• Show Date: 15/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 25/09/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Old English Sheepdog


Old English Sheepdog

I thought quite a good entry by current standards and plenty of quality. Presentation overall was excellent, just a couple with matter hair under top coats, and a few with a slightly sticky feel to some parts. Quite a few flat toplines. I was v impressed with the accuracy of most moving out and back.

Veteran D (1)

1st: 6253 FERGUSON, Mrs Avis Mellowdee moriarty with lexalby shcm and shcex

Compact, good moving d with a lovely texture coat. Fairly broad in skull. Enough neck. Front is ok. Well sprung ribs. Rather flat in topline. Rear matches his front. Well muscled.

Puppy d (2)

1st: 6250 DOWSON, Mrs Paula Isabel Flying High from Old Windmile at ThieGennal

Promising pup of good proportions. Still in puppy coat. Accurate mover. Decent width to his skull. Enough neck. Better shoulder than 2. He is well ribbed and has a slight rise in topline. Moderate turn of stifle and low hocks. BP

2nd: 6270 RICHARDSON, Mrs J Imp Niedersachen's Pride Over Night Sensasation

At a leggy stage at the moment. He has a good coat and also an accurate mover. Broad skull with good strength to muzzle. Enough neck. Topline is rather flat. Moderate rear, well balanced to his front.

Junior d (1)

1st: 6268 REED, Mrs Terri & REED, Mr Michael Argovian Rendez Vous with Charmlea (Imp CHE)

Liked his shape and such a good mover, just needs a bit more confidence. Masc head. Good width to his skull. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder with sloping upper arm. Well sprung ribs. V good rear. Slight rise in topline. Good coat.

Post grad d (4)

1st: 6262 MANN, Mrs M & MANN, Mr D Blairdon The Water Of Life For Flufebustles

Solidly build young d of v good proportions. He has a masc head with good width skull and muzzle. Lengthy neck. Best shoulder in class. Good depth and fill of chest. Well sprung ribs. Has a rise in topline. Enough bend of stifle. Turns hocks slightly stood and moving. V accurate in front.

2nd: 6252 EVANS, Mrs C I & EVANS, Mr B J Starjanda Moon Walking with Bracalgem

Giving handler a lot of work. Liked his proportions. V good head. Long neck. Slightly forward in shoulder. More body and rib than 3. Slightly rise in topline. He too could be better in hindquarters.

3rd: 6244 CARTWRIGHT, Mr Christopher Charles & CARTWRIGHT, M Mellowdee Pumpkin Patch at Applejem

Limit d (3)

1st: 6251 DUPLOCK, Mrs Irene Crane-Duplock & Mr G Mirene Love of my Life

Compact dog of good strength. Liked his width of head, strong muzzle. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. He has a deep chest with a good forechest. Well ribbed. Rise in topline. Well made rear. In v good coat. RCC

2nd: 6256 HODGSON, Dr A Ragglebarn Old Blue Eyes

Well made d who is a v good mover, just slightly finer through than 1. He has a long neck. Well balanced in his angulation. Ribs go well back.

3rd: 6257 HUGGAN, Miss J Mirene One Moment In Time with Jazziespad

Open d (5,1)

Good class and not much to separate the first 2.

1st: 6279 WOODS, Ms H & POINTON, Mr Ian Ch Vigilat's Rhapsody In Blue Via Bumblebob Ir J C

Square in his outline. He has a v good head of width and strength. Long neck. He could be slightly better in shoulder. Liked his fill of chest. He is so very well ribbed. Rise in topline. Short loin. V good rear. Accurate out and back and v typical in profile. CC BOB

2nd: 6271 RUTLAND, Mrs S & PORTER, Mrs Tanya Ch Mellowdee Mask of Zorro JW

Maybe a fraction longer than both 1 and the limit winner. Liked his head v much, width and strength and v good balance. Long neck. Slightly better in shoulder than 1 but not quite his fill of chest and accuracy out and back. Well spring ribs. Rise in topline. Well made rear with low hocks.

3rd: 6254 GOULD, Mrs Tracey & GOULD, Mr Andrew Kerjalee Sky Breeze For Sutranzo

Veteran b (2,1)

1st: 6255 HENDERSON, Mrs S Zottels Fairy Dust

Compact b who moves v well. Fem head of width and strength. Medium neck. Well filled front. Quite a good shoulder. Well sprung ribs. Could have more rise in topline. Well bent stifle. In correct coat texture. BV

Puppy b. Ne

Junior b (4)


Really good young b, so well put together. She is fem but still has width and strength to her head. Long neck into a well laid shoulder. Chest to elbow. Well sprung ribs. Short loin. Slight rise in topline. Well made rear. V good coat texture. Still looks young and raw but her construction won the day for me CC.

2nd: 6278 WINDSOR, Mrs Christine Sarah & WINDSOR, Mr Robert Holanja Here We Go Again

Baby of the class and just needs her adult coat. She is compact and well made. Liked her width of skull, with a muzzle to match. Length neck. Slight rise in topline. Short loin. Good rear. V good mover. Lots of promise.

3rd: 6272 SIMPSON, Mrs Lynda & SIMPSON, Mr Gary Alfosco Lily White Riot

Post grad b (7)

1st: 6276 WILEMAN, Mrs & Miss L R & J B R Lindisfarm Hope Redeemed

V well made b who moves so v well. She has a broad and square skull with good width and strength to muzzle. Long neck. V well laid shoulder with a long and sloping upper arm. Well ribbed, slight rise in topline. V good rear. Could maybe be a fraction longer in leg.

2nd: 6273 STOREY, miss j storey Joanne twojos little miss diva

Liked her square and compact outline. She has a v good head with width and strength. Lengthy neck. Not quite the width and fill of chest of 1. Well ribbed. Short loin. Some ribs in topline. Moved well using her rear.

3rd: 6266 POOLE, Mrs E Evertonian St. Domingo Girl

Limit b (3)

1st: 6267 PORTER, Mrs T Mellowdee My Girl Lollipop

She is in really hard condition and excels on profile action. Fem in head, could just had a little more width of skull. Long neck. Well laid shoulders, although slightly untidy coming towards. She has well sprung ribs, and is firm in loin. Slight rise in topline. V good rear which she uses so well.

2nd: 6275 WHEELER, Mrs Ellen Makaylen Sweet Vienna

She is v accurate out and back just couldn’t match 1 in profile today. She has a super head, plenty of width. Enough neck. Fairly moderate in her angulation. Well bodied with a short loin. V good coat texture.

3 Sutherland’s Ambleoak Northern Star at Aljoh

Open b (4)


Liked her outline and has just enough leg length for balance. V good width of skull. Strong muzzle. Lengthy neck. Quite a good shoulder. Well filled in front. Rise in her topline. V good rear. Accurate mover with a decent stride. RCC

2nd: 6264 NAISMITH, Mrs C Shaggybo Beautiful Dream

Close up and she is similar in proportions, just didn’t quite go as well. Liked her head, fem with width and strength, fair width in front. Liked her shoulders. Well ribbed back. Rise in topline. Well made rear. Accurate on move.

3rd: 6265 PALMER, Mrs Debra & PALMER, Mr Martin Hazyland's Cheeky Devil

Jeff Horswell