• Show Date: 07/12/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jenna Betts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/01/2024

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Basset Fauve De Bretagne

As always it was a delight to judge this fabulous breed and I was pleased to find some excellent dogs in well filled classes. I was however surprised at how many had weak fronts with untidy elbows and feet that turned out, something for breeders to mindful of going forwards.

Puppy D (2)

1st Blevins’ Blevwil Apollo

7 months, well presented with pleasing substance for his age and good overall proportions. Good head shape and strong muzzle with black nose and big nostrils, muscular neck. Well rounded ribcage of correct length, moved well holding his topline.

2nd Jones’ Blevwil Helter Skelter

Also 7 months, a little higher on leg than 1 and still needing some time to fill out in front. Good width and shape to head with well folded ears, harsh coat, well angled rear and correct length tail.

Junior D (3,1)

1st Hayes & Hook’s Rangali Yum Nut

Masculine d, liked his overall proportions. Strong head and expression, good depth of muzzle and sufficient stop, correct length neck. Pleasing harsh coat. Front could be more positive but still held himself well on the move with sound rear action.

2nd Stevenson-Bramley’s Revenite Mr Hudson

Good size and sufficient bone, longer in back than 1. Balanced head with prominent occiput. Short muscular neck flowing cleanly into level topline, front feet turning out slightly. Good depth of chest and nicely angulated rear.

Post Grad D (0)

Limit D (4)

1st Jones’ Laserna Greatest Showman

Well balanced all through. Appealing head, dark oval eyes giving kind expression, slightly arched foreface with strong underjaw. Correct length neck leading into well laid shoulders, straight forelegs. Good depth of chest, ribs well rounded. Balanced rear, moved soundly and easily with good tail carriage.

2nd Freudenreich’s Rangali Shimmy Jimmy

17 months with masculine head and pleasing substance, short strong neck and good depth of chest. Good front with straight forelegs and tight feet. Strong well ribbed body and level topline, excellent coat texture. Moved well in all directions with well set tail of correct length but carried a tad high today.

3rd Carter’s Gouvier Espresso Martini JW

Open D (5,1)

1st Robertson’s Dyfrgi’s Explosion W with Soletrader (Swed Imp)

Superb example of the breed, full of type and friendly personality with the balance and soundness I was looking for. Excellent head of correct width and shape, well folded ears and dark oval eyes, strong foreface and underjaw. Short muscular neck flowing into an ideal front, excellent shoulder layback and tidy elbows, plenty of forechest and straight forelegs. Well rounded ribs of good depth, strong level topline and correct tail set. Muscular well balanced rear. Excellent harsh coat. Moved with easy strides holding himself proudly. CC & BOB, delighted to learn this made him up.

2nd Blevins’ Blevwil Now or Never Again

A worthy d I liked very much, well matured, pleasing size and substance with a clean balanced outline and good coat. Masculine head and expression with dark eyes and big black nose. Good front with strong pasterns and tidy feet, ample forechest. Well ribbed with level topline and strong loin, well set thick tail of correct length. Moved soundly with good reach and drive from strong well angled rear. RCC.

3rd Wederell’s Rangali Jedi Master He Is

Good Citizen D (1)

1st Hayes & Hook’s Rangali Yum Nut

Veteran D/B (0)

Puppy B (2)

1st Blevins’ Blevwil Phoenix

Sweet and exciting baby of 7 months, super bone for her age and so sound all over. Feminine well balanced head with sufficient stop, dark eye and strong underjaw. Clean neck, well laid shoulders and good forechest already. Standing on chunky tight feet. Well rounded ribs with firm topline, good rear angulation. Held her outline well on the move, taking lively and easy strides. BP.

2nd Ashton’s Blevwil House of Mirrors avec Kitesprite

Also 7 months, with good harsh coat texture. OK for bone at this stage of maturity, well shaped supple ears of correct length, a little long in foreface. Good length of neck but would like more layback of shoulder. Tidy feet and sufficient rear angulation.

Junior B (3,1)

1st Stevenson-Bramley’s Revenite Mrs Bridges

Well constructed throughout with a feminine head and expression, nicely domed skull, good strength of foreface and dark pigmentation. Muscular neck and good shoulders, well boned forelegs and balanced in length of back. Balanced in rear and moving soundly covering ground well in profile.

2nd Carter’s Rangali Booty Licious

Pleasing bone and an excellent harsh flat coat, well proportioned head and short muscular neck. Well rounded ribs and good depth of chest. Would like a fraction more length of leg but good tight feet and muscular balanced rear. Moved happily and well holding her shape.

Post Grad B (5,1)

1st Revens & Hyde’s Beabass Tulia

Liked her balance when stacked. Well set and folded ears, good neck and shoulders, forelegs could could be straighter but of good length. Ribcage of good depth and shape, tail well set and correct length. Topline held well on the move, easy ground coverage especially in profile which won her the class.

2nd Carter’s Rangali Booty Licious

3rd Allenby’s Rangali French Fancy

Limit B (5,1)

1st Leech’s Mochras Mahmalade by Jamchala JW

18 months presenting a pleasing balanced outline. Strong but feminine head with good earset, clean neck and firm topline. Well boned tidy front with good depth of chest, tight feet and balanced rear. Sound on the move in all directions, holding topline well.

2nd Stevenson-Bailey’s Shiroblam Seal of Approval

Smart b of good size, solidly made with ideal overall proportions. Good head shape with pleasing dark eyes and nose, well laid shoulders and well rounded ribcage of good length. Used her unexaggerated rear to drive easily on the move.

3rd Carter’s Rangali Booty Licious

Open B (8,2)

A strong class with much to like about each, a pleasure to judge.

1st Thornton & Leech’s Ch Mochras Mahgaux JW

Litter sister to 1st LB and similar in many ways. So sound and pleasing to go over with an excellent harsh coat. Feminine head with strong foreface and correct stop, well folded supple ears. Excellent front construction with pleasing forechest and tidy elbows, well boned straight forelegs with good tight feet and short nails. Well ribbed with correct length of back, strong well angulated rear with good tail set and carriage. Moved soundly covering the ground easily with typical quick strides. She shows just how well made she is with an impressive free stack. At just 18 months old I’m sure there will be more to come for her. CC.

2nd Jones’ Laserna Fleur De Lys

My RCC winner last time I judged and one I still rate very highly. Shown in super condition with good harsh coat, attractive head and friendly expression, muscular neck of correct length leading smoothly into well laid shoulders and well boned tidy front. Excellent forechest of good depth and well rounded ribs extending well back. Well balanced rear used to drive easily on the move with good reach in front. RCC.

3rd Blevins’ Ir Ch Blevwil Rosie

Good Citizen B (0)