• Show Date: 11/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jenny Macro Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Saluki

Crufts 2023,

Saluki: Thank you to every exhibitor who entered their beautiful Salukis under me at this special Crufts. Being the centenary year of the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club, this was a particular honour. Additional thanks go to my super-efficient stewards, who helped the day run smoothly. Overall, the entry was of high quality, and the vast majority were shown in good coat and condition. I noticed less loose front movement and fewer sloping away top lines than the last time I judged, in addition to heads and eyes appearing more typical and to the standard. Attention should be paid to the feet, with a number being on the shorter side. Whilst it's promising to see fewer exhibits overreaching with an exaggerated side action, I felt in some movement was somewhat restricted - lacking the desired effortless appearance – with insufficient drive from the rear and too many moving closely behind. However overall, the entry was really pleasing and, as always, results were as I found the exhibits on the day. I enjoyed and appreciated judging all your beloved salukis.

VD (7 3) A lovely class. 1 Strong’s Lubab Al Kadam Arieb Furat (Imp Nld). Elegant pale red boy. Quality head with large dark, oval eyes and lovely dignified expression, framed by impressively feathered long ears. Of a taller type, he possesses a long, strong, arched neck set into a well-laid forehand. Long straight forelegs with correct bone, good pasterns and feet. Deep brisket and correct spring of rib. Desired moderate slope to hindquarters with ideal bend to stifle, strong first and second thigh & low hocks showing power. Moved very well in all directions with a light balanced, easy action. 2 Schubert’s & Levenskog’s Int, Se, No, Dk, Fi, Dk Lt Ch Sundown Gossip and Champagne A beautiful quality black & silver male I have judged and highly awarded as a young adult. Of moderate size and a fine, slightly longer cast type, very well put together and in lovely bloom. Super refined head, typical dark eye & gentle expression. Good set of his mobile, well-feathered ears, possessing a long neck which ran smoothly into his well-laid forehand. Deep brisket and good sweep to hindquarters. Moved out with style when viewed from the side, with lovely light action showing reach and drive. Would have preferred if he had not been baited when moving back and forth, as whilst it enhanced his super expression, it also resulted in him sidewinding and throwing his front somewhat - which was a shame. 3 Walton Haddon’s Ch Amal Hayati Ohdedar El Azizi Fuadi of Ilsham JW Irish marked gold of quality, who I’ve previously judged and highly awarded. Presented in excellent coat and condition. He too has a lovely typical head and correct eye, with parallel planes and expression furnished with very well-feathered ears. Well-constructed with a correctly laid forehand, deep brisket and strong hindquarters with good width of first and second thigh. Moved soundly fore and aft with drive but would like a little more reach to balance his side action. PD (2) 1 Littlechild’s Ravensett Musarra. A confident black fringed red boy who is up to size. A longer cast type, however, will doubtless look less so once he drops in brisket, strengthens in topline, and generally matures. Typical head with lovely expression, kind oval eye and black pigmentation, needs to refine in skull as he develops. Long neck leads into correctly laid forehand, Correct spring of rib and good cut up. Hip bones visible and set well apart, ideal slope to croup and tail set on correctly. Quite angulated in hindquarters with good width to first and second thigh. On the move he moved with a super light effortless gait, just needing to tighten up a fraction in pastern with maturity. Presented in super condition and muscle tone. A very promising puppy who I happily awarded Best Puppy in Breed. 2 Cole’s Wazifi Alsasha Abda. Another black fringed red of good type. Lovely balanced head and super expression with dark oval eyes and black pigmentation. His neck could be a little longer but is neatly set into a well-laid forehand. He also needs more depth in brisket, although this will come with maturity, but would benefit from a little more length of loin and a more distinct cut-up. Topline does rise over loin but would prefer this to fall away less steeply. Well set long tail. Correct feet. Moves well for a puppy though lacks the lightness and balance of side movement of the dog in 1st. JD (6 1) 1 Dr Postma & Smith’s - Classicus Fuad Up to size quality black fringed red boy with a lovely, friendly disposition. Presented in excellent bloom. Attractive masculine, chiselled head and typical expression, dark pigmentation, good angulation in front, long straight forelegs with ideal flat bone and slope. I would like a bit more length from his well-arched toes to pastern. Well filled in front with good depth and carry back of brisket, and I liked his moderate spring of rib, good rise over loin with pin bones set well apart. Well-angulated hind quarters with lovely width to first and second thigh, plus low hocks. One of his biggest fortes is his lovely light effortless gait, moving soundly when viewed from all directions. Still has much developing to do but has the correct frame to achieve it and do really well. I look forward to seeing him when fully mature. 2 Chippendale’s Flytesfield Hyddwn Black fringed fawn of moderate size. Good head planes with a more refined head than some of the males, lovely large dark oval eye. Typical expression and well-set mobile feathered ears, with excellent pigmentation. His arched set neck flows into a very well-laid forehand. Good feet and pasterns. Shapely with good top and underlines. and very well made, just needs to fill in front and mature generally. Another good light, easy and sound mover viewed from all angles who I will be interested in watching as he matures. 3 Campling’s Classicus Faizan Black fringed rich red with a lot to like. Shown in superb glossy coat and condition, I liked his overall type. Still has a lot of maturing to do, but overall, a promising youngster. Good expression with eyes of a similar colour to coat. Well-set ears and a long strong neck. Well put together throughout with a well-laid forehand and moderately angulated hindquarters. Good rise over loin and slope to croup with a nicely set, long tail. Moved well in front and viewed side on, just a bit close behind. YD (4) 1 Chippendale’s Flytesfield Hyddwn (See 2nd in Junior) 2 Scarth’s Lunar Eclipse Radley Neshama Tova (Imp Isr). Appealing, well-feathered silver grizzle parti-colour. Very attractive head and typical expression with dark well shaped eyes, good head planes and correctly set ears, super pigmentation. Long neck flows into correctly laid shoulders. Good angulation fore and aft with desired front fill-in, flat bone to his straight forelegs. Moderately angulated hindquarters with good width to first and second thigh and low hocks as per standard. Deep brisket but would prefer it carried further back, along with more carry back and spring of rib. Typical feet. Moved well viewed from the side with light balanced action, sound fore and aft though a bit close behind. 3 Kecskes’ Sharwassim Graham (Imp Swe) Silver Grizzle feathered boy with a sweet nature. Beautiful head and large typical eyes and expression. Good pigmentation and correct mobile ear set. Would prefer more return of upper arm and fill-in of chest. On the move, he needs to tighten a bit in front but that was not helped by him being distracted and evidently enjoying his day! Things will improve as he matures into his frame, as well as when he settles in the ring. PGD (10 1) 1 Glaister’s Impala Zia Dexter The Gambler JW (Imp USA) Very well-presented black tri boy of quality and moderate size presented in glossy coat and fit condition. Has a super head and expression with dark, well-shaped eyes. Good underjaw. Mobile, long correctly set fringed ears. Long neck set smoothly into his well-laid shoulders with good return of upper arm. Correct straight, flat bladed bone to his forelegs, desired slope to pastern and typical feet. Good fill-in to front, possessing a deep brisket which is nicely carried back with a neat tuck-up. Lovely sweep to hindquarters with good width to first and second thigh. On the move looked well balanced, with light and easy side action. Sound fore and aft but would prefer a bit less width in front, as he tends to pin in slightly and compensates by moving a tad close behind. 2 Schafer ‘s Tin Soldier Finer type deer Grizzle boy with an attractive head, expression and dark eye, would like to see more underjaw. Shown in good muscle and coat. Will benefit from further maturity. Long neck runs smoothly into well laid back shoulders, He is a tad upright in upper arm but has adequate fill in front, correct, straight forelegs, required slope to pastern with well-arched feet though would prefer more length to toes. Good cut up and correct sweep to his moderately angulated hindquarters, with desired width to first and second thigh. He moved soundly in all directions with an elegant, well-balanced action. 3 De Souza & De Souza & Woodgate’s Luachmhar Jalil A striking black & tan shown in lovely bloom who has much quality. Stunning head and typical dignified expression with large oval eyes and strong underjaw. Long ear leathers furnished with long silky feathering. His long neck flows neatly into a pleasing forehand. Would prefer more fill-in in front, but with maturity that should come. Lovely depth and carry back to brisket and good cut-up. Attractive sweep to hindquarters with low hocks and correct feet, though needs to strengthen up in his hind end. Lovely balanced, easy side action. On approach his movement needs to strengthen, which hopefully will happen with full development - as he really is a quality saluki. LD (4 1) 1 Withdrawn 1 De Souza & De Souza & Woodgate’s Caryna Taivoa An eye-catching black grizzle with a strong, masculine head, lovely gentle expression and black pigmentation, would prefer less stop & skull for better balance. Good mobile ear set and a long strong neck which blends neatly into his correct forehand. Appealing in overall balance and structure Good rise over loin though it falls away a tad more than ideal, reasonably deep brisket, and desired spring to his rib plus correct cut up. Good slope to nicely set, long tail. Strong, correct and moderately angulated hindquarters with good width to first and second thigh, and low hocks. Moved with drive viewed side on, though would prefer more balance and reach from front action. When viewed coming and going, he has reasonable action in front & moved well behind. 2 Cole’s El'ubaid's Zacharias for Doucai (Imp Nl) Black fringed red boy. Has a balanced head with good parallel planes. Would prefer a larger more oval eye as they appeared somewhat narrow - perhaps he was tired - however they were dark, and his pigmentation is good. Long ear leathers with silky fringes. Neck flows into well-laid forehand, deep brisket with a good carry back, good spring of rib and neat cut up. Moderately angulated ,strong hindquarters with low set hocks. Feet a little short but well arched. Looked balanced moving side on with light easy action, but threw his front a tad on approach and would benefit from stronger hind action. OD (20 1) A wonderful class full of quality males. Whilst some didn’t make the final cut it certainly didn’t mean they weren’t worthy, as the class was packed with lovely boys. 1 Aldous & Glaister’s Ch Jay Jp Sea Bird El Panjsher JW (Imp Jpn) This shapely, elegant pale cream boy absolutely oozes quality and type with good symmetry. Stunning refined head, lovely pigmentation with the darkest of large, oval eyes. Possesses a nicely developed underjaw and long, well-fringed mobile ears, carried close to his skull. His long, strong arched neck flows fluidly into well-laid shoulders. Good return of upper arm and filled in forechest. Forelegs long with straight bladed bone. Correct slope to pastern. He has a lovely rise over his loin and gentle curve to his croup with a long, well-set tail which he carried well on the move. Good depth and carry-back of brisket with desired spring of rib. Lovely cut-up and length of loin, attractive sweep to strong hindquarters with well-developed first and second thighs, low hocks, and correct feet. On the move this powerful male is not only precise fore and aft; but seen moving side on exhibits typical balanced, light, lifting & effortless action. Exhibited in perfect bloom and muscle condition and shown well by both of his handlers. I was really pleased to award him the DCC and subsequently Best of Breed, then later delighted to see him pulled out into the last eight in the Hound group. Congratulations ladies! 2 Campling’s Ch Classicus Octavius A lovely golden cream boy who exudes great quality. Shown in perfect coat and condition. Attractive head and typical, kind expression, with large, correctly shaped eyes and good placement of his well-feathered ears. Long strong neck which blends smoothly into a pleasing forehand. He has good fill-in of forechest, long straight bladed front legs correct slope to pastern and ideal feet. Good sweep to hindquarters with good first & second thigh and low hocks. Deep brisket and neat tuck up. On the move, he was true in all directions with light, easy balanced action. Pleased to award him the RCC. 3 Walton Haddon’s Badavie Don Peppino at Ilsham (Imp Swe) Another upstanding quality male. Black and white parti-colour with beautiful head planes, typical expression, correctly shaped dark eyes & good pigmentation. Long, strong arched neck which melts into his correctly laid shoulders, possessing the required fill-in to his moderately narrow front. Good rise over loin and slope over croup with long, well-set tail. Moderate return of upper arm, deep brisket with good carry back plus a neat tuck up. Hip bones set wide apart and prominent. Good sweep to his strong hindquarters with good width to first and second thighs and low set hocks. Correct feet. Moved effortlessly in all directions with symmetry and drive. His deserved title can’t be far away. VB (9 4) 1 Garratt & Oakey’s Ch Caryna Neferti JW ShCM I judged this beautiful quality cream some years ago and awarded her well then. Still impresses with her lovely head, gorgeous expression and overall shape, balance and construction. Good pigmentation and dark, typical eyes. Well-set, long and mobile ears enhanced by silky feathering. Long neck flowing smoothly into her properly laid forehand which continues into her strong back line and correct rise over loin. Nicely laid upper arms and fill-in of front. Strong, well-angulated hindquarters with good first and second thigh and low hocks. Pleasing slope to croup and long well-set tail. Correct feet. Presented by her handlers in super condition and moved with vitality, showing her true, light and flowing .action in all directions with desired reach and drive. A pleasure to award her Best Veteran in Breed 2 Jowitt’s Canapus Mistral under Barleymoon (Imp Nld) Black fringed sable fawn I have also awarded previously. Classical head and expression with black pigmentation and large expressive oval eyes, all framed by her intensely black-edged, heavily feathered ears. Her neck flows well into her correctly laid forehand, good front fill-in and deep brisket with desired carry back, still showing her trim cut-up. Required rise over loin and long tail. Hindquarters have a reasonable sweep with low hocks. Correct, well-arched, moderately long feet. Moved soundly in all directions with an enthusiastic, easy action - just preferred the balance and drive from behind of the winner. 3 Reuter-Lies Multi Ch Tschahar Mahal Ba Ha Bibi at Yalameh Sw Very attractive black grizzle of great quality. Lovely head with a dignified expression. Black pigmentation and beautiful dark oval eyes. She possesses a strong underjaw and mobile, lengthy leathers to her well-feathered ears set close to her skull. Long, strong neck that flows into her well-laid shoulders with good slope to upper arm. Correct flat bladed bone to forelegs and slope to pasterns, along with long well-arched feet. Good fill-in to forechest and deep brisket with appropriate carry-back. Broad back with sufficient length and rise over loin, desired slope to croup and good sweep to her strong hindquarters. Due to matronly weight gain she lacked the cut-up of the two above; however, despite this she moved with verve, presenting sound, balanced, light gait in all directions. PB (2) Litter sisters, both very immature and needing to fill out and tighten in movement, but still babies with plenty of time on their side. 1 Cole’s Wazifi Aletta Ablaa Pretty cream bitch with a sweet head and expression, super pigmentation and typical eye, correct under jaw. Mobile ears, long neck into well-laid forehand. Hopefully will fill in forechest with maturity. Deep brisket and desired cut up with rise over loin (which could be longer), although would prefer a less steep croup. Correct long, low set tail, good hindquarters with width to first and second thigh, low hocks. Viewed from the front needs to strengthen on the move, but possessed light easy action when viewed side-on. 2 Larden’s Wazifi Adira Afiyah Black fringed fawn youngster. Longer cast and again immature, but a lot to like. Lovely head with correctly shaped dark eyes and expression. Long neck flows into good forehand with long well bladed forelegs, correct pasterns and good feet. Needs more fill-in of forechest and depth to brisket. Good rise over loin and again, like her sister, would prefer a less steep croup. Good sweep to hindquarters, with correct width to first and second thighs and nice feet. Again, on the move she needs to tighten in front but moved lightly with balanced action from the side. JB (7) 1 Sanders Parker’s Classicus Felicitas JW Quality red and white parti-colour bitch with black fringes. Attractive head and gentle expression, with large well-shaped eye of similar colour to coat. Black pigmentation. Would prefer more refinement to skull and length of muzzle to improve balance of the head. Her long neck runs into a pleasing forehand with correct return of upper arm. Desired fill-in of forechest. Straight, bladed bone to the forelegs, strong very sloped pasterns and feet that are well-arched but would benefit from longer toes. Strong topline, good spring of rib and deep brisket for a youngster. Lovely tuck up and good sweep to her well-angulated hindquarters. Moved very well in all directions with a light balanced easy gait. Presented in lovely bloom. 2 Harding & Cowley’s Classicus Florentia at Ashahni Well presented litter sister to 1st and another quality parti-colour girl in black, tan and white colouring. Lovely dark,-well shaped eye with sweet expression and long, fully feathered mobile ears. The comments above regarding the head proportions of her sister also apply to this youngster. Her long neck blends beautifully into her lovely forehand, with desired return of upper arm and straight bladed forelegs. Good rise over loin, although longer cast and currently more bottom up. Whilst moving well in all directions she would benefit from carrying her long tail a tad lower, but she’s simply a happy young soul and enjoying her show time. Still quite young and maturity should see her develop positively. 3 Lemmens Alishamar Ubaïda Al Hfifa Lu/ch/cib Jnr Ch Quality black grizzle with fawn points. Feminine head with balanced, parallel planes. Well-shaped expressive eyes and black pigmentation. Long mobile ears with silky feathering. Her neck runs smoothly into a good forehand, deep brisket, correct topline and cut-up. Nice sweep to her hindquarters with good width to first and second thigh and low hocks. Typical feet. Looked good moving side-on, just needs to strengthen in front movement but still has plenty of time to develop this as she is still a youngster. YB (4) 1 Chesalova & Tulloch Benitez’s Whiteheads Delilah 20mth old quality cream bitch who showed her sweet disposition. Very beautiful head and expression with great balance of head planes, lovely eye shape and pigmentation. Her long, mobile ears with sufficient silky fringing frame her head well. Her long neck flows into well laid-back shoulders and correct topline. Strong hindquarters with well-muscled first and second thighs. Overall, a quality well-made girl who moved accurately in all directions, with light, lifting & effortless movement showing balance, reach and drive. 2 Shibuya’s Arabica Holy Cakra’s Lily Another lovely cream of similar shape and construction to the winner and was in strong contention. Of a stronger build, with a beautiful head and gentle dignified expression plus good pigmentation. I liked her very much for her overall type and quality. Generally moved well viewed from all directions with a lovely sound, balanced, light & lifting gait, just a bit close in hind movement compared to the winner on the day. 3 Freegard’s Mumtaz Obsession This sweet little black fringed sable fawn is younger and consequently lacked the maturity of the two above. Pretty head and expression, mobile & long, correctly set well feathered ears, super pigmentation. Long neck which could have flowed more smoothly into her good forehand. Correct rise over loin, with a gentle sweep to her moderately angulated hindquarters. Possesses well-muscled first and second thighs and low hocks, with correct feet. Moved well in front though a bit close behind, and would prefer more balanced flow of movement when viewed side-on. PGB (4) 1 Phillips Luachmhar Jamilah A top-quality deer grizzle who impressed greatly. She possesses a beautifully balanced, feminine head, correct shape to her large oval eyes and dignified, gentle expression. Long well-placed ear leathers furnished with lengthy feathering. Her long, arched neck flows smoothly into her correct forehand. Bladed straight bone of the front legs and desired slope of pastern, leading to correct feet with arched long toes. Deep brisket and good cut-up. Strong topline and good slope of croup, and her long tail is well set and carried. Desired bend of stifle to her moderately angulated hindquarters with good width to first and second thigh, low set hocks and super feet. Moved with an active light, effortless side gait and just as sound fore and aft. Delighted to award her the RCC and feel she must be knocking on the door for top honours. 2 Layton-Smith’s Velourias Dee Dee Vine Another lovely quality bitch. Black grizzle who draws the eye. Lovely balanced head with super pigmentation. Large well-shaped eyes and mobile well set fringed ears - both of which embellish her typical, gentle expression. Long strong neck set into well-laid forehand. Has the required fill-in, straight forelegs, strong sloping pasterns and correctly arched feet with long toes. Movement fore and aft sound though a tad close behind. Viewed side on, her action is light and quite easy but on the day, lacked drive from behind. 3 Dann, Ireson, Ferris & Cosentini’s Jazalle Ava An attractive black fringed red who possesses a beautiful head and large oval dark eyes. Lovely dark pigmentation and desired ear set which enhances her typical expression. Long neck flows into her correctly laid shoulders. Good backline with slight rise over loin, pin bones evident and good slope to croup and tail set. When standing, she has a tendency to be slightly cow hocked. On the whole, moved with light sound gait would just prefer a bit less lift in front action to balance the picture. LB (10 1) 1 Farris, Cosentini, Dann & Ireson’s Jazalle Arwyn Lovely quality, feminine black fringed fawn with a very pretty head. Typical gentle expression with dark eyes and black pigmentation. Desired strong under jaw. Mobile long ears, set high and close to skull, with long silky fringing. Her long neck blends well into her correctly laid forehand with sufficient return of upper arm. Ideal front fill in and ribbing. Lovely cut up. Super backline with desired rise over her well-proportioned loin, good curve over croup to low set tail. Decent sweep to her moderately angulated hindquarters and well-arched long feet. Once relaxed she moved well in all directions, with balanced and light lifting easy action. 2 Monk-Schenk’s Al Zubeyda Mahabbah (Imp Fra) Black Grizzle bitch of great quality. Stronger in head, but still balanced and feminine. Possesses lovely dark oval eyes and typical expression. Her long strong neck flows into a very well-laid forehand. She possesses an ideal lay back of shoulder, fill in of forechest and return of upper arm, along with long straight forelegs with appropriate slope of pastern and super feet. Correct spring of rib, deep brisket carried well back and desired rise over loin. Lovely slope to croup, long, well set tail and ideally angulated hindquarters. She is her own worst enemy being less than keen to be gone over (though she did decide to let me judge her) which is a shame, as she is a top class saluki. She moved soundly with light effortless gait in all directions, but insisted on tucking her tail between her legs when being individually assessed which caused her to move wide behind. 3 Mackenzie Loughran Classicus Ophelia Elegant golden bitch, not as mature as two above but based on her taller and finer build, would think she still has a bit more maturing left to do. Pretty head with good pigmentation and correct shape to her large expressive eyes. Long ears which are carried close to skull, mobile and well-fringed. Her neck runs into her correctly laid back shoulders and moderate return of upper arm. A little narrow all through and lacking fill in, but that may still develop, as should more depth of brisket and general body. Possesses straight, bladed bone in forelegs and correct feet. She benefits from good rise over loin and super cut up with long well-set tail. On the move, she presented a good picture side-on with light lifting balanced action. Not throwing anything about on approach, just too narrow in front and close in hind movement. Shown in super coat and condition. OB (15 3) Wow - a wonderful class of top-notch bitches. 1 Hamilton’s Lu Ch Alishamar Roxane JW (Imp Bel) This quality dark silver grizzle bitch appealed immensely for her symmetry, moderation and balance. Not carrying an abundance of feathering, she perhaps isn’t quite as glamorous as her more heavily feathered counterparts. Nonetheless, she greatly appeals by looking capable of fulfilling the hunting function that Salukis have long been bred for. She has a beautiful, balanced head and expression with a lovely dark correctly shaped eye, well-set long mobile ears with requisite silky feathering. Her long, strong arched neck flows smoothly into a well laid forehand, desired fill-in of a moderately narrow front. Correct flat bone to her straight forelegs, long slightly sloping pasterns and well-arched long toes. Deep brisket and correct ribbing, carried well back. Desired amount of cut-up and a good rise over loin, with a nice slope to croup and well-set long tail. Possesses a lovely sweep to her strong, moderately angulated hindquarters, ideal width to first and second thigh, and low hocks. Great to watch on the move which she did soundly in all directions - light, lifting, effortless and balanced action showing good unexaggerated reach and drive. Delighted to award her the BCC and feel it won’t be long till she adds a UK Ch title to her CV. 2 Garratt & Oakey’s Ch Caryna Remeny Another top-quality girl who really challenged the winner and RCC. Very shapely with a typical head, correct eye and super pigmentation. Long well-set ears frame her head with good feathering. Lengthy strong neck blends neatly into a pleasing forehand with desired return of upper arm and fill-in of front. Lovely, bladed bone and correct long slightly sloping pasterns and well-made feet. Deep brisket carried back properly with super cut up. Good back line with ideal rise over loin. Lovely slope over croup and correct tail set. Her strong hindquarters are well angulated with desired width to first and second thigh and hocks low to ground. Moving, she presented a lovely picture of soundness viewed all ways, with a light effortless gait that gave the impression of speed. 3 Phillips Ch Vidana Amira S Berega Turi (Imp Rus) ShCM ShCEx Another saluki I have judged in the past and done well. Today she wasn’t giving her all when those above her really were. However, being third in such a top class of bitches is no mean feat and this black and silver deserved her placing above some super females. She has a beautiful head and typical dignified expression with large oval expressive eyes, and long mobile generously feathered ears. Her long neck flows neatly into her well-made forehand with good fill-in of front. Deep brisket with correct ribbing and cut up. Strong topline with gentle rise over loin, super sweep to her well-angulated hindquarters. Desired slope to croup with long, low set tail. Moved soundly in all directions with desired light lifting action and desired symmetry. Presented in great condition belying her veteran status. GCDSB (2) 1 Monk-Schenk’s - Al Zubeyda Mahabbah (Imp Fra) (See 2nd in limit) 2 Corden & Atkinson’s Caryna Nadyenka for Gemgwynad A lovely black and silver who shows good quality and was turned out in pleasant order. Typical head and expression with correct eye and well-feathered long ears. Long neck set into well-laid forehand, with good fill-in, long straight front legs, correct pasterns and good feet. Deep brisket and ideal spring of rib. Neat cut up and gentle rise over loin. Has a good sweep to hindquarters with well-developed first and second thigh. On the move, she looks good viewed from the side and in hind action, but is not as precise as 1st on approach. Could perhaps benefit from being moved a bit faster. Judge: Jenny Macro