• Show Date: 30/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: John Goodwin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Northern King Charles Spaniel Club

Breed: King Charles Spaniel


My thanks to the Committee for inviting me to judge at our championship show. It was a great honour to judge at this well attended show which had a super atmosphere around the ring. I was delighted with my entry of 70 dogs making 97 entries, the biggest Charlie entry post-Covid. I am grateful to exhibitors for supporting this historic club and especially those who travelled long distances. My thanks to my super steward, Mike Rowley.

I was looking for a compact toy spaniel with a kind expression, well cushioned face with rise of skull combined with good temperament and soundness. I have to say that I had to make many compromises: I thought overall the quality of King Charles Spaniel in the ring, if what I had before me is typical of the breed today, has deteriorated since I last judged in 2018. I realise that the 2020 lockdowns will impaired the ability to socialise youngsters but I was disappointed by the number of exhibits of all ages who did not want to be handled on the table. Also a number of typical exhibits were badly let down by poor handling. Thankfully, there were some quality exhibits in the higher classes and I was pleased with my principal winners, especially my exceptional Best In Show, who was a complete revelation and delight.

VD (4,1) All 3 in this class were very lacking in body. 1. Tonner’s Headra’s Inspiration At Halbinsel. Well presented Tri of 7 years. Adequate dome and cushioning, in full coat with good bone. Won on movement. 2. Hunter’s Maynorth Shades Of Heaven At Hooebarton. A well known rich ruby belying his 10 years. Nice rise of skull, with dark eye and pigment. Good bone. 3. Bailey’s Aldoricka Smokey Robinson. MPD (4,1) A difficult class of awkward youngsters. 1. Smith’s Justacharma Just Magical 8m Blenheim. Very full bodied for his age and I wouldn’t want him to grow on. His head is immature at this stage and needs to develop in cushioning and foreface but he has an adequate dome. Well boned with a good outline. Not at all happy on the table today but moved OK. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW on maturity over the bitch. 2. Dunford’s Headra’s Bruce. 7m, very smart, well presented, heavily marked tricolour with gleaming coat and nice bone. Promising, just needs time and ring practice. 3. Skelton’s Elfindor Spellbinder. PD (0). JD (5,1) 1. Baker and Kendall’s Headra’s Jim Bean. Delightful B&T of 17m. Small and compact. Good head with dark eyes, good cushioning and kind expression. Arched neck leading into well laid back shoulders. Gleaming coat with bright tans. Lacking a little in body at this age but moved very stylishly and correctly. Should do well. 2. Bowles-Robinson’s Tom Des Trois Mailletts Baldragon (IMP FRA). Blenheim coming up 13m of very nice type, size and shape. Just lacking a little in cushioning under the eyes at this age but this could develop. Would prefer a darker eye. Nice bone, body and coat. Moving with a good topline but a bit out at elbow today. 3. Smith’s Justacharma So Magic JW. YD (3) 1. Mochrie’s Downsbank Indian Ink, B&T of 23m, nice head with good cushioning under the eyes, well coated with good tans, good size and shape but needs more body over the loin. Best mover in this class being true in front and behind. 2. Abbott’s Helmajon Rhapsody In Blue. Tri in a larger frame and not as compact as 1. Lacks cushioning under the eyes, which should be developing at this age. 3. Abbott’s Helmajon Sibelius. ND (5). Tom Des Trois M B (from Junior). 2. H Sibelius. Well marked Blenheim. OK head, bone and proportions. Needs schooling. 3. Boyer’s Ellinghurst Hocuz Pocuz. GD (4) 1. Rushton’s Tiflin We All Love Jack 4.5 year old Tri of lovely type. Small and compact toy spaniel, nice head and dark eye, well coated, presented and handled, though would prefer a little more body. Moved steadily with style. 2. Hunter’s Hooebarton Shades Of Joy. 2.5 years old B&T with a gleaming coat and bright tans. Not the head properties of 1 and in a bigger frame but of nice type nonetheless. Well coated and moved OK holding a good topline. 3. H Rhapsody in B. PGD (3,2) 1. Kendall’s Cofton Tap Dance. 2.5 years, lightly marked Tri of lovely type, size and shape. Good head with good rise of skull and good cushioning under the eye. Good shoulders. He was a bit out of coat today, which made him appear immature in the challenge. LD (7,2) 1. Nemeth and Schemel’s Bentwood Angelico Primo, mature 3 year old of substance in full coat. Best head, having a decent rise of skull for a Blenheim and full dome with good cushioning under the eyes. Nicely marked with good bone and body. Well presented and handled. Moved accurately out and back with a level topline. 2. Byer’s Simannie Giovanni Bach. 3 year old Tri, nicely marked and presented. He has a correct head but was showing the whites of his eyes, appearing anxious. Good bone and body. Moved correctly. 3. Maddison’s Justacharma Northern Magic. OD (4,1) This is where my heart missed a beat. 1. Tuesley and Swaine’s Am Ch Marsward My Masterpiece (ATC USA). Never did I imagine that I would find a new Ruby male in front of me of such exceptional quality. I have not been able to get him out of my head since. My notes say “glamourous and gorgeous”. 5 year old Ruby dog of substance and oozing type. He has a super rise of skull, dome and full cushioning. All male, handsome face with melting, dark eyes and pigment and gentle expression. Arched neck leading into well laid shoulders, great ribs, short loin, well bodied and in glorious rich ruby coat. He was full of himself but moved out and back accurately, handled really well. He was my dream dog and had no hesitation in awarding him his first CC in the UK. I understand that he will be around for some time and I am confident that he will gain his UK title with ease. What a boost for the breed. DCC AND BEST IN SHOW. 2. Bowles-Robinson’s Rus Ch Descartes Ot Nevskogo (Imp RUS). Mature alpha male Tri. Handsome, big head with good dome and cushioning. Well marked and in full coat with good bone, but rather heavy in body today and not co-operating with his handler at all or giving his best. 3. Boyer’s Ellinghurst Bat Out Of Hell. SPECIAL OPEN B&T/RUBY 1. M My Masterpiece 2. A Smokey Robinson 11 year old B&T, 3rd placed in VD. In full but rather dry coat and lacking body. Unlucky to meet 1. SPECIAL OPEN BLENHEIM/TRICOLOUR (10, 3) A lovely class. 1. Bowles-Robinson’s Ch Baldragon Shoots He Scores Well known 2 year old Tri. Mature head, with good rise of skull, dome and cushioning. Great bone, well ribbed body and in full coat. Excellent mover, being stylish, steady and accurate front and back. RDCC AND RESERVE BEST IN SHOW. 2. Schilizzi & Healy-Gates’ Ch Chacombe Albert. 5 year old, well marked Tri of lovely type with clear tans. Not quite the foreface of 1. Well bodied and in full coat. Moved accurately front and rear. 3. Smith’s Ch Justacharma Magic Goes On. Quality tri in a smaller frame. Sweet head, correctly marked. Moved close in front and behind today. VB (4,1) 1. Willey and Siddle’s Ch Penemma Misty For Me JW. Well known Blenheim of 9.5 years. Sweet head with good dome and dark pigment. Nice bone and substance, in full, clean coat and sparkling condition for her age. Stylish mover, though toeing in a bit in front today. Well deserved BEST VETERAN IN SHOW. 2. Potter’s Toyswood Counting stars. 7 year old Tri. Similar qualities to 1. Nice rise of skull and good cushioning under the eyes. Well ribbed, short coupled body, in full coat. Moved OK. 3. Hunter’s Tovarich Thomasina At Hooebarton. MPB (2) 1. Greenfield’s Romana Kalina Vlastilin. I believe this bitch is imported though not showing in the catalogue. Very small B&T with rich tans putting on a good performance at I understand her first show at just 6 months old. Sweet head but very raw at this stage. Coat flat and silky, just needs more time and to grow on. Sympathetically handled, good luck with her. 2. Skelton’s Elfindor Enchantress 7m Blenheim in a much larger frame and well up to size. Well marked coat. I would prefer more cushioning under the eyes. PB (0). JB (1) 1. Bailey’s Aldoricka Victoria almost 15m Tri with an exquisite head with a high rise to the skull, very striking. Nice size and markings but very raw in body for her age. She was difficult to assess on the move and needs schooling. YB (2) Two 19m litter sisters. 1. Abbott’s Helmajon Clara’s Romance, Blenheim nice head, correct markings but very immature for her age and rather unschooled. Difficult to assess on the table and on the move but she went better with a swap of handler. She has promise but she needs a lot more body. 2. Abbott’s Helmajon Smyth’s Cadenza Tri. Same remarks apply, though she is finer than her sister all through and has a very mismarked head which detracts. Movement was very erratic. NB (5, 1) 1. Bowles-Robinson’s Baldragon Forever Unique. Nothing fine about this 2 year old b, being very well bodied and solidly built with good ribs and bone and a correct cobby and square frame. Good head and rise of skull with good cushioning under the eyes. She moved well. 2. Boyer’s Ellinghurst Skye Fall. 3.5 year old lightly marked Tri of good shape and size. Lovely type with good coat and presentation. She was a bit anxious and not giving her best. Would prefer more width to the muzzle and cushioning under the eyes. 3. A Sweet V. GB (4, 1) 1. B F Unique. Easy winner of this class. 2. H Clara’s Romance. 3. McFarlane’s Gracie Maradeco King (IMP POL). Up to size B&T of 2 years. Today she was completely out of coat making her appear large and rangy. She was not at all happy today on the table nor on the move. Will look better when in coat. PGB (4,2) 1. Boyer’s Ellinghurst In For A Penny. Tri of good shape, bone and proportions. I found her a bit nosey and again I would prefer better width of muzzle and cushioning. Well presented but was very timid on the table moved rather close in front. 2. Greenfield’s Helen Rainbow Geozephina Star. Again I believe she is imported but this is not in the catalogue. Very immature, 2 year old bobtailed Tri of nice body shape but completely out of coat. Sweet head with large, dark eyes. She was very lacking in body and clearly needs more time. LB (3) 1. Byers’ Simannie Maid In Wales. 3 year old Tri, very nice type, having a large head with a good rise of skull from the stop and a full dome over the eyes with low set ears. She has sufficient bone and a nice outline and body shape. She was rather timid on the table and her coat appeared on the turn being somewhat dry. 2. Boyer’s Ellinghurst Kiki Dee. Sweet headed Tri but again would prefer more width of muzzle. Nice shape and proportions, very clean and well presented. I felt she was a bit soft in condition and down on her pasterns on the stand today. 3. Helen R G Star. OB (6) 1. Rix’s Ch Baldragon Fame Game At Ricksbury JW. 2 year old Tri of substance. Good rise of skull and dome with adequate cushioning. In immaculate coat and condition, well marked, well presented and handled. Good bone and shape with a level topline. Moved well. A strong contender in the challenge. 2. Tuesley & Swaine’s Am Ch Marsward Black Magic Woman (ATC USA). Super feminine B&T of 8 years. Sweet head and expression, well domed with beautiful long ear feathering. Small, correct size and shape with bright tans. Well presented but very heavy coat shrouding her legs, which, for my personal taste cosmetically would benefit from some thinning to accentuate her curves and angles. Lively mover, just preferred the rear action of 1 today. 3. Nemeth’s Arrowbien the Sphinx. SPECIAL OPEN B&T/RUBY (3) 1. M Black Magic Woman. 2. Boyer’s Evropa Ot Nevskogo Hobbita (IMP RUS). Solid B&T with a nice body shape and clear tans. Lacking tummy feathers today. Rather timid and reluctant to move today. 3. Gracie M King. SPECIAL OPEN BLENHEIM/TRICOLOUR (7, 2) 1. Bowles-Robinson’s Chacombe Marana Baldragon. Champion though not marked as such in the catalogue. Larger framed Tri. Good head, with a good rise of skull from the stop and good dome over the eyes, though ideally I would prefer a little more width of foreface. In good coat and condition, well marked and moving stylishly. In the challenge just edged the BCC AND BEST OPPOSITE SEX. 2. Tarabad & Whitman’s Baldragon Centre Stage With Khatibi (again a well known champion but not recorded as such in the catalogue). A superbly pretty Tri with bright tans in a smaller frame than 1. Exquisite head and expression. Good bone and cobby body for her small size. She moved well with vigour but was not happy standing on the table nor on the floor, playing up for her handler. However, when called in for the challenge for RCC she pulled her act together just enough to clinch the RESERVE BCC. 3. Boyer’s Ellinghurst Miss Saigon.

BRACE (5) 1. Boyer’s very well matched tricolours E Kiki Dee and E Miss Saigon. Similar in type and shape and moving well as one. 2. Abbott’s Cofton Reach For The Stars and H Smyth’s Cadenza. Moving well together and very similar, though not quite with the showmanship of 1 at the end of a busy day. 3. Tonner’s H Inspiration at H and H Tigger at H. Judge: JOHN GOODWIN (Diggle/Serendel)