• Show Date: 26/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jennifer Millard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/11/2023

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Spaniel (Sussex)


It was a pleasure to judge this lovely breed, presentation and temperament were first class, movement was very good, my thanks for a fabulous entry for an autumnal Friday! My best wishes to Eileen Hughes who had to withdraw from the appointment. My thanks to my two experienced and efficient stewards who as ever completed their task with great humour!

PD 2(1)

1. Davey’s Eald Bull Eagle. 11 month old youngster, strongly energetic chap in super condition with correct proportions, good length of leg with no sign of waist, free from exaggeration, round well-padded feet, super rib, balanced fore and rear, skull wide with moderate curve and pronounced stop and soft expression, level top-line, nice rich colour, good coat emerging, moved soundly and cleanly coming and going with classic roll. Pushed extremely hard for RBD, I hope very much to see this one again another time. BPD & BP. BP.

JD 3(2)

1. Davey’s Eald Bull Eagle

OD 3(1)

1. Graham’s Sh Ch. Eald Dances with Wolves among Nyliram JW ShCEx OSW. I had the pleasure of judging this one as a youngster and I was thrilled to assess him again, he has absolutely fulfilled that early potential, full to the brim of breed type, oozes personality and that active and energy that one looks for, loved his classic outline, super condition, hard muscle condition to the fore and rear, super coat and condition, strong bone, lovely round feet, classic head, it was a privilege to assess him, he owned the ring and was not to be denied BD & BOB.

2. Allen-Line’s Marquell Torshca Chaos. A lovely exhibit, longer in leg than 1, with more stop but much to like, scores in body and extremely sound, good coming and going, correct proportions and had a good coat with flat silky texture that many would envy, not always standing to best advantage today which ruined that classic outline the breed is so famed for, but otherwise was a pleasure to assess.

VD 1(0)

1. Goodwin’s Sh Ch. Serendel Sussex Endeavour. What a wonderful example of the longevity of this breed, so happy, so typical and so very sound, loved his head with excellent width, moderate curve, typical frowning brows and well-developed nostrils, carrying a touch too much condition for my personal preference today but I adored his outline and ribs, round feet complimented by good bone, super coat for an older exhibit and his ever-wagging tail made him absolutely irresistible, later in the challenges I felt he was not quite putting his best foot forward on the move which sadly cost him further awards but delighted to award him RBD.

PB 2(0)

Two cracking puppy bitches full to brim of future potential.

1. Short/Bull’s Bakerscroft Beckley Belle. More mature and settled than 1 and carrying more condition, I would also add that she is further forward, she is balanced fore and rear and has plenty of bone, just right for age, good length of body, lovely round feet tight enough for age, good dentition and a super head, lovely with brows frowning and pronounced stop but not overdone, chest deep and well developed, very sound with a super outgoing disposition.

2. Davey’s Eald Stands with Fist. Many of the same sentiments apply here, she is just so very busy enjoying all of life’s joys that putting on some condition and relaxing her top-line are far too low down her ‘to do’ list, which are sadly costing her some pretty rosettes, nonetheless she is full of type, has a lovely coat and is so very happy, her time will come when her body and brain work in synergy, the rapport with her handler and obedience was quite admirable for one so young.

JB 1(0)

1. Davey’s Eald Stands with Fist. 2nd in PB.

PGB 1(0)

1. Allen-Line’s Deckham Amber Sunrise. Pleasing exhibit, taller on leg than some, perhaps lacking in coat which didn’t help the illusion of length of leg, well off angles fore and rear and pleasing expression, although in head she is perhaps more moderate than some with her stop being less pronounced, made good use of the big ring and put on a good show, had a lovely rapport with her handler.

OB 1(0)

1. Davey’s Eald Village Urchin. Smart typy bitch shown in super condition, scores in length of leg, head and neck, slight tendency to roach her top-line, could perhaps have a touch more bone for a bitch, well off for condition, could be more positive with rear movement but liked her for type and put on a good show, RBB.

VB 1(0)

1. Hipgrave’s Eald Village Gossip. Quality bitch in super condition with profuse coat, good body, scores in neck and shoulders, tight feet, very feminine, nice amount of bone, would prefer a touch more leg, being critical I would prefer a touch more length of leg for balance, BB.

SpBB 2(0)

1. Short/Bull’s Bakerscroft Beckley Belle. 1st in PB. BSpB.

2. Allen-Line’s Deckham Amber Sunrise. 1st in PGB.