• Show Date: 15/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 22/09/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Shih Tzu


Shih Tzu

The wind did nothing to help coats today, but at least it stayed dry for most of the judging. I thought some heads were rather small, but generally a good standard and depth of quality.

Veteran D (5,3)

1st: 4044 MAULE, Mrs P M Daltricia Wilbur Smith JW Sh.CM

Sturdy d of excellent proportions and super mover. Liked his size head, eyes set well apart. Enough neck. Better front than 2, with fairly straight legs. Good forechest. Level topline. Super tail. V good rear. BV

2nd: 4041 JONES, Mrs Annita Ch Carlita Reason To Dream JW

Lower and longer than 1. He has a nicely rounded skull. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Level topline, and a super tail. Moved v well.

Minor puppy d (1)

1st: 4006 AYRES, Mrs Jane Samantha & AKERS, Mrs Angela Honeyshuchun Soldier Boy At Bornred

Promising pup. Sturdy in build and moved well, showing pads as he went away. Liked his head. Well set dark eyes, round skull. Good width of muzzle. He has enough neck. Slightly bowed in front. Well ribbed. Tail just a bit flat on topline.

Puppy d (3)

1st: 4070 KEREE-BARTOLO, Mrs Suzanne Louise & YORKE, Mrs F Middletune Blazzin Saddles

Very well made d. He has a fairly large head, round in skull. Good eyes. Nice big nose. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Long upper arm. Fairly straight legs. Well ribbed sturdy body. Level topline. V good tail. Enough hind angulation. Very promising pup.

2nd: 4040 JONES, Miss Teigan Abigail Carlita Time to Dream

Baby of class. Not as good in front as 1 but better than 3. He has a well proportioned head and a super mouth. Medium beck. Level topline. Good tail. Well bent stifle with low hocks.

3rd: 4026 DYKER, Mrs K Thaisu Morningstar Avec Kimevan

Junior (3)

1st: 4045 MAULE, Mrs P M Daltricia Jack Higgins

He has a super expression and a head of good size. Would like a little more neck. Liked his sturdy body, he is slightly taller than some. Level topline. V good tail. Just a bit better moving towards than 2.

2nd: 4052 SALT, Mrs Michelle Keola Driving Force

Lovely eye and expression. Rounded skull. More neck than 1, could be straighter in front. Well ribbed. Level topline. Good tail. Uses his rear well.

3rd: 4060 STEEL, Miss Rachael Louise & STEEL, Miss Patricia How to Rewrite The Stars for Juhua

Post grad d (4,1)

1st: 4047 MHATRE, Mr D Alchez After The Storm

Liked the size of his rounded skull with well set eyes. Lengthy neck. He is better in front than 2 and has good width coming towards. Level topline. V good tail. He could have a little more hind angulation. Moved v well.

2nd: 4008 BOWNS, Mrs and Mr Jackie and Dave Thaisu Storming Off to Bishbow

Sturdy, type d not particulatprly trying today. Liked balance of his head, rather strong in underjaw. Lengthy neck. He is well ribbed. Level topline. Good tail and rear. Just needs a bit more width in front.

3rd: 4031 FAIRLEY, Mr & Mrs Edmund & Ann & BROWN, Mr S & BRO ROSSVALE WILDEST DREAM JW

Limit d (7,3)

1st: 4009 BRADSHAW, Mrs Julie & SYMONDS, Mrs Maralyn Cremefern Trigger A Storm At Symaraju JW


Sturdy d of good proportions.Liked his head size and roundness in skull. Well placed dark eyes. Good nose and muzzle length. Enough neck. Quite a good front. Level topline and sv good tail. Moderate rear. RCC

2nd: 4049 MOORE, Miss J & CASENTIERI, Mr T F Emerson Alpiu Slenis of Alchez JW ShCEx OSW

Liked his shape, would prefer a slightly bigger skull and more rounded. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Not quite front of 1. Level topline. Super tail. Moderate rear.


Open d (5,2)

1st: 4010 BRIGGS, Miss J Ch Warathwaite The Kingslayer

Really lovely d to go over. Liked his head proportions. Super eye and expression. Correct length nose. Good neck. Well laid shoulder. Sloping upper arm. Fairly straight legs. Well bodied, short loin. Level topline. V good tail. Liked his rear. Could be tidier in front but stylish mover. CC & BOB


V sturdy honest sort of d. Liked his head. Rounded skull. Dark eyes. Enough muzzle

 medium neck. Level topline, with a good tail. Tenses his topline on table and not quite the rear of 1.

3rd: 4047 MHATRE, Mr D Alchez After The Storm

Veteran b (1)

1st: 4024 DYKER, Mrs K Thaisu Desperate Housewife For Kimevan

V fem b in v good condition. She has a round skull. Dark eyes. Medium neck. Quite a good front. Level topline. Well bent stifle. Just a bit untidy in front action.

Minor puppy b (1)

1st: 4033 GALLIFORD, Miss Sharon & KEREE-BARTOLO, Ms Suzanne Sassyshi Cake By The Ocean With Shirkeira

Really super pup. Liked her proportions, she is sturdy and still feminine, V good head with a rounded skull. Well placed eyes, which are dark and has a super expression. Well placed large nose. Enough neck. Well made front. Level topline. V good tail. Moved so v well. Really fell for her BP

Puppy b (2)

Both very promising pups.

1st: 4039 HOWARD, Miss H L Tameron Miss I Want Choo

She has a v pretty head. Dark eyes.an a lovely open nose. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder but a bit short in upper arm. Well spring ribs. Firm in topline. V good tail. Liked her rear. Moved v well.

2nd: 4027 DYKER, Mrs K Thaisu Fallen Angel Among Kimevan

She too has a v pretty, fem head. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Could be slightly better in shoulder. Grand body. Level topline. Super tail. Liked her rear.

Junior b (5,1)

1st: 4046 MAULE, Mrs P M Daltricia Jane Austen

Fairly easy winner of this class. She is sturdy and of good proportions. Liked her head. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. She has a good front with width between her fairly straight legs. Level topline. Would just like a slightly better tail. Well made rear. V good mover.

2nd: 4042 JONES, Mrs Annita Carlita's Star of Love

Liked her proportions. She has a fem head with well placed dark eyes. Medium neck. Not the topline of 1. She is rather too moderate in angulation. Went well

3rd: 4058 STEEL, Miss Rachael Louise & STEEL, Miss Patricia JUHUA'S REWRITE THE STARS

Post grad b 10,4)

1st: 4022 DE LA COUR, Miss N & DE LA COUR, Mrs Mandy Cavateena Situla Scarlet for Lavril (GKC)

Fem b who is nicely proportioned. Liked her head, round skull. Well placed eyes. Enough length nose. Lengthy neck. Level topline. V good tail.


Sturdy type b. She has a round skull. V good eyes. Lengthy neck. V good tail. She moved v well.

3rd: 4059 STEEL, Miss Rachael Louise & STEEL, Miss Patricia Debeaux Wings of Love for Juhua

Limit b (7,2)

1st: 4021 DE LA COUR, Miss N Coursani Sand Queen (GKC)

Liked the proportions on this sturdy b, who has a good size head. Round, dark eyes. Well placed nose. Enough neck. Quite a good front and more accurate in front action than 2. Level topline. Could be shorter in loin. Moderate rear but more angulation than 2.

2nd: 4061 SWEENEY, Mrs M Senousi Love The Dress

Liked her shape and proportions. Pretty and fem in head. Dark eyes. Well placed nose. Lengthy neck. Just a bit close moving in front. Level topline. V good tail.


Open b (8)

1st: 4007 BOWNS, Mrs and Mr Jackie and Dave Ch CH Bishbow Summer Breeze

Very typy b. She has a v good size head with a round skull. Super eye and expression Liked her length muzzle. She has enough neck. V good front. Could maybe be better coming towards. Level topline. Super tail, she was one of the few where height meets the top of skull. Moderate rear. Correct coat texture. CC

2nd: 4011 BRIGGS, Miss J Ch Warathwaite Royal Diva

She too has a good size head. Well placed eyes. Could be a bit longer in nose. Lengthy neck. Sturdy in body not quite front of 1. Liked her tail. Moderate rear, used v well. RCC


Jeff Horswell