• Show Date: 07/12/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jenna Betts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/01/2024

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)

I very much appreciated this lovely entry which I had been looking forward to for a long time. Quality as always was mixed but it was a real treat to judge some well filled classes and find some promising youngsters. All were presented in good clean condition and displayed typical happy temperaments.

Puppy D (2)

1st Cadmore & Neill’s Soletrader Times Square

7 months and looking at the right stage of maturity for his age, liked his balanced masculine head with dark oval eyes giving a lovely expression. Strong underjaw and well folded low set ears. Well laid shoulders with a good amount of forechest for his age, tidy elbows and neat feet. Well shaped ribs, level topline and good tailset, moved soundly and had the slight edge on front action in this class, good drive from balanced rear.

2nd Bartley’s Erylan Poseidon De La Mer

A promising 11 month old with a pleasing balanced outline. Strong well furnished head with dark eyes, muscular neck of good length leading into firm topline. Well boned front and good depth of chest, moved well especially in profile where he covers the ground with easy long strides, well set tail carried proudly.

Junior D (2)

1st Robertson’s Ch Soletrader Happy as Larry

Mature and well bodied 16 month old, very soundly made and masculine with good hard coat. Clean well laid shoulders, good upper arm and deep prominent forechest, chunky tight feet with short strong nails. Well rounded ribs, strong muscular well angled rear with correct tail set. Moved soundly and with ease holding his topline well.

2nd Reid’s Maudaxi Fonzie Foxtrot

14 months, a different type to 1, finer in bone and slightly longer. Good head properties with low set supple ears. Clean neck leading into good topline, neat elbows. Well set tail of correct length and good coat texture.

Post Grad D (1)

1st Allen & Gilluley’s Ballencrieff Figgy Pudding

Masculine and with a thick harsh coat, good pigmentation and strong foreface. Good earset and length but would like a little more fold, pleasing length of neck and depth of body. Would like elbows to be neater but scores in rear angulation, moved with plenty of enthusiasm and drive from behind.

Limit D (3)

1st Brown’s Soletrader Fabioquartaro

Smart and well presented with pleasing substance all through. Nicely shaped skull with good earset, strong square muzzle and good pigmentation. Strong neck leading into well laid shoulders, a little long in back but with level topline which he held well. Muscular well balanced rear provided him with plenty of drive, well set tail carried well.

2nd Scott’s Overbecks Tommy Shelby

Another with pleasing bone, coat quite abundant but of good harsh texture and soundly made underneath it. Masculine head with dark eyes and good ear set, pleasing shoulders and prominent forechest of good depth. Moved soundly and true but without the verve of 1.

3rd Townsend’s Afterglow Curtain Call avec Roxastan

Open D (8,1)

1st Cadmore, Hayes & Moore’s Ch & Am Ch M and M’s Stellar Mayhem and Madness (Imp USA)

Smart and well balanced with pleasing overall proportions and hard coat. Correct shape and width to skull, good stop and dark pigment. Long neck leading into excellent tidy front with good length of upper arm, straight forelegs and strong pasterns. Good forechest. Correct length of back with level topline and high tail set, balanced well muscled rear. Moved true holding his shape and covering the ground with ease in profile. RCC.

2nd Bartley’s Erylan Zeus Roi Des Dieux ShCEx

Liked the balanced outline of this striking d, well proportioned head with strong underjaw and low set ears of correct length. Well laid shoulders and neat elbows, well rounded ribcage of good length and depth, firm topline and well set tail. Smart unexaggerated rear, free and true on the move in all directions.

3rd Lewin’s Ch Soletrader Special Effect for Vynesbrook JW

Good Citizen D (1)

1st Townsend’s Afterglow Curtain Call avec Roxastan

Built along larger lines with a thick coat of good harsh texture. Good head shape with low ear set, muscular neck and well boned forelegs, front feet turning out slightly. Good depth of body. Strong muscular rear used to drive well although has a tendency to carry his tail a little high.

Veteran D/B (6,1)

1st Brown’s Ch Soletrader Valentino Rossi

My BP last time I judged, now 8 and good to see him again as a veteran in great shape and condition. Good size and proportions, masculine head of good shape with strong square muzzle, good stop and dark pigment. Long strong neck leading into excellent tidy front construction with good length upper arm and prominent forechest. Straight forelegs. Well rounded ribs extending well back, level topline with well muscled loins, well set tail of correct length. Moved effortlessly round the ring with good reach in front and especially good drive from well muscled rear, carrying himself proudly and holding his strong topline. CC.

2nd Gilluley’s Caldewriver Legally Blonde of Ballencrieff

Just 7yrs, appealed here for her correct length of leg and pleasing balanced outline. Feminine head with well folded supple ears, reachy neck, pleasing front and good depth of chest. Good topline and high tail set, balanced rear. Sound and easy athletic movement especially in profile where she showed excellent reach and drive.

3rd Scott’s Ch Overbecks Kathy Tiere

Puppy B (3)

1st Blance’s Soletrader Tina Turner

9 months, super feminine head and dark oval eyes giving a lovely expression, good ear set. Long neck, well laid shoulders and tidy front, straight well boned forelegs and good developing forechest. Good shape and length ribcage and ideal length of back with firm level topline, tail of correct length set on high. Strong rear with good bend of stifle, moved easily and true with proud carriage, covering the ground easily. RCC & BP.

2nd Huikeshoven’s Jour Apres Jour Sparkling Apple Punch

6 months, super puppy full of type who pushed 1 hard and no doubt will have a bright future. Another feminine head with darkest of eyes, strong muzzle and low ear set, strong neck and excellent front. Good depth of chest and level topline, slightly shorter in back than 1. Well angulated rear with correct tail set, super harsh coat. Moved precisely with effortless strides.

3rd Taylor’s Erylan Pois De Senteur for Nottorg

Junior B (3,1)

1st Townsend’s Overbecks Esme Shelby at Roxastan

14 months, attractive head with good eye shape and long eyelashes. Would like more reach of neck but well boned forelegs and good depth of chest. A little long in back, well angulated rear and good rough coat, moving well.

2nd Moore’s Probert Calypso

15 months, a finer b with excellent harsh coat, sweet expression and good dark pigmentation. Good shoulders but not as long in upper arm as 1st and with a tendency to turn front feet out slightly. Level topline and short tail carried well, unexaggerated rear, moved smartly.

Post Grad B (4)

1st Gilluley & Allen’s Ballencrieff Jingle Belle

Balanced head with strong foreface and pleasing pigmentation. Long neck, good layback of shoulder and sufficient forechest. Well boned front with tight feet and short nails, balanced rear with good high tail set. Well bodied with a good harsh coat, moved happily and soundly to win the class.

2nd Moulding’s Nykarth Touch of Class

Pleasing outline when stacked, super dark eyes and well furnished with coat of correct texture. Well made front with prominent sternum and well angulated rear to match, well ribbed although would like to see her with a little more body condition. Moved steadily, true coming and going.

3rd Bishop’s Jamar Miss Skylar

Limit B (8,1)

1st Huikeshoven’s Tumtums Fifi La Fume

Just 19 months, oozing breed type and combining strength and femininity. Ideal for size with a super harsh coat. Balanced head and dark eye, strong square muzzle, good stop and low set well folded ears of correct length. Reachy neck flowing smoothly into the best of fronts, neat elbows and well boned straight forelegs with tight well padded feet. Prominent forechest of good depth, firm well ribbed body of correct length, level topline and well set tail. Muscular rear with good bend of stifle. True easy action on the move, covering plenty of ground and holding her balanced outline at all times. CC & BOB.

2nd Wood’s Beaujons Leading Lady JW

Solidly made with pleasing overall balance and thick hard coat. Attractive head with a good underjaw and big black nose, well set ears. Good length neck and pleasing tidy front assembly with straight forelegs and strong pasterns. Well rounded ribcage of good length and depth, well muscled over loin, balanced rear angulation. Lively and animated on the move with especially pleasing front action and good drive from behind.

3rd Foote & Mcaulay’s Erylan Fantastique Freya Ir J Ch CJW22

Open B (7,2)

1st Cooper & Cadmore’s Ch Soletrader Missy Elliott JW

Still a youngster at 20 months, compact with a good harsh coat and very sound to go over. Feminine well proportioned head with dark well shaped eyes, strong muzzle of correct length and good stop. Long muscular neck leading into well laid shoulders, tidy elbows and well boned straight forelegs. Neat well padded feet with short nails. Solid well ribbed body with level topline and well set very short tail. Moved soundly with proud carriage and efficient long strides in profile, plenty of drive from strong rear.

2nd Foote & Mcaulay’s Ir Ch & Ch Erylan Hera La Reine ShCEx

Well balanced with ideal overall proportions and good substance, neatly presented. Strong head properties, balanced skull with low set supple ears. Good length muscular neck, front with long upper arm and straight forelegs. Pleasing forechest of good depth, well rounded ribs and firm topline. Muscular well angulated rear, moved soundly and true covering the ground well and holding her outline at all times.

3rd Scott’s Ch Soletrader Langham Rose for Overbecks

Good Citizen B (2)

1st Foote & Mcaulay’s Ir Ch Clonallan Just Beginning avec Erylan ShCM V

Shown in super shape and condition, looking much younger than her 10 years. From a slightly larger mould with great substance, balanced head with strong underjaw, good neck and pleasing prominent forechest. Tidy front, well ribbed body of good length and balanced rear. Moved proudly and easily with good tail carriage. Thick harsh coat.

2nd Whiting’s Tangaer Enigma at Glanbeuno

Finely made and of good size with excellent coat texture. Good shoulders, tidy elbows, feet a little flat. Good topline and length of back, moved well.