• Show Date: 26/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Spaniel (Irish Water)


Irish Water Spaniels

Never many but I thought the quality to be v good, especially in the bitches.

Puppy D (1)

1st Place 1399 - Goldenacre Jubilee Lord of Leonardston (Mr D J & Mrs A C Smith)

Really good moving pup with a lovely character. Masc head of length, could maybe be slightly finer. Enough neck. Well made front. Can still develop in rib and could be shorter in loin. Level topline. Good rear with low hocks. BP

Junior d (1)

1st Place 1402 - Foulby Double Trouble (Mrs P & Mrs A Willoughby & Williams)

Full of fun on the move. Liked his proportions. Masc head. Eyes could be slightly darker. Long neck. Moderate front. Super body with rounded ribs and a short loin. Level topline. Plenty of hind angulation.

Post grad d (2,1)

1st Place 1390 - Patamischief Eliminator (Mr R Duckmanton)

Mature d, coat not his fortune. Quite a strong head. Medium neck. Well sprung ribs. Level topline.. A bit too wide coming towards. Moderate rear.

Limit d (4)

1st Place 1389 - Cuboglach Sandy Wave (Mr R Duckmanton)

Won class on his very easy movement. Liked his head. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Would prefer more width in front. Super ribs. V good rear. Level topline. Quality d.CC & BOB

2nd Place 1381 - Kenisal Ringlets in A Lake for Antdela (Mr A & Ms A Andrews & Blades)

He is also full of quality. Well made and good to go over with big ribs. Masc in head which is well balanced. Moderate in neck. His angulation is very balanced. Tail carriage a little high. RCC

3rd Place 1394 - Fynder Reacher (Ms L Latheron)

Open d (4,1)

1st Place 1385 - Sh Ch Stanegate Leading Role at Zakby JW (Mrs R H & Miss O F M Busby)

Good moving d, found him slightly over presented, and shaping didn’t enhance his build. Masc head which is rather wide in skull. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder. Super body. Could like more slope to his croup, and trimmed to look square here. Well bent stifle and low hocks.

2nd Place 1395 - Tiger Tail (Dr A Mac Mahon)

V natural presentation on this male. He has a good head. Moderate neck. Would like him slightly closer to square in his proportions. Deep chest. Moderate rear, not the hind action of 1 but a good dog.

2nd Place 1395 - Tiger Tail (Dr A Mac Mahon)

S beginners d/b (3)

1st Place 1388 - Daffydown Dilly (Mr R & Mrs H Douglas)

Oldest in class and carrying the best body. She is such a good mover. Fem head. Medium neck. Moderate front angulation. Firm in topline. Liked her rear.

2nd Place 1387 - Santarocco Derry (Miss Zoe & Mr Tom Davey)

Baby of the class, needs to body up, but for her age just right. She has a fem head. Well balanced in angulation. Not as together as 1 on move.

3rd Place 1401 - Finchsmill Secret Surprise (Mrs J & Mr B K Williamson)

Veteran d/b ne

Puppy b (2,1)

1st Place 1387 - Santarocco Derry (Miss Zoe & Mr Tom Davey)

Junior b (3,1)

1st Place 1396 - Malanis Bettina at Risalpur (Mrs A Mcnaught)

Really super b full of Irish fun. Proportions are good and she is a good mover. Excellent head. ,medium neck. Liked her front and rear angulation. Well sprung ribs and short in loin. Quality b.

2nd Place 1401 - Finchsmill Secret Surprise (Mrs J & Mr B K Williamson)

There is a lot to like about her. She has the right proportions. Could have more underjaw and better eyes. Enough neck. More angulation at the front than rear. Good body.

Post grad b (2)

1st Place 1388 - Daffydown Dilly (Mr R & Mrs H Douglas)

2nd Place 1398 - Stanegate Repeats The Magic (Mrs H Rollo-Jones)

She is a well made and sound b, thought winner was just that bit better in proportions, having more leg length. She has a fem head. Medium neck. Well ribbed. Sloping croup. Moderate rear.

Limit b(2)

Evenly matched mature ladies. Winner was a little more accurate in front, although not perfect.

1st Place 1400 - Stanegate Hey It's Bianca JW (Mr G, Mrs K & Miss Z Stirk)

Super character. Fem head. Medium neck and medium lay of shoulder. Chest to elbow. Well sprung ribs. Ok loin. Well made rear. Holds her outline well. Liked her shape and profile movement. CC

2nd Place 1386 - Eldarrah Dream of Spring (Mrs B Cornet)

Thought she could be more precise coming towards. She has big ribs. Level topline. A little steep in croup and moderate in stifle, but moves v well from her rear.

Open b (1)

1st Place 1383 - Sh Ch Stanegate Stage Debut (ai) (Mrs L A & Mr P Bradley)

V good b. She has a super head. Medium neck. Quite a good front Liked her head. Has a lull laid shoulder. Good rear. Super, mature body. Just a fraction long. RCC

Jeff Horswell