• Show Date: 20/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: jenny campbell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Retriever (Flat Coated)

Thank you to everyone who entered under me, many making long journeys, and to my efficient and friendly ring stewards. I was looking for sound, well balanced unexaggerated dogs who covered the ring well and had an outgoing attitude. I had some concerns with close rear movement and wide front movements, and high tails on bitches. I was pleased with my top winners and delighted to watch the Best Puppy shortlisted in the Puppy Group and the Best Veteran/RDCC winner achieve Veteran Group 3.

MPD (1,0)

1. Harris’ Dymexe Outlander At Siancala, stood alone and just 6 months old but this boy filled my eye as being typey, well constructed, good bone, masculine head, dark oval eyes, ears nicely set on, nice front and shoulders, level top line, moderate bend of stifle, happy disposition. Moved well, a tiny bit close in rear but this will strengthen. Just lost out on maturity and energy levels for BPD.

PD (3,0)

Three very nice puppies.

1. Bowen’s Clandrift Bring Me Sunshine, 10 month old, quite close between the first two, this boy had a beautifully moulded head, dark eyes, long neck into excellent lay of shoulder, good front, arched feet, oval bone, lovely rib cage into loin, good width of second thigh, moderate bend of stifle, wagging tail, moved well and handled to advantage. BP.

2. Ashcroft’s Gunoak Ora’s Myth, 11 months old, very nice type, smaller frame than No 1, lovely head, dark eye and kind expression, good front and shoulders again, strong bone, good balance of rib to loin, a little close in rear moving away, well off for coat but needs better preparation, gave his handler a hard time.

3. Clark’s Hurstclough’s Night Owl

JD (1,0)

1. Buckley’s Blacktoft Brindisi By Buckleyhill, 14 months old, moderately sized, very well balanced, good bite, nice one piece head, dark eyes obliquely set, small ears nicely set on, good lay back of shoulder and strong chest, good bone, really nice neat tight feet, sloping croup, would like stronger back end as he matures, moved away true but a little loose in front returning.

YD (1,0)

1. Clarke’s Telurn Each To His Own With Calway, 23 months old, nice rich dark liver with the most gorgeous head and matching brown eyes, small well set on hears, front OK, lovely bone, strong arched front feet, moderate size, nice spring of rib into good length of loin, good second thigh, lashing tail. Looks very impressive in profile and eye catching around the ring, but was loose coming and close going away today.

PGD (2,0)

1. MacPherson’s Rachanmill Columbo, moved with real style around the ring, well handled, would prefer a more refined head, nicely made, well balanced, good bone, nice lay back of shoulder and good front, stood all-4-square, nice topline and balance of rib to loin, good bend of stifle, moved with ease around the ring, true fore and aft, nicely presented.

2. Grant’s Westoncruive Black Tornado, did not have the same ring presence as 1, head better, dark eye, front OK, good bone, good feet, nicely balanced good second thigh, didn’t move true coming and going. A plea for less baiting please, especially when I am trying to examine the mouth and head.

Limit Dog (6,0)

A mixed class with various movement issues and no obvious winner.

1. May’s Lussac Xcape Artist (AI), moved the most true today albeit carrying his tail a little high. A lovely kind one-piece head with obliquely-set dark almond-shaped eyes, presented in extremely hard fit condition, workman-type, strong front, great bone and feet, really good depth of rib cage into a nice loin, good bend of stifle, wagging tail, nicely presented and handled.

2. Fox’s Satinbaze Cracksman For Blacktoft (AI) JW, similar type to 1. but movement not as tidy. Front OK, well balanced all through, nice head, well set on ears, good balance of rib to loin, good second thigh, held his topline well, wagging enthusiastically.

3. Flynn’s Ballyriver Back to Basics

Open Dog (2,0)

1. Stevenson’s Sh Ch Plainfire’s The Captain Of My Heart Is Steelriver ShEx, this boy came into the ring and owned it, powered around the ring with drive and elegance. Well made, up to size for me, but everything in proportion. Lovely one-piece head, a laughing face which made me smile, nicely laid back shoulders, good length of neck, nice front, good bone, tight feet, strong topline, nicely arched rib into a short loin, good bend of stifle, strong second thigh, very enthusiastic tail. BOB & CC. Later I watch him perform well in a strong Group.

2. McCormick’s Steelriver Sun’s Up, couldn’t match 1. today. In extremely hard condition physically but lacked a little overall finish. Moderately sized, lovely kind head, nicely set on ears, dark eyes, level topline into sloping croup, good bone and feet, had a tendency to pace as he first went away but quickly adjusted and then moved true.

VD (4,1)

I liked all 3 Veterans.

 1. Blain’s Sh Ch Caci’s Just A Gigolo At Steelriver, the most eye catching on the first move around, confident and covering the ground well and quite sassy in attitude. Lovely head with nicely placed ears and dark eyes, strong front, shorter in back to 2nd, lovely ribcage and rib to loin ratio, moderate bend of stifle, well let down hocks, wagging tail, moved true, not the easiest to handle but handled well nonetheless. RCC and delighted to watch him later put in a fabulous performance in the Veteran Group and being placed 3rd.

2. Fox’s Ch Black Mica’s Likes It Hot At Blacktoft, also moved well but not quite the same positive attitude as 1. Very similar head to 1, nice length of neck into strong topline, good shoulders and bone, longer stifle than 1., in extremely hard condition, lovely in profile but not the same enthusiasm as No 1.

3. Bellamy’s Bochilbarley Blue Moon (AI)

Bitches; I was anticipating more quality in the bitches but a number were heavy, lacking elegance and drive, with others being more feminine but lacking bone and substance. Also a number flying their tails. I was pleased with my final winners.

MPB (1,0)

1. Regan’s Expecto Patronum, 6 months old, very pretty, elegant and nicely made, lovely head with a dark eye, mouth slightly over just now, nice front when legs put correctly beneath her, racy outline, once settled moved well albeit a bit close in rear at the moment. Lots of potential.

PB (2,0)

1. Regan’s Expecto Patronum, settled much better in this class, better lay back of shoulder and bend of stifle than 2.

2. Ashcroft’s Gunoak Forever Loyal, 11 months old, elegant, really pretty head, nice neck into level topline, good balance of rib to loin, front and shoulders ok, would like more bend of stifle, moved a little close in rear.

JB (4,0)

3 bitches varying in type.

1. Prior’s Blacktoft Avelino, handler learning making her difficult to assess but to me this was the most balanced, moderate and classical bitch. Lovely head, nice dark eye, scissor bite, and once she settled I could see her strong front into a nice level topline, good body to loin, nice turn of stifle, good tight feet carried her tail well. Moved soundly. As the handler improves in ability and confidence this girl should do well.

2. Stevenson’s Caci’s Magic In Every Moment At Steelriver (Imp Swe), longer cast and finer through, elegant, front ok, stands on good feet, moderate bend of stifle, stood all four square, moved around the ring with grace.

3. Armstrong’s Bitcon Jelly Bean (AI)

YB (2,1)

1. Huyton’s Hightyne My Blue Heaven, finely made bitch, pretty head, good front, stood squarely, moved ok fore and aft, not in her best coat today.

PGB (13,2)

Some nice bitches in this class. A shame some flew their tails.

1. Bellamy’s Moontorn Better Half Of Me JW, quite close between 1. and 2. This girl has more finish at this moment in time. Pretty head with a dark eye, nice small well set-on hears, nice neck, well laid back shoulders, nice tight feet, good length of body to loin, level topline, good length of hocks, wagging tail, moved elegantly around the ring. Handled to advantage and kept on giving in the challenge, winning her RCC.

2. Ford’s Lussac Yawl Of Percuil JW, nicely made and in profile, just lacks a few furnishings at the current time. Pretty head, good substance, strong front, level topline, good body, would like slightly stronger boned legs, moderate turn of stifle, moved well, tail level.

3. Flynn’s Rodsdream She Doesn’t Mind

Limit bitch (8,1)

A difficult class with mixed type and sizes.

1. Curtis’ Talistar Crazy In Love, a very feminine and elegant girl, moved elegantly around the ring like she owned it. I liked her attitude. Very pretty head with dark eyes and well set-on ears, nice tight feet, level topline, lovely feathering, good bend of stifle, happy wagging tail, moved true, the classiest in the ring. In the challenge later she pushed hard and I was delighted to award her her first CC.

2. Stevenson’s Blacktoft Caress Of Steelriver JW, smaller in type than 1. Pretty head, elegant shape, nice tight feet, good front, level topline, good bend of stifle. Moved true in the class, very nice in profile but later when called back in the challenge became untidy coming and going.

3. Moxey’s Lussac Xpress Yourself At Dymexe (AI)

Open bitch (11,2)

Another mixed class of size and drive.

1. Fox’s Blacktoft Dancing The Blues, lovely workman-like and size bitch with a one-piece kind head, dark eye, well set-on ears, nice lay-back of shoulder, good front, good bone, nice tight feet, mature sprung ribs into nice firm loin, tail well set, moved true and with elegance around the ring. Thought she would be my CC winner but in the challenge she seemed to lose her poise and sparkle.

2. Bellamy’s Moontorn Goddess Of Love, slightly racier and longer, presented a pleasing outline, stood all 4-square, pretty head into well set shoulders, nice bone and feet, level topline, moved with elegance around the ring, at one with the owner.

3. Holland’s Flatcharm Bianca Del Rio

GCB (1,0)

1. MacKessack-Leitch’s Finhamspride Kia, unplaced in Post Graduate, head ok, a little light in eye, good bite, would prefer a stronger front, stood all-4-square, in good coat, moved ok.