• Show Date: 10/12/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jennifer Millard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/03/2024

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Spaniel (Field)


10 DEC 23

My thanks to the officers and committee of the Ladies Kennel Association for the invitation to award my first set of challenge certificates in this delightful breed I enjoyed my day very much. My personal congratulations on both the change of venue and the move to a four-day show – a huge undertaking for a team of volunteers.

It had been a fulfilling and interesting journey to award challenge certificates in the breed, having awarded CCs in my first breed in 2011 and judged at least 60 field spaniels before this appointment.

Movement was better than I had expected heads less so with some having too much stop, mouths were a bit varied, temperaments were excellent as was sportsmanship and I was delighted with the entry both numerically and in terms of quality I understand that my dog CC took his 19th CC and the bitch from veteran her 10th I later realized that the in bitches my CC winner, post graduate and best puppy were grandmother, mother and granddaughter.


PD 4(1)

1. Macbain/Harrison’s Fecimus Never Ending Story. 6-month-old raw baby but all about right, particularly liked him for outline and balance, good coat emerging, pleasing head and expressing with good amount of bone and nice tight feet, in head he is masculine with wide nostrils but I would prefer less stop, his eye is kind and dentition strong, unsettled but sound on the move.

2. Wheeler’s Elgert King For A Day. A promising older exhibit and a slightly less settled age, full of body and balance with good bone, lovely head, scores in chiselling under the eye, very well presented, moved well and keenly as this breed do in profile and coming and going, good length of long ear, moderate behind, will be interesting to see him progress.

3. English’s Wireduck Livin’ The Dream.

JD 4(0)

1. Harding’s Kingsmist Remember Me JW. Upstanding teenager, lacking a little weight but willing to forgive this given his age, won on type, had the air of nobility one expects of this breed, lovely colour and bone and moved freely he is balanced fore and rear with good bone and was sensitive but robust in nature, long typical ear, in head I would prefer less stop.

2. Wheeler’s Elgert King For A Day. 2nd in PD.

3. Shipton’s Heartwood Mishules Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

PGD 5(0)

1. Moore’s Clandrift Hotshot to Gemelbet. Won on type, outline and size and not presentation which today could be classed as rough shooting in style, that said the coat was clearly as desired, the handler had a tendency to overstretch exhibit creating the image of a longer exhibit than was necessary but otherwise there was much to like otherwise and was in super order, much to like in head and expression, super top-line, size and lovely feet, great body, really scores in upper arm and shoulder and I liked his bend of stifle, if presentation were improved this dog could challenge the best.

2. Harding’s Kingsmist Remember Me JW. 1st in JD.

3. Shipton’s Heartwood Mishules Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

LD 1(0)

1. Elliott’s Elgert Break Every Rule at Portsoy. Upstanding mature male in fabulous condition, lovely amount of coat, he really scores in a deep well developed body with moderately sprung rib being that classic two thirds of the length, his feet are tight and his coat is correct, he was merry and active and he moved around the ring with ease, he was a pleasure to assess and it was a joy to see him enjoying his day.

OD 9(2)

1. Moss’ Sh Ch. Fecimus Chase The Dream to Ewtor JW. I have admired this chap before and he didn’t disappoint, he is just as I picture the breed to be, full of type, beautifully presented in immaculate order and condition, robust male full of ‘spanielness’, so sound, lovely typical outline, there is no denying which spaniel breed he belongs, full of personality and his head is superb, he headed an equally lovely a class, it was a pleasure to judge him again, DCC & BOB.

2. Bennett’s Sh Ch. Jesham Baronet. I have judged this chap at various stages in my career and it was a joy to do so yet again, to see him as a veteran he exemplifies what so many lack, that moderate stop, bone, type, body and soundness, he has them all and a top-line to die for, I am not sure they make them anymore like these two anymore. RDCC.

3. Gallen’s Sh Ch. Woodsong Pleiades (imp FRA).

GCD 2(1)

1. Wheeler’s Elgert King For A Day. 2nd in PD and JD.

VD/B 4(0)

1. Osborn’s Sh Ch. Elgert Lady Sta’dust JW VW. 7 year old, showed like an exuberant puppy at a Christmas party! Lovely stylish outline, in super hard condition, really ready for the beating line, lovely long neck which creates that typy typical outline, great typical proportions, liked angles fore and rear with super bone, could be tidier coming and going but she’s not alone, super head and correct stop, the most melting of expression and personality to match, I could have wrapped her up for Christmas and taken her home! BCC & BV.

2. Harris’ Kingsmist Panther. An upstanding male of heavy type with a robustness but I liked his top-line and bone, in head he is heavier than some but not incorrect, very laid back and he has been there and seen that, he scores in body and covers the ground well, a pleasure to judge and looking well in later years not remotely showing his age.

3. Davies’ Elgert Let’s Dance at Benbreac.

PB 9(2)

1. Moss’ Elgert Dancing Queen at Ewtor. More up on leg than the 2nd placed bitch but I preferred her in neck and head and I thought she had a better length of stride going around, when it comes together she is so typy and so classic, lovely proportions, hocks well let down, super bone and so feminine with a dose of nobility and charisma, she is groomed to perfection a real credit to her handler, BP.

2. Macbain/Brewer’s Fecimus Never Look Back. 3 months younger than 1 but pushed her all the way, she was my class winner to start with but tired a little, was more moderate, much to like though and will undoubtedly be one to watch, her coat is profuse and her expression soft and feminine, her personality is cheeky and outgoing and in time she will have style and grace I suspect, she moved with ease but needs to relax.

3. Jones’ Sonnetend You Belong With Me.

JB 4(1)

1. Holgate’s Nadavin Neala. A bitch who scores in outline and coat with super tight feet, lovely bone and an excellent coat, she has a melting expression, an almond eye, a long ear and her nostrils are sufficiently wide, when it comes together her neck is of good length, I liked for proportions and found her in good order.

2. Harnett’s Redeswell Sweet Serendipity. A pleasing bitch who was actually my class winner but lacked a little showmanship and enthusiasm or this girl would have headed the class, she has good length, good bone and femininity, she has nobility and looks like she could go all day, a Pleasure to judge and most sound, a little more harmony between charge and handler, her day will come.

3. Shipton’s Heartwood Mishules All Is Possible with Calico.

PGB 5(1)

1. Osborn’s Elgert Into The Unknown. An exciting bitch in beautiful condition handled to full advantage, full almond shaped eye, lovely body, great bone, clean lines, at a distance her breed is easily identifiable, I liked her for size, movement and balance, her top-line is correct and as she pushed off and moves she holds her outline, she is a typy and honest bitch, she was the first I assessed today that I would have happily awarded a CC.

2. James’ Kingsmist Golden Future for Bleiddiaid JW. This bitch scores in head with a lovely coat, nothing to hide, another with nothing overdone, good neck and nice tight feet, I would prefer a touch less length of leg but otherwise much to like with this bitch.

3. Macbain/Brewer’s Fecimus Never Look Back.

LB 4(0)

1. English’s Sonnabend Wake Up And Dream at Wireduck. This bitch scores in outline and size on the move, she gives her handler a hard time by putting in a satisfactory but unanimated performance which lets her down, she has nobility in spades, the tightest of feet, the loveliest of bodies and today she was the best presented in terms of coat and was stand out in terms of weight, condition and muscle.

2. Moore’s Nadavin Yaling for Gemelbet. This bitch is lovely and could challenge the best, today she was carrying too much condition and it showed on the stack, movement for me was a little too heavy, in too much coat and she paid the price, regrettably, I loved her for size and outline, in head she really scores and she has a super neck, her outline is classy and stylish and she is sound, the diet starts in January!

3. Adams/Hird’s Irisbel English Rose JW.

OB 5(0)

1. Osborn’s Sh Ch. Elgert Private Dancer. 4 year old bitch shown in first class order, a little out of coat perhaps, but I was willing to forgive this, she is stylish with a lovely neck, well laid back shoulders, good length of upper arm, right amount of bone, scores in body, she is balanced and full of type, she has that moderate stop and chiseling under the eye with a full almond eye and kind expression I liked her very much, she was a touch close behind, RBCC.

2. Holgate’s Nadavin Zahlee. A mature bitch, full above the eye with good coat, she scores in rear angles and has a lovely top-line, she is full to the brim of femininity and classy, she has a melting expression and a lovely neck, she moved well, today she didn’t have much festive spirit which cost her the class sadly.

3. Willcock’s Dynarkaraky Deuces Are Wild.

GCB 2(0)

1. Moore’s Elgert Sweet Little Lies at Gadhelic VW. 9 year old bitch, super quality, could challenge the best and not remotely showing her age, lovely top-line, super neck, hocks well let down, profuse coat but immaculate in presentation, super head, expression and strong dentition which was remarkably clean for her age, moved with gusto and soundness, she was a pleasure to judge.

2. McVitty’s Sh Ch. Sonnetend Faith. Another older exhibit also in profuse coat really enjoying her day today, the softest head and carrying a little too much condition but totally forgivable, very sound.


PD/B 7(3)

1. Davies’ Adonis Sheep On Hunt at Barbamor (imp POL). Portuguese Pointer. Super condition and showed so very well, had muscle tone and condition many would envy and a long easy ground covering stride, classic head and expression complimented by super body and rib, BP.

2. George-Ainscough/Hodgkinson’s Achouffe Siva Sila. A good size bitch with lovely head, in good coat on the stack, she appealed on the move, she was just a little untidy coming and going but she put on a good show with much to like and was very well presented and handled.

3. Sumner’s Hundr’s Bertram Ramsay.

JD/B 4(2) My apologies but my notes for this class had not saved, so are written from memory, I do apologise sincerely.

Westaway/Edmondson’s Teisgol Nimue by Perrdizcyo. Youngster who excelled on the move but looked good on the stacked and showed like a veteran she got better as the day went on and was shown in first class condition a real credit to her owners and a great example of her breed, would love to see her outside in a big ring, correct head ratio, neck of medium length, stifles well bent. RBB in good company.

Hill’s Novaforesta In A Nutshell Not quite the ring experience or showmanship of 1 but much to like, scores in body and bone with an appealing headset complimented by good dentition moved soundly and with ease just needs a little more impulsion.

PGD/B 9(3)

1. Blair’s Fidelix Infinity. Griffon, moderate, a little up on leg for my preference but scores in head and coat, has good bone and is well off for chest, has good feet, shows very well and moved around the ring with ease, showed to best advantage and headed a good class.

2. Ducreux/Palmer’s Snoopy Des Hauts de Rouillac (imp FRA). BDV not always showing to best advantage but really scores on the move, is classic in outline, lovely head, would prefer a touch less weight, very workmanlike and oh so sound, could easily go all day with some considerable ease, a pleasure to assess.

3. Moore’s Achouffe’s Summer Magic at Cavalmist.

OD/B 9(1)

1. Adams’ Swiss Sh Ch. Achouffe Philanderer ShCEx. Outstanding male who caught my eye immediately, there is nothing overdone but nothing moderate about him either, he is balanced fore and rear with correct proportions and a super jacket, beautifully presented in hard coat with a cracking head and expression, he just eats up the ring he shows so very well, I wish he was mine! BD & BOB.

2. Taylor’s Swiss Sh Ch. Fabpoint Pagan Through Pointoak WW23. This bitch is totally new to me but what a treat and what a privilege to judge, so very unlucky to meet 1, the breed must be so very proud of her, I find her so very hard to fault, she is showmanship personified and the rapport with her handler was the best I saw today, they are a professional partnership and I am certain we will see more of them, BB.

3. McCullough’s Fidelix Special Edition at Kimmax.

VD 1(0)

1. Blair’s Multi Ch. Igor V D Wielervelden at Fidelix (imp NLD). 8 year old griffon, so very typical, full of breed type with a super head and expression, lovely deep type and nice bone, moved so very well, unlucky to stand alone but a worthy class winner all the same, RBD & BV.