• Show Date: 07/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jill Cross Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Whippet

Boston DCS Championship Show

7th January 2023 

Thanks to Boston DCS for this fabulous appointment and to those entered, the entry was outstanding and full of quality; it is obviously a very closely run competitive breed so can only come down to different breed points and performances on the day to tip that balance. Only one real negative was the lack of a good scissor bite in many of those being shown which really surprised me. It is a hunting sporting breed and this would be an important factor. The final winners had that wonderful combination of muscular power, breed type & elegance & there was definitely more than one well worthy of the top awards. The atmosphere around the ring was amazing and the winners and final placings accepted very well by the most pleasant, polite and charming exhibitors, so my thanks to you all. Finally I must especially thank my two Stewards, Mark & Joyce who were an absolute joy all day.



Minor Puppy Dog (5) 1abs

1st Webber’s Lolani Ride A Wild Trail brindle/white of good size & symmetrical balance, liked his tapered head, finest of rose-shaped ears, neck of strength sitting nicely into his well placed shoulder, straight front, for his age his depth of chest, underline & graceful arch over his loin enhanced his outline very well, angled quarters, pleasing prospect.

2nd Price’s Kierpark Moonlight Shadow among Silkdance, brindle/white trim, similar in size & outline to 1, flat skull tapering off to muzzle, clean jawline, nice overall balance, good front & depth, moving well, just needs to get used to the table.

3rd Searle & Rawlinson’s Reffton Tibalt at Whipsearle (Imp Esp) NAF

Puppy Dog (9) 2 abs

1st Akerboom & Van Der Schaaf’s Showline Signature balanced brindle/white displaying a good curvy outline, refined but strong & elegant throughout, slightly exuberant at times but pulled out all the stops moving with good freedom & holding his topline & outline well. Best Puppy & Hound Puppy Group 3.

2nd Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mitchell’s Crosscop If I Can Dream lovely fawn with white trim, elegance & strength in his tapered head, legs held nicely underneath, good feet, good depth of brisket, gently arched rise over loin, lovely angle to quarters without exaggeration, moving with good reach & use of his construction.

3rd Blenkarn’s Penwincoed Major North

Junior Dog (2)

1st Barnes Doddridge Caught My Eye fawn/white of good size, elegant head, good length of strong neck into well placed shoulder, good width in front, feet oval split into toes, very good depth, nice cut up into loin & topline nicely arched, just moving slightly wide coming and going but good forward reach in profile.

2nd Higginbottom’s Dizzy Bear at Dawnsafon black of completely different shape overall being taller. He was quite refined throughout but displayed a reasonable outline when stacked. Needs to settle and concentrate when moving as he tended to throw his front quite widely and often had an untypical high stepping action.

Yearling Dog (3) 2 abs

1st Wheeler’s Ch Ranveli Diki Diki, nicely sized brindle/white of outstanding quality & condition, flowing outline from good construction with those all important curves defined from his depth, tuck-up & wonderful topline, tail of good length tapering nicely. All of this topped off with the most attractive of heads tapering to muzzle, complete scissor bite, coal black oval eyes. On the move he didn’t put a foot wrong, absolutely sound coming & going, lovely profile action with that daisy cutting forward reach without exaggeration & good use of those strongly muscled hindquarters & well let down hocks. Dog CC & BOB and thrilled that he later took the Hound Group under Tom Johnston and overall Res.BIS under judge Jenny Miller, fantastic result.

Graduate Dog (5) 1 abs

1st Mycroft’s Supeta's Snap Crackle N Pop very elegant fawn, beautifully shaped head, lovely expression & eye shape, tapered muzzle, just the right length of neck, straight front, shoulders sitting nicely, good depth, strong loin, good rear angles, quite muscular, moving soundly, should do well.

2nd Soffe’s Zoraden Macchiato JW red/fawn/white appealed for his, head, slightly fuller in eye than 1, had good balance & strength of outline, good depth of chest & strength through his loin, used his assets well moving, handled to advantage.

3rd Barkas’Citycroft Line of Duty

Post Graduate Dog (7)

1st Barnes Doddridge Silver Jigilo attractive brindle/white, refined head, dark eye, finest of ears, strong neck, good front, ribcage good, nicely arched over loin, strong quarters, would benefit to make more of himself on the move to get that final finish.

2nd Morris & Waddell & McMillan & Irving’s Crosscop My Boy fawn slightly larger all through, lovely refined head & good expression, good length to his neck sitting in nicely to his shoulderline, front held well under him, good curvy underline & strength of loin, angled quarters & strong hocks.

3rd McKenzie’s Aberlark Burning Love

Limit Dog (15) 3 abs

1st Dillon & Bailey’s Collooney Eat My Shorts at Runforest JW shapely & elegant dark brindle headed this strong class, lean & masculine head, dark eye, very alert giving good expression, reachy muscled neckline sitting into his shoulders well, lovely front, depth of brisket & cut up defined, strength of loin good, strong first & second thigh, strength of hock good. Came into his own moving & lived up to his name, classy boy.

2nd Barnes Doddridge Secret Passion slightly smaller and more compact brindle/white displaying good masculine & lean head, dark oval eye, fine ears, good balance to neck & shoulder, straight front, good strong & deep ribcage, muscled over slightly arched loin, angled quarters, tail of good length held well, moving very well in this class with use of those hindlegs propelling him across the ring.

3rd Dargue & Halliday Brochinbelle Wee Dancer with Jalwhipp JW

Open Dog (10) 3 abs

Stunning class of lovely dogs making this such a tough class

1st Perkins Ch Silkridge Just Joey impressive pale brindle with an outstanding outline, lean head, great expression, lovely neck into super shoulderline, front held well under him, best of feet, deep brisket & fantastic body condition, well angled muscled quarters, standing over his ground well displaying power & great elegance. Very free moving hound with forelegs reaching forward easily with good daisy cutting action, super rear movement absolutely true. One to be proud of that’s for sure, Res. Dog CC.

2nd Yeates & Winter & Morland’s Ch Lolani Cafe Amore fawn/white, appealed for his type, balance, condition & movement. Elegant and clearly male, lean head, good eye, particularly liked his shoulder placement, depth & curvy shape, superb tone and moved with lovely reach & drive from behind, completely sound, very worthy Champion.

3rd Fryer’s Ch Collooney Eye Love to Tease at Stonefox

Veteran Dog (4) 1 abs

1st Byron’s Padstian Pip in New York VW fawn/white up to size, had a lovely masculine & lean head, oval eye would prefer slightly darker, stood well over his front, good shoulder placement & return, feet good, lovely depth of brisket, would prefer slightly more cut up, strong loin, nicely angled quarter & strong hocks, moved well enough.

2nd Sharpe’s Tigsisle Make Some Noise fawn/white lean & of similar appearance and overall structure to 1, nicely muscled & displayed a good outline, could have moved with more enthusiasm on the day.

3rd Leathart’s Ringmore Dalrymple

Special Beginners Dog

Entries: 10 Absentees: 0

1st Searle & Rawlinson’s Reffton Tibalt at Whipsearle (Imp Esp) NAF very attractive red/fawn/white, lean head of balance, tapering nicely, fine ears, reachy neck, nicely positioned shoulderline, front of good width & straight good depth, nicely cut up giving a curvy outline, strong over loin & good quarters. Still quite young at 9 months and did well to head this class, Best Special Beginners and later won the Sp. Beg. Group - well done.

2nd Steel’s Tigsisle Time After Time fawn/white of nice size, lovely balanced outline and good overall construction, shown in lovely condition, has appeal on the stack and extending well on the move with sound action.

3rd Byron’s Jasarat Gucci

Good Citizen Dog Scheme (9) 1 abs

1st Byron’s Padstian Pip in New York VW – critique as Veteran

2nd Mulcair Dun and Dusted JW similar in appearance to 1, appeals for her lovely head, good eye & expression, lovely neck & front, good depth and ribbing, strong body, preference for a very fractional more defined arch over loin, quarters good & strong, moved well with reach and precision.

3rd Price’s Kierpark Moonlight Shadow among Silkdance


Minor Puppy Bitch (11) 1 abs

Super class of youngsters.

1st Johnston & Wilson’s Danluke Don't I Know It gorgeous young brindle with the most appealing lean head, eye & alert expression, good balance & strength right through her body, front held well underneath, lovely depth of brisket, very good ribcage & strength of loin, nicely angled quarters without exaggeration, strong hocks used well, moving out very well with good forward reach, absolutely sound, a good prospect.

2nd Rees & Jones Kierpark Ruby Duby Do, brindle/white another cracking youngster, very appealing & has a look about her, a fraction more compact, lovely depth & super topline, well angled, should do well.

3rd Morland’s Zoraden You Are My Universe

Puppy Bitch (13)

Another class with depth of quality

1st Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Truth About Love, feminine clear fawn of great appeal for her flowing clean outline & definition. Her construction is as her outline suggests, all in the right place with no exaggeration, finely developed & very feminine throughout, moving well in this class. Best Puppy Bitch

2nd Sampson’s Dapperdiva Milk and Honey, fawn ultra-feminine & another with appeal, liked her head & expression, neck of strength as was her front, decent depth of brisket, strong loin, gleaming condition, nicely angled quarters, she was slightly more compact than 1, moving soundly and well.

3rd Fryer’s Crosscop Tickled Pink at Stonefox

Junior Bitch (10)

1st Whitehead, Smith & Mixides Citycroft Seattle, fawn with super outline, very feminine lean head of balance, reachy neck well-muscled, nicely laid shoulder, good front, very good ribcage plenty of heartroom, good depth, nicely arched loin of strength sweeping over to her angled quarters, a nice bitch who should do well.

2nd Wheeler’s Ranveli Glowtini, pretty brindle/white, lovely skull shape, fine ears, oval eye, slight stop & strong jaw, length of neck nicely fitting into her shoulderline, very good front & depth of brisket, strong through her body rising over her loin gently, first & second thigh both well-muscled, hocks strong, moving well with good forehand daisy cutting reach.

3rd Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mitchell Crosscop Just A Notion

Yearling Bitch (12)

A really tough class with depth of quality, just a hair’s breadth between them.

1st Akerboom & Van Der Schaaf’s Crème Anglaise's Thistle Be Perfect ultra-feminine

 brindle/white could hardly take my eyes off her. Darkest of oval eyes giving a wonderful expression in her perfectly balanced head, tapering nicely, scissor bite, flowing neckline to well-placed shoulder, straight front to slightly sloping pastern, feet oval, super depth of brisket & ribcage, curvy underline & lovely topline, loin of strength, nicely sloping to hindquarters with strength of 1st & 2nd thigh nicely angled without exaggeration. Impressive on the move with easy steady flowing action, shown & handled to perfection, Bitch CC.

2nd Short’s Collooney Tommy Girl top quality dark brindle, ultra-feminine, beautiful balance to her head set off with the darkest of oval eyes, quite the showgirl & very eye catching with the best of conformation & graceful curvy outline, shown in tip top condition she used all of her assets so well, good forward reach & steady propulsion from her well-muscled rear; top class and so much in my mind for the higher awards.

3rd Newton’s Nevedith El Ite

Graduate Bitch (13) 3 abs

1st Howgate & Hull’s Palmik A Million Dreams, fawn & so similar to her sister in the Puppy class, feminine head tapering nicely, good jawline & scissor bite, neck flowing into her shoulder neatly, good width, straight front, substantial body with good depth, strong over her loin, good tuck up giving a very attractive curvy outline in profile, good angle to quarters, moving with a nice steady flow maintaining her outline, Best Puppy.

2nd Mycroft & Morris & Waddell’s Crosscop True Love, fawn of lovely balance & shapely outline. Feminine & lean in head, good skull & earset, reachy neck to well-placed shoulder & good front, liked her depth & excellent ribcage blending nicely & cut up well, strong loin, finely boned, elegant & stylish.

3rd Tyson’s Pretty Fly Des Plaines Des Bruyeres avec Starceylon (Imp Fra)

Post Graduate Bitch (11) 2 abs

Another strong class

1st Grisoli’s Stonefox Gotta Have Faith at Loroli brindle/white trim was slightly unsettled to start with, feminine with bladed bone, lean head of good even length, expressive eye, slight stop & good fine ears, strong long neck to good shoulder placement, straight front, excellent ribcage & depth rising nicely over her loin which was strong, good quarters. Settled down moving & showed her soundness with easy flowing action.

2nd Owen’s Mollytop Fancy Lady very nice fawn with all the breed essentials, feminine & evenly balanced head, lovely clean & curvy outline, has good strength all through & was strong in her nicely angled quarters, liked her very much just didn’t quite cover as much ground as 1.

3rd Blake’s Silkridge in A Moment at Mazargo

Limit Bitch (15) 1 abs

Stunning class full of quality any of which could and should make their titles.

1st Short’s Collooney The Little Tease, another gorgeous exhibit from this kennel, brindle/white with exquisite head of balance, dark expressive eye, muscular neck of good length blending in so nicely to her perfect shoulderline, best of fronts, good strong pastern to excellent feet, very good depth well sprung ribs & plenty of heartroom, broad well-muscled back rising nicely over her strong loin, stifles well angled & hocks strong and let down. Stands well over her ground & on the move had great freedom & an easy stride. Needs to be handled to be fully appreciated, should gain her crown, Res.CC.

2nd Rees & Jones Kierpark Dancing Queen superb fawn/brindle, feminine & shapely, of good size and balance. Has a lovely skull, good expressive eyes, muzzle of balance tapering, good strong jaw, excellent neck & shoulder, good front, good depth, very strong over loin, quarters well angled & hocks let down nicely. Moving soundly with good action across the ring maintaining her outline in profile; a quality bitch who should also reach the top with no trouble.

3rd Perkins Citycroft Americano with Silkridge

Open Bitch (9) 1 abs

Another class that was so very difficult to separate as the quality was so high.

1st Mycroft’s Ch Supeta's Little Darlin' JW , outstanding pale fawn/brindle, so feminine & strong, fine bladed bone excellent construction throughout, most lovely outline on display loved her quality head & wonderful expression. Moved with ease and precision reaching forward & using her quarters very well, beautiful bitch, another strong contender here today.

2nd Short’s Collooney Bit On The Side JW, more quality from his kennel, feminine brindle of lovely size, make and shape, conditioning was first class as was her outline, made full use of the ring to show off her paces, should have no trouble gaining her title.

3rd Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mycroft Ch Crosscop Let It Shine for Supeta JW OSW

Veteran Bitch (11) 2 abs

1st Lawrence & Woodward Palmik Kandalama Dusk Till Dawn JW ShCEx VW brindle/white, beautiful balance to this bitch, she is of good size, feminine lean head, dark eye with good expression, fine ears, lovely length to her strong neck, clean into shoulder, good front, plenty of heartroom, nicely blended underline, strong loin & good quarters, tail fine & held well. Moved very well with good action forward & rear maintaining her outline, can’t believe she hasn’t already gained a title, Best Veteran.

2nd Williams Tigsisle Fan The Flames fawn/white pretty head, dark eye, lean & slightly smaller in stature than 1, liked her neck & shoulderline, front of good width, feet good, nice depth of brisket, strong over her loin, nicely angled quarters, moved soundly but slightly closer behind.

3rd Longhurst’s Zoraden Carrera at Abbeyhurst

Special Beginners Bitch (15) 1 abs

1st Trouton’s Citycroft Grace Kelly of Runnel JW fawn/white trim, lovely outline on this ultra-feminine bitch, everything flows into place well. When she was stood you could see her lovely arched neck blending in so well to her well placed shoulder with upper arm returning just enough to place her legs underneath, good depth, nicely muscled loin, good quarters, moved confidently maintaining her outline.

2nd Owen’s Mollytop Fancy Lady – critique as 2nd Post Graduate

3rd Maxwell’s Maccus Rosa Gallica Daphne

Jill Cross (Gilari)