Daring Minx From Icebex


3rd Wakker's Ceannabeinne's Fast Eddi

Pleasing shape, height to length nice profile standing, sweet head correct pattern little unsettled on the out and back and lovely side gait .

YB (9 - 1 abs)

1st Spowart's Wulfenite Pippin

She took my eye as soon as she moved around with everyone. Strong level topline, good feet and pasterns, lovely feminine head, moved sound and steady and side gait and out and back.

2nd Simmons' Forstal's Jetska at Aurorasdream

Feminine head, correct eyes and ears scored good for movement. Overall balance and height to length and liked her profile standing.

3rd Emery's Alepenkye Makita Kite over Navajos

Nice, correct head pattern and good ear set, well balanced, another good outline standing and nice movement when she settled .

PGB (22 -5 abs )

1st Foard's Bifrost Caper Too

This was a good class. Another who caught my eye quickly, when first moving all together, light footed effortless, strong topline. Feminine head scored well for her height to length and overall shape, strong pasterns and short hocks. Another of the three pushing for RCC. Judged her before, also a 1st in PGB .

2nd Spowart's Apple-11 (IMP SWE)

Pretty feminine head corect eye and moderate neck. I liked her height to length proportions, nice profile,

depth of chest, just lost out on the out and back movement.

3rd Leich, Leich, & koops Forstal's Olla

Pretty feminine head, correct pattern, lovely movement, with level topline, short hocks.

I was pleased with placings nice class.

LB (21-4 abs)

1st Harts Penkhalas My Evaline from Zawkkast

Quality bitch, lovely overall balance and shape.

Feminine head correct for ears and good eye shape, scored on movement effortless gait level topline, well handled, good front and rear angulation, strong pasterns, correct tailset and carriage with a pleasing profile when standing I was happy to award RBCC.

2nd Jones' Icynights Devils Mist

Feminine head, nicely put together body, sound and strong

movement, level topline and short hocks.

Nice sidegait movement.

3rd Platt's Wightflight Einich

Good front and rear angulation, feminine head moderate neck, short hocks moved well, nice tail set and carriage.

OB (17-1 abs )

1st Brown's Zarchenski Taboo Zilp at Pocketsibes

Correct for overall balance and profile.

Nice strong pasterns, short hocks, correct feet, feminine head, nice looking profile, strong topline, sound movement and side gait and out and back.

2nd Hushwing Buttercup of Sura

A quality bitch scores well for height to length proportions, good depth of chest, effortless movement in all directions although still a youngster at 6.

3rd Seward's Elleonia Hear Me Now

Sound bitch, well put together with good angulation front and rear, short hocks, level topline and strong mover.

Champion (4)

1st CH Janskcoo's Fortitude JW

Femine head, good eye shape, correct ears and mature body. Short hocks, correct pasterns, good condition, moved well effortlessly.

 2nd Jones' CH IcynightsDevils Desire

Again quality bitch, attractive feminine, correct head pattern, good front and rear angles and short hocks. Strong topline held on the move.

3rd March & Smith's CH Janskcoo Echoes in Eternity

Litter sister to 1st place, good for height to length, strong pasterns, correct feet and lovely side gait.