• Show Date: 26/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkshire Terrier

The wind wasn’t very kind to coats today. I thought some were a little unsettled and didn’t go well. Toplines were not what I would expect in the breed in many cases.

Veteran D ne

Minor Puppy D (2)

Both very much babies.

1st Place 6642 - Canabis Wild Fantasy (Ms A Haisova)

He was the more settled today and went with tail up all the time. Masc head. Ears could be better set but they are small. Enough neck. Quite a good front. Could be shorter in back. Well made rear and a good mover, BP

2nd Place 6649 - Stand by Me of Eves Amulet at Trayshellin (Imp Rom) NAF TAF (Ms J Parvin)

Liked his head, ears could be smaller. Medium neck. He is moderate in his angulation. He too could be shorter in back. Just needs a little more confidence.

Puppy d ne

Junior d (1)

1st Place 6659 - I'm A Believer of Bierlyn (Mr J & Mrs L A Taylor)

Playful on the move but sound when he did some steps. Masc head. Dark eyes, well set ears. Medium neck. Well sprung ribs. Topline runs up slightly at the moment. Coat texture ok.

Yearling d ne

Novice d ne

Post grad d ne

Limit d (3,1)

This pair were evenly matched.

1st Place 6634 - Jumara Just The Job for Jastarlo (Mrs L M Higgins)

He was the best constructed of this pair, having a better lay of shoulder and more bend of stifle. Would prefer a better head, but has super eyes. Neck is ok. Well sprung ribs. Could be more level in topline and shorter in back. Used his tail enough. Better mover of the pair.

2nd Place 6638 - Jastarlo by George I'ma Chevawn (Mrs J D Campion)

Really liked his head and has well set, small ears. Medium neck, would be firmer in topline and shorter in back. Liked his falls.

Open d (5,2)

1st Place 6654 - Ch. Queenslake Lord of The Rings (Mr K & J Sharp-Dixon & Reyes)

Full of character and moves so v well. He has a lovely head, well balanced. Dark eyes, good ears. Medium, neck. Good front. Short and level in topline. Well made rear. Still young and falls not yet fully grown, but tan is ok. Can still body up. CC & BOB

2nd Place 6644 - Kajuson Adored by Glory (Ms J Ikaneviciene)

He is shorter than 3. Topline is arched standing but levels out on the move. He has a good head. Dark eyes. Balanced in his angulation. Moves v well. Good coat texture. Tan could be deeper. RCC

S beginners d/b. Ne

Veteran b ne

Minor puppy b (1 abs)

Puppy b (3,1)

1st Place 6645 - Trayshellin’s Thistle at Auchenrowan (Ms M Kay)

The more outgoing of these 2 and went with her tail up. She has a fem head. Dark eyes. Medium neck. Fairly short in back. Quite a good front.

2nd Place 6650 - Trayshellin Tea Dance (Ms J Parvin)

Liked her proportions and she has a pretty head. Medium neck, level topline, but didn’t use her tail. Can firm in front action.

Junior b (3,1)

1st Place 6635 - Jastarlo Ugogirl to Barotoba (Mr P. & Mrs B. A. Boot)

Really good young b. Such a good mover. She has a pretty head. Dark eyes. Medium neck, Well ande front. Super body, short in loin and level in topline, although tail could be a little higher set. Enough hind angulation. Rich tan on her falls. Obviously not yet in full coat, but thought she was so well made had to win the CC

2nd Place 6653 - Jankeri Iris (Mrs J E Redhead)

Liked her shape. Could have smaller ears. Medium neck, level topline, tail is slightly low set. Could have a little more hind angulation.

Yearling b ne

Novice b ne

Post grad b (2)

1st Place 6636 - Sladesmark Home Schooled (Mrs Vj Bunce)

Found her slightly tall and narrow, but won class on her coat texture and colour. Falls well developed and 3 shades of tan. Dark eyes. Medium neck, level topline. Could have a better rear.

2nd Place 6641 - Midnight Blue Sapphire (Mrs Y I Everitt-Rybak)

Her coat is almost black and not correct texture. Fem head. Dark eyes. Medium neck. She is quite well made and sound,

Limit b (4,1)

1st Place 6633 - Jastarlo Chinese Whispers (Mrs L M Higgins)

She won class on her better head, with well set neat ears. Dark eyes. Medium neck. She has a v good front. Well ribbed back. Holds a level topline. Moderate rear. Some tan could be richer. Moved well.

2nd Place 6658 - Bierlyn Daydreamer (Mr J & Mrs L A Taylor)

She has low set ears, which spoils her expression. Medium neck. She is slightly longer in back than 1. Moderate but balanced in her angulation. Could have richer tan, bit coat texture is v good.

3rd Place 6641 - Midnight Blue Sapphire (Mrs Y I Everitt-Rybak)

Open b (4)

1st Place 6656 - Es/mk Ch Maganyork I Want It All Junch (Mrs M Skarulska)

She is a sound moving v of good proportions. Fem in head. Medium neck. She has a good front. Well ribbed. She holds a better topline moving than 2. Moderate rear. Would prefer a clearer tan. RCC

2nd Place 6652 - Jasopian Grace Kelly (Mr J Pattison)

Liked her coat and colours. I would like a better muzzle. Ok neck. Well laid shoulder. Moderate rear. Used her tail well. Could be stronger in topline.

3rd Place 6639 - Candytops Diamond Shimmer (Mrs C Crowther)

Jeff Horswell