• Show Date: 09/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Tibetan Mastiff

CRUFTS. Tibetan Mastiff

Numerically this was a good entry. I felt very sorry for those who missed their classes. Im very sad to say that in my opinion the breed is not in a good place.The depth of quality is jyst not there. Poor hind action has always been there, but it really hasn’t improved at all – and yet some of the dogs from outside the UK have excellent hind action. I think many are too short on leg, and so the whole balance of the dog is not right. A couple of less than perfect bites. More than a few soft toplines. I am of course well aware of what the colour clause of the UK standard states, however there are no disqualifications in the UK, and where I forgave colour it was because the virtues were so much greater than the opposition. Colour is an issue for the club to address. British breeders do really have a hard task. On a positive note the BOB winner really attracted favourable attention to the breed and in my opinion was quite magnificent, and put on a great performance to take Group 2. I hope he will return to the UK and take his UK title.

Veteran D (2,1)

1ST 6458 - Ch Legenda Tibeta Tsehovik (Imp Rus) (Mr T D & Mrs C M Lowes)

Very free moving masc d of v good type. Has a well balanced head. Strong neck. Moderate and well balanced angulation. Deep chest. Holds a firm topline. BV

Puppy d (2 abs)

Junior d (3)

Nice class – gave me hope that the breed was on the up – soon to be disappointed.

1ST 6459 - Plmlch Tytan Bisurman (Mrs Justy Musiał)

Free moving d who is v good up and back as well as in profile. Would not want any more coat. Masc head, slightly lippy. Strong neck. Good front. Excellent pasterns and feet. Well ribbed. Firm in topline. Moderate rear. RCC

2ND 6445 - Kentwone Apus (ay4) (Mrs S Drinkwater)

V good profile mover. Just a bit narrow in skull and too much lip. Has a strong neck. Shoulder is ok. Slack in pastern and feet. Super body. V good rear. Better width to his chest than 3.

3RD 6464 - Brandon Stark from Recsan Park (Mr Gyula Recsan)

Post grad d (1)

1ST 6462 - Dokhyi Tbet Gyalpo Chi An (Mr P & Dr L Sampson)

He is a free moving d with a v typical side gait. Excellent going away but could be firmer in front. Would like more width to his skull. Strong neck of correct length. Well laid shoulder. Topline could be firmer. Well bent stifle with low hocks.

Limit d (3,2)

1ST 6455 - Showbull Country Bumkin (Miss N Love)

Ponderous and deliberate mover. Could have a bit more leg for his depth of body. Masc head. Medium beck. Moderate front angulation and more moderate at the gear. V well bodied. Topline is level.

Open d (5,3)

1ST 6446 - Fr Ch Rongshai Du Domaine De Toundra (Mrs S Haeffele)

Super outline and proportions.. He is v well balanced in his angulation. He has a lengthy and even stride and is v good out and back, totally typical in his carriage. He has a v good head. Strong neck. Deep chest with good leg length. Level and strong topline. V good coat texture. No dog is perfect but this is magnificent. CC, BOB and G2.

2ND 6467 - Ir Ch Petro-Prestige Ikar of Tamdrin (Mr T Dowey)

Slightly longer cast d. He has a v good head.. Has a v good neck. Well ribbed back. Holds his topline well. Liked his rear. Went v well.

Good citizen d (2)

1ST 6455 - Showbull Country Bumkin (Miss N Love)

 2ND 6462 - Dokhyi Tbet Gyalpo Chi An (Mr P & Dr L Sampson)

Veteran b (2)

1ST 6441 - Wilsontus Raynette at Morganridge (Miss M & Mr G Corfield & Morgan)

Has the best proportions of these 2. Fem head with strength. Enough neck. Quite a good front. Topline could be better. V moderate rear. Could be better in out and back movement.

2ND 6469 - Hun/sk/hr/ro/srb/m Ch Medegma Altanseseg (Miss M Gálos)

Good moving b, very heavy and wide in body. She has a fem head. Medium neck more angulation at the rear than front. V well presented.

Puppy b ne

Junior b (5,1)

1ST 6440 - Swi Ch Thinley Wushu Kha-Li Du Domaine De Toundra (Mr F Concha)

Liked her proportions. She had the best head and front in class. She is fem with strength. Correct neck. Well ribbed back moderate rear. One of the few in class to move with any width at the rear.

2ND 6466 - Wilsontus Xara (Mr A M C Towers)

V promising young b, just needs to develop in head. She has a lengthy neck. Better front than those behind her. Well ribbed body. Firm topline. Could use her rear better. In super muscle.

3RD 6449 - Callowdale Midnight Star (Mr R & Mrs D Jackson)

Post grad b (3,1)

Fairly close between this pair, both quite different.

1ST 6454 - Callowdale Gingersnap (Prof J King)

She is better in leg length than 2, but also is a fraction too long. Liked her head. Enough neck. Moderate front. Too narrow in chest. Topline rises. Moderate rear. Better hind action than 2.

2ND 6442 - Wilsontus Uma at Morganridge (Miss M & Mr G Corfield & Morgan)

She is just a little low on leg for her length. She has a fem head of strength. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front. Well enough ribbed back. Moderate rear. Rather close going away.

Limit b (2)

1ST 6457 - Callowdale Hermione (Mr T D & Mrs C M Lowes)

Won class on her better hind action. She has a well proportioned head. Medium neck. Deep chest but rather narrow in front. Well ribbed back. Firm in topline. Moderate rear.

2ND 6465 - Callowdale Desert Sand (Mr A M C Towers)

This b is v good to go over, sadly rather untidy out and back. Liked her head. Lengthy beck. Well laid shoulder. Moderate rear. Topline could be firmer. Standing I really liked her.

Open b (6,1)

1ST 6470 - Ortipo Black Candy H Jch, Sk Jch, H Ch (Miss M Gálos)

Such a good moving b who has an excellent outline. She has a strong head with good width. Medium neck. Her angulations are balanced and moderate. Well bodied. Firm in topline. Could be better in out and back movement. When does rich golden become red? CC

2ND 6437 - Ch Wangdak Cherry of Baarnayotms (Mrs H & Miss R Asquith)

She is w well proportioned and very typical b. Liked her fem head. Lengthy neck. Could be firmer in pastern and her topline is slightly slack. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Ok out and back and balanced in profile. RCC

3RD 6461 - Ch Legenda Tibeta Evelin at Shellonbear (Imp Rus) (Mr J & Mrs M Porteus)

Good Citizen B (3)

1ST 6437 - Ch Wangdak Cherry of Baarnayotms (Mrs H & Miss R Asquith)

 2ND 6441 - Wilsontus Raynette at Morganridge (Miss M & Mr G Corfield & Morgan)

 3RD 6442 - Wilsontus Uma at Morganridge (Miss M & Mr G Corfield & Morgan)

Jeff Horswell