• Show Date: 03/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jill Holgate Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/09/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Spaniel (Sussex)

 City Of Birmingham Championship Show 3rd September 2023


Spaniel (Sussex)

Judge: Mrs J Holgate

SBD (1,0) 1st Hawkins Harasteorra Betelgeuse, BSB This young chap made his handler work and took some time to settle. 20 months old and needs to grow into himself yet. Head well developed, clean neck and shoulders. Level topline and well developed rear quarters.

PD (4,1) 1st Davey’s Eald Bull Eagle, Very typey youngster who I’m sure has a promising future. Balanced outline. Very pleasing head, strong neck onto clean well placed shoulders. Good bone, level topline both standing and on the move. Hind quarters well developed. Best Puppy. 2nd Arrell’s Eald Stone Calf With Heaphen, Close up to one. Correct length of rib cage, deep in the chest, again a level back when seen from all sides. Good neck and shoulders. Moved OK. 3rd Gasher’s Bakerscroft Bosbury Pippin

JD (4,2) 1st Davey’s Eald Bull Eagle, Best Junior. 2nd Hipgrave’s Lord Of The Glittering Caves, Just into the Junior Class and still has some maturing to do. However all over a well constructed young dog. Pleasing in the head and eye. Good length to body ratio and carried himself well on the move.

PGD (3,0) 1st Bradbury & Preston’s Harasteorra Big Bear JW, Very pleasing young dog and certainly worthy of his JW. Excellent head with clean eye of the correct colour. Well off for bone. Ribs well let down and of the correct length. Strong front and rear angulation. Balanced all over with the correct length to height ratio. 2nd Matthews Foxhampton Fits The Bill JW, Chest deep and well developed. Good strong bone and shoulders placed well. Strong over the back with strong loin following through to well developed rear quarters. Pleasing in head and eye. 3rd Hawkins Harasteorra Betelgeuse.

LD (1,0) 1st Swietalski’s Fred Siop Ganol Into Bowswizzler, Stood alone in this class. Slightly higher on the leg than some. Good eye and expression, strong neck into well placed shoulders with good bone. Good rib cage and ribs set well back. Level topline Moved well

OD (7,1)1st Graham’s Sh Ch Eald Dances With Wolves Among Nyliram JW ShCM, What can I say this boy has always caught my eye and today he did not let me down. Excellent head and lovely expression, correct eye and the typical Sussex frown. Clean strong neck, well placed shoulders. Lovely bone. Deep in rib set well back. Strong rear quarters, hocks of the correct length. Moved beautifully around the ring it was a pleasure to award him the CC & BOB. 2nd Mercer & Thomas’s Amur Iz Valley Wins At Stormacre, RCC So unlucky to come up against one, but nothing to detract from his overall quality. Once again a well balanced dog of good type. Strong in the loin and nicely muscled hind quarters. Pleasing head, eye and expression. Deep in chest and well ribbed. Moved well. 3rd Alderson’s Sh Ch Meggamooch Ulysses. Res Beecham’s Crumbledor Albus Dumbledor At Rydonist. VHC Mowbray’s Crumbledor Reubus Hagrid

SBB (1,0) 1st Allen-Line’s Deckham Amber Sunrise 2 year old who just need to settle in the ring which will come with time and experience. Pleasing in the head, good eye colour and clean neck and shoulders. Good quarters, moved OK if a bit unsettled.

VB (2,0) 1st Hipgrave’s Eald Village Gossip, RCC & BV 8 years old but still in top form. Pleasing overall type with typical head, eye colour and of course the lovely frown. Strong and firm topline both standing and on the move. 2nd Alderson’s Sh Ch Meggamooch Tango, Different in type to one but a nicely balanced bitch with good strong quarters. Pleasing in head, strong neck, shoulder well placed. Well muscled which showed in her strong movement.

PB (1,0) 1st Bull & Short’s Bakerscroft Beckley Belle, Took time to settle but moved well when she did. Lovely head and expression, good eye colour. Straight front with strong bone. Clean neck and shoulders. Deep in chest and well developed rib. Nicely angulated rear quarters.

PGB (3,1) 1st Beecham’s Meggamooch Xanadu At Rydonmist, Pretty bitch I would like a bit more of her but she had all the correct proportions. Good length of back to height. Level topline, clean neck and shoulders. Well developed chest and ribs. Strong over the loin. Moved easily around the ring. 2nd Allen-Line’s Deckham Amber Sunrise, Balanced bitch, correct length of back to height. Good quarters front and rear. Pleasing head and expression moved well.

LB (3,0) 1st Alderson’s Meggamooch Winterfell, Three very different girls in this class. Well constructed bitch, Well developed head with the brows frowning. Lovely hazel eye colour. Strong slightly arched neck. Deep in chest with strong loin and well muscled hind quarters. Held her topline well, moving with ease around the ring. 2nd Mercer & Thomas’s Stormacre She Believes In Me, Slightly taller bitch but with good overall balance. Strong neck following through to well placed shoulder and strong forequarters. Level topline both standing and on the move. 3rd Ashcroft’s Varya Velikolepnaya Iz Valley Wins At Torshca (Imp Bir)

OB (4,0) 1st Bradbury & Preston’s Harasteorra Aphrodite, A pleasure to award this girl the CC, her 2nd I understand. True to type. Beautifully balanced, well off for bone. Pleasing in head with good eye colour showing no haw. Ears well set. Strong slightly arched neck flowing through to well place shoulders. Ribs well developed and well back. Strong quarters. Level topline held well on the move. 2nd Bennett’s Sh Ch Sovaroma Soul Searcher Came up against a strong opponenent in one. Another quality bitch with all the right attributes. Enough bone, good quarters and pleasing head. Moved well around the ring. 3rd Bennett’s Sh Ch Sovaroma Clarrie Brown, Res Davey’s Eald Village Urchin

GCB (1,0) 1st Gasher’s Marquell Torshca Bang On, Very feminine bitch. Slightly higher on the leg which just detracted from her overall balance. Head of good proportions, ears well set. Good front and rear angulations