• Show Date: 26/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jennifer Millard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Brittany

Bath Championship Dog Show

26th May 2023.


My first-time awarding challenge certificates in this charming breed that I have long admired. I thought profile movement was superb as were coats and presentation and temperaments, they were without exception a pleasure to assess.

Puppy (0)

Junior (1)

1. Nicholls Bonapartist Trooper of Stonesview. Upstanding 15-month-old male demonstrating style without heaviness good coat super body with strong ribs, nice tight feet, dark eye I would prefer a touch less substance to the skull above his eye line but its head proportions are correct together with good wide nostrils, a short neck, a little unsettled today, but only because he was enjoying himself, he was challenging his handler, who coped admirably.

Open (5,1)

1. Graham & Yarrow Sh Ch Bonapartist Pickpocket Medium sized Brittany shown in first class condition, correct proportions and so classic in outline, super straight silky coat lovely rich coloring really taken by his head and expression which just oozed Brittany, well off for rib and he has the correct angles for and rear with less angulation to the fore and more behind, going around he is sound with the typical distinct action but appears effortless and he maintained his outline so well. He just got better each time I saw him, and I had no hesitation in awarding him the CC and BOB. I was delighted to be ringside to watch him awarded Group 4 in a very strong group.

2. Williams & Drozdova Sh Ch Bonapartist Peaky Blinder avec Aukskara A pleasing exhibit who pushed one all the way I did prefer the more natural styling of 1, lively and fun attitude and oh so sound on the move, with a slightly longer stride which was used to full advantage in the large ring. Excellent head and expression, good dentition, a dog worthy of his title and in his prime. The breeder of these two dogs must take great pride in watching the quality of these exhibitors and the rapport they share with their handlers. RDCC.

Veteran (1)

1. Ryan Patouche Jaimee avec Petilant AW (b) Lovely appealing bitch not in her best dress today, but easy to forgive when assessing all her virtues, so at one with her handler, she always demonstrated the naturally keen worker, you couldn’t help but adore her, correct bone moderate angles, good rib sweet feminine expression would prefer more depth to her rib but it was a joy to watch her thoroughly enjoy having he ring to herself and enjoying her day. I was pleased to her award BV.

Puppy Bitch (1)

1. Anderson Rochus Tina. Stood alone but her type shone through, she commanded the ring, I thought she was a good prospect, just right for size moderate bend to stifles with correct fore angulation, good spring of rib emerging complemented by good depth such an expressive eye only adding to her femineity, lovely tight feet and an appealing head and expression showed very well for one so young a little longer in body than some not incorrect. Delighted to award her BP.

Junior Bitch.

1. Yarrow Bonapartist Truffle. Lovely bitch appeared slightly more mature than 2 really scores in shoulders and upper arm this is then complimented by her moderate rear angulation which exceeds the fore. Correct silky coat emerging. She is so showy for one so young, demonstrating that typical HPR attitude we all love so much. She is so classic in silhouette her topline was firm just the right amount of bone she epitomizes substance without heaviness all topped off with good feet really moved around the large ring with great ease. When awarding her the CC, which I understand is her third on the trot, I thought she couldn’t be beaten for BOB, but the dog had the edge of maturity today, but her time will come, I will watch her with interest.

2. Poole Bonapartist Temptress at Laurrenmar I liked this girl and she pushed hard she and is very workmanlike but has a femineity, she certainly suits her name, and she oozes squareness, her head really appealed, with a little more time and a little more coat she will come into her own, she excelled on the move and might light work of the large ring. Another from this kennel where type is clearly understood and prioritized.

Limit Bitch.

1. Stevens Sanbosier Renes Dream Petite gentle bitch loved her head, and she was good coming and going and around, I liked her for size, scores in body she doesn’t always stand to best advantage and she makes life difficult for her handler, but I saw through this and was pleased to award her first place.

2. Finch Patouche Peiam Am Cetgueli A bitch handled to full advantaged, I liked her a lot and she shows perfectly she is just a little too moderate for my taste when compared to 1 but her outlined and squareness and cobbyness is to be admired all completed by a short neck and good coat. Moved very well.


A tough class with two classic bitches full of type but different. I would have had no hesitant in awarding them both a challenge certificate, but today they way into the younger kennelmate who was on sparkling form.

1. Yarrow Sh Ch Bonapartist Odile Mature bitch shown in first class order her bone matched the cobbyness and breadth and depth of rib with correct leg to body proportions she has moderate rear angles which are balanced with her fore angles on the move she is workmanlike and determined and covers the ground with ease retaining the classic outline. A very worthy title holder and a pleasure to assess.

2. Barnaby and Cocking Sh Ch Bonapartist Odette at Ruskinate A lovely, sweet bitch with much to like, beautifully sympathetically and unobtrusively handled and presented today she knows her job and makes it all look so easy, had a slight tendency to drop her top line which cost her a placing today on the move she is sound and clean and quite effortless she is square and cobby, I liked her energy and skull proportions and expressive intelligent eye.

Judge: Jennifer Millard.