• Show Date: 26/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jennifer Millard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/11/2023

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla


27 OCT 23

My thanks to Midland Counties Canine Society for the invitation to award my first set of Challenge Certificates in this lovely breed. My best wishes to Eileen Hughes who was scheduled to judged but withdrew.

My first breed was the GWP, the wire coated HPRs have a special place in my heart and this appointment was much anticipated, I first judged the breed in 2006 and my thanks to all in the breed, most of who had entered today and have been supporting me until this appointment, it has been lovely to watch your dogs progress and indeed to have the opportunity to watch your dogs return to the ring with titles and fulfil early promise.

Temperaments were excellent, on the whole dogs were in superb hard condition, coats were in the main dense and hard and dentition in the main was correct, there was a lovely atmosphere ringside and my thanks to my two ring stewards who kept my ring running extremely smoothly. I thought the entry was of very high standard, my first three in open dog and first four in open bitch were all titled.


MPD 4(1)

1. Rooney’s Fitzrovia Born To Be Wild. Both the oldest and most mature of the class by some margin, classic harsh double jacket completely covering the skin, the most correct proportions of the class although I would still prefer more length, the best depth and width of chest in the class, correct bone and scores in moderate angles, pleasing head and expression complemented by profuse furnishings, sound on the move.

2. Campbell’s Haywire Texana Vadasz. Much to like, head very much appealed with plenty of stop, jacket shorter than 1 but nonetheless correct, not quite as settled, very sound and really covered the ground with a flowing stride, I preferred the head on this one but gave way on depth of chest and proportions.

3. Garstang’s Kisdon It’s A Cracker.

PD 4(1)

1. Rooney’s Fitzrovia Born To Be Wild. 1st in MPD.

2. Campbell’s Haywire Texana Vadasz. 2nd in MPD.

3. Coxhead’s Brecalde Keen Kes.

JD 1(0)

1. Moss’ Ewtor Barking at The Moon. Stood alone but quality none the same, particularly appreciated his size and disposition, appeared sensitive and affectionate, he has the ‘medium size’ with substance and bone without heaviness, what really appealed is his absolutely spot on, slightly longer body to height ratio which distinguishes this breed, and his jacket has just enough bite to be correct, his head and expression appeals and I have no doubt his time will come, he looked at home in a quality line up.

PGD 5(2)

1. Sauro/Gray’s Zenzoes Romeo with Oakberrow. A robust, workmanlike chap, a little higher on leg than I would prefer but that is compensated by good depth of chest, a level back and a slightly sloping croup, he scored on condition, being in super hard order, has a super dense coat and was ready to face the season ahead, right amount of bone, good tight feet, held himself well on the move, classic head and expression, although I rather got the impression he might have rather been with mum somewhere else.

2. Stephens’ Farnfield Pickpocket for Brightmeadow. Pushed all the way and I expect could easily change places, his coat is lighter but not incorrect, having sufficient ‘bite’ and texture, his proportions are good, and really scores in the typical level top-line which he holds so well on the move, the smaller ring didn’t do him justice, and he was unsettled which cost him a place, I suspect outside in a larger ring the places would have changed.

3. Tasker’s Zoldmail Ezmi (imp SRB).

LD 3(0)

1. Spillane’s Belatarr Kodiak. An eye-catching mature chap for one so young, he really is quite a picture, so much depth and so spot on with his body proportions, his coat is just right and balanced with the correct facial furnishings, he is of good height, complemented by nice feet, he has a good head, nice oval eye and nose of corresponding shade, level top-line and he showed exceptionally well, he has quite the arrogant attitude which I was taken with.

2. Elders’ Enryb Pink Panther. A slightly different type and challenging his handler all the way, I liked him very much but today he wasn’t quite putting his best foot forward and his top-line was sloping, slightly regrettably which was a shame, he offers more angulation to the rear and has a touch less bone, he is also softer in nature having a more naughty streak but he was in excellent condition, they could swap places but today just wasn’t his day.

3. Harris’ Fitzrovia Gideons Way.

OD 4(0)

1. Byrne’s Ch. Enryb Simply Red. Medium sized, wire coated and distinguished appearance, his jacket today was in first class order being harsh, close fitting and dense, he was in superb first class form, being in hard condition all over – quite literally the dog in best condition, his top-line was level and he was that fraction longer than he was tall, his bone made him medium and workmanlike without heaviness and he was sound, being critical I’d like a touch better coming towards but he headed a superb class of high quality exhibits and it gave me much pleasure to award him a challenge certificate in a super quality line of males, DCC.

2. Upton’s Sh Ch. Tragus Fox Appeal. A super quality exhibit, in no way showing his veteran age, pushed 1 all the way, what a rapport he has with his handler, they are so in sync, quite the team, classic outline, head you could look at all day being broad and slightly rounded and a little longer than muzzle, lovely slightly arched neck into good shoulders, balanced fore and rear, good coat and very well presented, oh so sound and really floats around the ring, the younger exhibit just had the edge on proportions, coat and condition today, but I suspect they regularly head classes together, RDCC.

3. Guest’s Ch. Bardantop Banoffee.

VD 1(0)

1. Newman’s Ch. Zoldmali Szeles Morganna JW. What a privilege it was to judge this outstanding exhibit, much admired by me and I couldn’t help but smile when I saw him stood in front of me, albeit alone, honest, balanced, nothing overdone, so very natural on the stack and effortless in movement, lovely depth, proportions, bone, and substance but with nothing overdone, a head you could admire all day, he has that ‘moderate stop’ you want in this breed, shown perfectly, today his side movement wasn’t quite as strong as the open dog sadly but he really challenged the very best and it was my absolute pleasure to assess him and see him stood in the final lineup.

SpBD 1(0)

1. Campbell’s Haywire Texana Vadasz. 2nd in MPD and 2nd in PD. BSpB.

MPB 3(1)

1. Dodd/Hayes’ Dolgos Nimrod Ohaj for Elfrindew (imp HUN). What an outline and well-schooled little lady she is, such a poppet, super top-line, lovely dense jacket, appealing head with that moderate stop and moderately broad skull, lovely neck, clean shoulders, good length to her upper arm, well bent stifles and good ribs, a really promising prospect, BP.

2. Bendikas’ Holsan Wild Ginger. A youngster at a different stage, getting used to the atmosphere and a little less together but her time will come, she scores in length and in coat which appeared very natural and she had correct furnishings, an appealing oval eye and well open nostrils, moderate but correct in angles, she covered the ground well.

JD 3(0)

1. Newman’s Morganna Anais Anais. Shapely young bitch where I gave her the benefit of the doubt on coat today, hope that there is more to come, I loved her for size, shape and proportions, would prefer a touch more stop, her level top-line is something many would envy on the move and she covers the ground very well, clean, smart and oh so honest, really moved out well with a typical rear driving action.

2. Rickman’s Herlinga Hextilda. I adored this girl, she has so much to give but she was carrying far too much condition which caused her to roll on the move and once you noticed it you couldn’t ignore, it affected her waistline on the stack too, she is quite lovely, and I would love to see her again another time when I suspect she could challenge the best.

PGB 3(2)

1. Connolly/Guest’s Bardantop Witchway Benmorbry. Workmanlike, honest, petite bitch in super jacket that I suspect takes no work, good depth, moderate angles, she is best on the move where she eats up the ground, driving from behind and covers it easily and effortlessly, I rather sensed she would much prefer to be elsewhere, which in some way, was rather charming!

LB 4(2)

1. Lewis’ Enryb Lily The Pink. Upstanding bitch with a good jacket, enthusiastic and active on the move, I would like a little more stop in her head, in angles she is balanced and she goes well for her handler, they do make quite the team, she is eye catching but in body she needs more depth to complete the otherwise attractive picture.

2. Smillie-Gray’s Oakberrow M’lady Gin. Pretty bitch who I suspect is sometimes overlooked but she is sound, she has depth and is spot on for proportions, for me her rear angles are a little more extreme than her fore, today she lost out on the move which was unfortunate as she has a lot to offer

OB 6(0)

1. Loynd’s Sh Ch. Enryb Tickled Pink JW. Young bitch who topped this excellent class and fought hard all the way, I thought her very much from the top drawer, she was moderate and with depth, a great jacket, tight feet, super proportions, a lovely head and showed very well, for me she just had the edge of showmanship on 2 today which won her the class, I was later told I had given her a group as a puppy and was pleased that she had fulfilled early potential having gained her title, I had no idea she was a full sister to the DCC winner, in the challenge I thought that the dog would win on maturity but the bitch was determined not be outdone, she stepped up a gear and moved so well and was rewarded with BCC & BOB.

2. Newman’s Sh Ch. Morganna Anise. I loved this bitch just as much as 1 but today she was fighting her handler all the way, I would have happily awarded her a challenge certificate, ultra feminine, so very sound, just a little lacking in enthusiasm and fighting her handler on the stack, I adored her size and construction, she looked like she could go all day, had to make do with the RBCC today.

3. Upton’s Sh Ch. Tragus Honey Bee JW.

VB 0(0)

SpBB 2(1)

1. Palmer/Avery’s Homeforge Azar. Sweet, taller, upstanding bitch of rich russet colour with a calm laid back disposition, showing well, in good order and showing a lovely rapport with the handler, adequate amount of bone, would prefer a little more substance but moved well and had a very kind eye.