• Show Date: 06/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Chihuahua (Long Coat)

East of England

Long Coat Chihuahua

Interesting to judge this variety as I judged the Smooths at the end of last year. I thought Long-Coats to be in a good place, temperaments were excellent, only a few mouths that could be better, and generally sound. Some really lovely dogs here today.

Minor Puppy D. (1)

1st Place 5853 - Tampico Samson Winchis NAF (Miss L Hargreaves)

Good moving pup of a v good shape. Still in his puppy coat. Large eyes with a good expression. Well set ears. Enough neck liked his front and rear angulation. Level topline. Carries tail too close to his back. Lots of promise.

Puppy d. Ne

Junior d (3,1)

1st Place 5875 - Crownlakes Denis The Menace (Miss D Mason)

Really showman, liked his outline, which he holds on the move. Good head, eyes are dark and expressive. Well set ears used well. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder. Holds a level topline. Good rear. Holds his tail well. Correct coat. Stylish on the move.

2nd Place 5873 - Leathea's Rockstar Dj (Miss S E Martin)

He is v well made, just needs a little more confidence on the table. Large eyes. Well set ears. Medium neck. His angulation is well balanced. Better topline than 3.

3rd Place 5865 - Jahneemahs Eye Candy (Mrs E Huntley)

Graduate d (3,2)

1st Place 5862 - Hollichi Halo (Mrs K L Hollister)

V good mover,. Masc head with good skull. Would like better eyes. Well set ears. Medium neck. Straight front legs. Just a fraction long and topline could be more level. Well made rear. Correct coat.

Post grad d (1)

1st Place 5872 - Leathea's Mums Little Star (Miss S E Martin)

Very sound d. Has a good skull, wouldn’t want him any longer in muzzle. Large, dark eyes. He could have more neck. His angulation is balanced. Topline ok. In good coat .

Limit d (2,1)

1st Place 5889 - Starceylon God of Thunder JW (Mr C & Mrs L Tyson)

V good moving d, full of himself on the floor but a little unsure on the table today. Like his head. Lovely eyes and ears. Enough neck. A little long in back. Good rear. Well carried tail. Thick coat.

Open d (9,1)

After the sparsely filled classes this was a very good class that took a lot of sorting out, all were slightly different. Plenty of dogs worthy of winning CCs here.

1st Place 5866 - Ch Natimuk Beaumont (Mrs E Huntley)

He has a super head, well balanced, good skull and super ears than 2. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Grand body. Level topline.. Enough turn of stifle. Accurate on the move. Liked his coat. Fell for his head. CC & BOB

2nd Place 5845 - Lobo De El Capricho Espjch (Ms O Armendariz)

Youngster of the class. Liked his proportions. He has a v good head. Lovely eye shape. Enough neck. Can still firm slightly in front and could carry just a little more weight. Well made front and rear. Super coat and tail. RCC and should gain his title.

3rd Place 5857 - Ch/jpn Ch Peregrine Jp Chance Is Coming (Imp Jpn) (Mr W E & Ms J Heap & Palmer)

Veteran d (3)

1st Place 5856 - Ch Penapettit Platinum (Mr W E & Ms J Heap & Palmer)

In v good form. He has a pleasing head, good eye and expression. Well set ears. Lengthy neck. Well made front. Super coat and carries himself well. Quality Chi. BV

2nd Place 5877 - Chantico's Shooting Star Amid Parkbow (Mrs J D & Miss H S Parker & Bowen-Parker)

Liked his head, large, dark eyes and well set ears. More neck than 3. Level in topline.

3rd Place 5876 - Bermac Blazing Glory JW (Ms A Mcallister)

SB d. Ne

Minor puppy b (1)

1st Place 5847 - Parkbow Yes It’s Allowed NAF TAF (Miss L Bowen-Parker)

Clever name, wonder where the brindle colour came from. V much a baby. Like her proportions. Eyes could be larger. Lengthy neck. Needs to develop in chest. Level topline. Well bent stifle.

Puppy b (2)

1st Place 5883 - Tidos Rock Queen (Mrs S Robson)

She was the better mover of this promising pair. Liked her head, v good skull, well set ears. Dark eyes. Has a medium neck. Can firm in her topline. Carries her tail v well

2nd Place 5871 - Ridgehawk Shenna Girl (Mrs S J Lee)

Nice proportions. Lovely skull and good shape to her muzzle. Medium neck. Slightly long in back, but topline is firm. Well carried tail. Just needs to firm up.

Junior b (6,2)

1st Place 5884 - Copymear Reign On My Parade with Yorone (Mr S J Rooney)

Baby of the class and looks her age, but a super prospect. Liked her proportions. V good head with apple skull, large eyes and well set ears. Enough neck. Well made front and rear. Turns feet out slightly on table but straight on the move. Level topline. V good tail set and carriage. Lovely mover. She never stopped showing and her showmanship, together with being so well made handed her the CC.

2nd Place 5851 - I'm A Dream Adeline Is My Name (Imp Ita) (Mrs D Fothergill)

Liked her head, good skull with large eyes. Well set ears. Lengthy neck. Just a bit longer than 1. Well made front. Deep chest and well sprung ribs. Level topline. Correct coat. Well carried tail.

3rd Place 5868 - Flickan Fragrant Flower (Mrs P A Jones)

Graduate b (6,3)

1st Place 5885 - Rushwarden Gold Charm with Tidos (Mr S & Mrs S Rushton & Robson)

V promising pup who won this class with ease. She is so v feminine. Well shaped head. Good eyes and ears. Enough neck. Slightly wide in the front. Well bodied. Super tail well bent stifle. Liked her proportions. BP

2nd Place 5881 - Mystic Legion Margarita (Mrs K Pitts)

She is a bit long for her height. Ears are carried too high and not really happy, but ahe goes with tail up. Large eyes. Enough neck. Balanced in angulation.

3rd Place 5888 - Sable Diamond (Miss J Thornton)

Post grad b (3)

1st Place 5890 - Starceylon The Ice Queen JW (Mr C & Mrs L Tyson)

Liked her proportions. Has a v good head. Correct skull. Ears are ok. Super eyes. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Moderate in rear. Good mover.

2nd Place 5880 - Mystic Legion Kahlua (Mrs K Pitts)

Carrying a little excess body. She has a well proportioned head. Ears are good. Dark eyes. Medium neck. Level topline. V good tail.

3rd withheld. Not happy and I thought lacked type for a top 3 card.

Limit b. (5)

First 2 v close up, different virtues.

1st Place 5867 - Flickan Figurine JW (Mrs P A Jones)

She made the most of herself when it mattered. She has a fem head. Muzzle and skull in v good balance with dark eyes and well set ears. Medium neck. Has a good coat. Well bodied, level topline. V good tail correct coat moves so v well.

2nd Place 5864 - Moltobello Ice Princess JW (Mrs S T J Hunt)

Liked her size. She has a good head, not always using ears. Medium neck. Runs up slightly in topline. Well bodied. Liked her angulation front and rear. Super coat.

3rd Place 5860 - Kirdanchi La Sylphide JW (Mrs S Holland-Smith)

Open b (6,1)

Good class.

1st Place 5863 - Ch Denique Glory Be at Bramerita (Mr K & Mrs S Hornby)

She is such a good mover, accurate and goes with a v typical action. Her head is fem, super skull. V good muzzle. Lovely eyes. Enough neck. Best shoulder in the class. Long enough. Level topline. Correct tail. She is in super body. Correct coat. In the challenge refused to use her ears at all and messed about moving. RCC on her lovely construction.

2nd Place 5861 - Kirdanchi Sugarplum Fairy JW (Mrs S Holland-Smith)

Smaller than 1. She too has a v good head. Well set ears. Good eyes. Medium neck. Not quite as solid in body as 1. She has a level topline. Well set and carried tail. Correct coat. Could have more turn of stifle.

3rd Place 5855 - Ch Maciendas Gaia (Mr W E & Ms J Heap & Palmer)

Veteran b (2)

1st Place 5852 - Ch Tampico Princess Ellimay (Miss L Hargreaves)

In super condition and moved well. Like he well set ears. Medium neck. Slightly long in back, topline is level. Grand body.

2nd Place 5874 - Catwalk Queen of Crownlake (Miss D Mason)

She too is a little long. She has a v good head, with dark, expressive eyes. Enough neck. Forward in shoulder and her topline slopes slightly. Went well.

Sb b. (3,1)

1st Place 5847 - Parkbow Yes It’s Allowed NAF TAF (Miss L Bowen-Parker)

2nd Place 5888 - Sable Diamond (Miss J Thornton)

She is a nice shape and sound mover, sadly tail down all the time. Liked her head. Well set ears. In lovely condition.

Jeff Horswell