• Show Date: 04/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

Birmingham National

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

A decent number entered and I thought a very sporting atmosphere. I found them to be quite mixed in type. Fronts are never easy to get right in this breed, but thankfully very few had legs that were too bent. Small ears that are high set continue to be a concern. A couple of rather questionable bites. All were well presented and in good muscle.

S beginners d. N

Minor puppy d. Ne

Puppy d (1 abs

Junior d (3,1)

1st: 1940 TAYLOR, Mrs Thelma & TAYLOR, Miss Brooke Tamlin Razor Crest

Promising puppy of v good proportions. He has a well balanced head, correct eyes and ears. Lengthy neck with a well laid shoulder. Could have a longer upper arm. V good feet. Well ribbed back. Ok in loin. Moderate bent of stifle with low hocks. Goes around with a lengthy stride. Topline can just settle slightly. Really good d.RCC & BP


He has a super head, lovely eyes and ears are ok. Lengthy neck, ok shoulder, lengthy upper arm. Wrap round front. He is well ribbed back and level in topline. More moderate in rear than 1. Holds his outline v well, could just have a longer stride.

Yearling d. Ne

Post grad d (2)


Delightful temperament, think he would look better carrying less weight. He is rather deep in stop and could have a slightly wider skull. Well set ears. Ok front, good legs and feet. Well sprung ribs. Topline could be firmer. Moderate rear. Tail carriage is just about ok. Could use his rear better.

2nd: 1929 JAMES, Mrs J A Keerside Glenkiln at Bwthyn

Liked his outline stood. He has a well balanced head, if slightly narrower than ideal. Medium neck. Could have a better shoulder. Nice feet. Moderate rear. Very happy dog, tail is carried very high.

Limit d ne

Open d (5)

Quite a varied class, having to balance lots of things.

1st: 1924 FROSDICK, Miss K Mistycor Apollo Back To Black For Kalwig (Imp Rus)

He is a well made and sound typy Cardigan. Could put a little more effort into his showing. Liked his head, which is masculine and well proportioned. Good width of skull. Well set ears. Liked his expression. Good forechest. Lengthy neck. Typical front with better feet than 2. Well ribbed. Level topline. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Looked better moving round than standing. CC, congratulations on your new Champion.

2nd: 1937 TAYLOR, Mrs Thelma & TAYLOR, Miss Brooke Handskes Just A Gigolo At Tamlin

Liked his outline. Just a bit strong in head and could have a better expression. Super ears. Lengthy neck. Could have better legs. He is ok in shoulder a little short in upper arm. Deep chest well ribbed. Moderate rear. Holds himself well on move. BV

3rd: 1942 WILLIAMS, Miss Bethan & JAMES, Mrs J Ch Bwthyn Headliner JW Sh.CM ShCEx VW

Veteran d (3,1)

1st: 1930 JAMES, Mrs J A Bwthyn All Rights Reserved

Better mover of these, could carry a little less body. Liked his head, well proportioned. Good eye and expression, ears could be larger. Medium neck. Could he longer in rib cage.

2nd: 1920 FROGGATT, Mr R V & Mrs C A Gerefa Ghost Rider

Liked his overall proportions. Pleasing in head with super ears. Shorter in neck than 1. Could be better in front legs and feet. Well sprung ribs. Firm topline. V moderate rear and could just stride more.

S beginners b. (2,1)

1st: 1936 SMITH, Mrs T Ceranda Gower Diamond

Really promising young b, she is feminine and very typical. Super head, correct eye. Uses her well set large ears well. Enough neck. Shoulder quite well laid. Slightly short in upper arm and feet can tighten. Well sprung ribs which could go further back. Topline is ok. Well made rear. In super hard condition. Good mover. Congratulations on winning SB group

Minor puppy b (2)


Needs to gain confidence as she goes along but thought her a v promising typy b. Liked her fem head, maybe a fraction long in muzzle. Super ears. Long neck with well laid shoulders. Front could be more wrap round. Well ribbed. V good rear. Holds her outline moving.


She too needs more confidence but has a lot to like. Head is well proportioned.

I found her slightly small in eye. Enough neck. Front and rear are well balanced, giving a pleasing stride. Carrying a little excess puppy weight.

Puppy b (3,1)

Both very different in type.


I wouldn’t want this b to be any longer, and wouldn’t want 2 and shorter, She held the best shape moving round, still needs to develop in confidence. She has a v good head. Ears are large enough. Long neck. Short in upper arm. More of a wrap round front than 2. Well sprung ribs that go well back. Well angulated rear.

2nd: 1941 TAYLOR, Mrs Thelma & TAYLOR, Miss Brooke Tamlin Rogue Shadow

She needs more confidence on the move. Has a well proportioned head. Long neck. Rather straight in front legs. Well spring ribs which could go back further. Has enough hind angulation.

Junior b (2)

1st: 1936 SMITH, Mrs T Ceranda Gower Diamond

2nd: 1926 HUNT, Ms Denise Kerman Caught Ya Lookin At Huntsville

Sound b in super muscle, could just be a bit more of her. Muzzle to skull are well proportioned. Well set ears of a good size. Medium neck. Short in upper arm. Topline tends to rise. V moderate rear. Shows so v well.

Yearling b (2)


Liked her for type. She has a fem head. Good eye and expression. Ears could be larger. Has enough neck. Needs more forechest. Well sprung ribs that could expend back further. Medium hind angulation. Holds a level topline with well carried tail and a balanced stride.

2nd: 1917 EVANS, Mrs Rosemarie Lidoffad llew gwyllt

She has super ears. Well balanced muzzle to skull. More neck than 1. Feet could be better. Well sprung ribs. Very moderate rear. Tail carriage detracts. Fairly good mover.

Post grad b (4,1)

All 3 different for type.

1st: 1932 LANGFORD, Mrs C A Keerside Palmaddy Burn of Caprian

I liked her outline, which she held on the move. Fem head of good proportions. Ears are rather higher set than ideal and slightly hooded. Lengthy neck into a well laid shoulder. Long and sloping upper arm. Wrap round front although feet turn out a fraction more than ideal. Well spring ribs. Firm in topline. Moderate rear. Liked her coat. Used herself well on move.

2nd: 1925 HUNT, Ms Denise Kalwig Believe In Magic For Huntsville

Better in temperament than 3 and holds herself so well moving. Well balanced head if a little plain. Long neck. Front is ok. Good rear. Rather between coats.

3rd: 1912 DAVIES, Mrs C Ceranda Something Special

Limit b (4,1)

Thought this the most even class for type so far, and all 3 were rather proud of their tails.

1st: 1938 TAYLOR, Mrs Thelma & TAYLOR, Miss Brooke Wildcard Lilibet At Tamlin

She has the most super head. Well shaped eye. Super ears. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Just enough forechest. Legs are ok. Super body. Better underline than 2. Well ribbed. Level in topline. Moderate rear. Good mover. RCC

2nd: 1934 ROBERTS, Mrs V A A Ray of Sunshine at Kogarahs (Imp)

Good moving b who shows so v well. Her head is very typical. Liked her ears. Enough neck into well laid shoulders. Could have a longer upper arm. She has enough forechest. Topline is firm. Well spring ribs slightly more moderate than 1 in rear but a b who I also liked v much.

3rd: 1931 LANGFORD, Mrs C A Caprian The Vixen JW

Open b (3)

1st: 1927 IRVING, Miss T J Ch Pi et ra of trefilio borntobe avalanche JW (Imp

She is a real showgirl who gives everything to her handler. Liked her head, correct balance with super ears. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder with a long and sloping upper arm. Wrap round front. Well bodied. Holds a firm topline. Would prefer more hind angulation. Absolutely true out and back and has a balanced stride of reasonable length. CC & BOB. Well done on G3

2nd: 1923 FROGGATT, Mr R V & Mrs C A Wildcard Queen of Clubs for Gerefa

She gave more on the move than 3 and has a better front. Not the most fem head. Ears are well set. She has a lengthy neck. Shoulder is long, could have more upper arm. Well sprung ribs. Topline runs up v slightly. Quite a good rear which she uses v well.


Veteran b (1)

1st: 1922 FROGGATT, Mr R V & Mrs C A Gerefa Bella Starr

This 11 yr old b is in super hard condition. She has a v good head, fem with strength. Good ears. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder and liked her wrap round front. Well ribbed. Carrying a little excess weight which is reflected in her topline. Moderate rear.

Jeff Horswell