• Show Date: 12/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 29/08/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Dobermann



Minor Puppy D. (6,1)

1st: 2557 GRIFFITHS, Mrs Jennifer & GRIFFITHS, Mr Colin Korifey Axl At Amious

Liked his outline, v good proportions. Lengthy head. Long neck. Quite good shoulders. Turns feet out a bit as yet. Deep chest. Fairly well ribbed back. Correct amount of hind angulation. Moves with a long and easy stride. BP and PG1

2nd: 2551 EVANS, Mr Mrs Clive & Nancy Amazon Showtime

Just a baby and still floppy. Super outline. Well balanced head. Shoulders could be better set. Deep chest, which is well filled. Firm topline. V good rear.

3rd: 2579 WEBB, Mrs L & MULLINS, Mrs Jocelyn Protocol's The Midas Touch (imp USA)

Puppy d (1)

1st: 2546 BROWN, Mrs Sam Jojavik Shaken Not Stirred

Super outline, strong and powerful. Masc in head, but too much stop. Lovely eye and expression. Clean and lengthy neck. Deep chest with enough forechest. Well sprung ribs, just a bit long in loin, super topline. Goes v well.

Junior d (1)

1st: 2548 CAPELL, Mrs Tina Llepac Against All The Odds (ai)

Square in his proportions. Long, well balanced and clean head. Lengthy neck. Moderate in angulation front and rear. Bit loose in front as yet and turns feet out. Firm topline. Tail set slightly low. Parallel going away.

Yearling d ne

Novice d (3,1)

1st: 2557 GRIFFITHS, Mrs Jennifer & GRIFFITHS, Mr Colin Korifey Axl At Amious

2nd: 2564 KENT, Mrs Jo & KENT, Mr Mark & SUTTON, Mr Ashley Korifey Reckless

V promising pup. Liked his proportions. Lengthy neck. Slightly forward in shoulder. Deep ches and has a decent forechest for his age. Moderate rear. Can firm in topline.

Grad d ne

Post grad d (2)

2 very good dogs of good type and proportions.

1st: 2560 HUNT, Mr Graham & FLITCROFT, Miss Melissa Tuwos mr majestik vonsallate

He has a long and clean masc head, lengthy neck. Better shoulder than 2. Deep chest. Well sprung ribs. Firm and slightly sloping topline. Strong rear with low hocks. Accurate move, would like just a bit more stride. Really typy d. CC


Another of v good shape, he has a lengthy and easy stride from his balanced angulation. Lengthy head. Enough neck. He is slightly forward in shoulder and stands wide in front. Deep chest. Firm in topline, slightly long in loin. Rear matches his front giving him an easy action.

Limit d ne

Open d (3)

1st: 2563 JONES, Mrs A L & USHAKOVA, Ms Irina Ch Korifey Vanquish

V easy moving d who has better angulation than 2. Liked his head. Lengthy and crested neck. Deep chest. Fairly good front. Well spring ribs. Would like him shorter in loin. Firm topline with slight slope. Moderate rear. V accurate out and back. RCC

2nd: 2558 HENDERSON, Mr W Tuwos Mr Bombastic

Square d, better proportions than 3 and a better head. He has enough neck. Balanced but moderate in his angulation. Deep chest. Hard topline. Could be more accurate coming towards.

3rd: 2575 TAYLOR, Mr & Mrs K & F Ch Krieger's Foul Play

Veteran d ne

S beginners d/b (1 abs)

Minor puppy b (6,4)

Some promising pups here

1st: 2571 MYCROFT, Mrs S M & MYCROFT, Miss F Supeta's Every Witch Way

She is so good in her proportions. Fem head, ears can settle. Lengthy neck.best shoulder and shortest loin in class. Chest to elbow. Firm in topline. Enough hind angulation.

2nd: 2569 MERRETT, Mr Patrick & MERRETT, Mrs Deborah Korifey Sweet Child Of Mine

V free moving scopey b, just a bit longer than 1. Fem in head which is clean. Enough neck. Upright in pastern. Chest to elbow. Super topline. Rather moderate in rear.

3rd: 2573 PLUMMER, Mrs Christine & PLUMMER, Mr Philip Aritaur Yennefer

Puppy b (2 abs)

Junior b (3)

Thought this a v good class

1st: 2553 EVANS, Mr Ross Amazon She is Adored

She has such a good outline and has a long and balanced stride. Throat could be cleaner. She has a fem head. Crested neck. Quite a good shoulder. Deep chest. Would like better feet. Super topline. Moderate rear with low hocks. Accurate on the move.

2nd: 2576 TAYLOR, Mrs F & Mr K & STRACEY, Miss L Krieger's In Style JW

V typy b, fem head. Enough neck. She is just a bit loose in front on the move at the moment, and upright in pasterns. Best to elbow. Well sprung ribs. Slightly long in loin. Hard to loins. Well made rear.

3rd: 2578 WEBB, Mrs L Shalissa's Perfect Blend JW

Yearling b (2)

1st: 2562 INGRAM, Mrs J A & Miss V L & LACK, Mr R J Ch Jojavik Belladonic Fame JW

Really super b who holds her lovely shape in profile action with her long and free stride. Lots of muscle and substance. Fem head which is long and well balanced. Lengthy neck. Could have just a bit more angulation front and rear. Deep chest. Hard topline. Low hocks and deep feet. Quality girl. CC & BOB

2nd: 2556 GOODALL, Mrs Dawn & GOODALL, Mr Philip Maighread's Bonny Rosheen to Mianna

Fairly square, would like better head planes and a stronger muzzle. Lengthy neck. Deep chest with correct forechest. Hard and sloping topline. Well bent stifle.

Novice b (1 abs)

Grad b (1)

1st: 2552 EVANS, Mr Ross Amazon Just Let me Adore You

Good proportions. Fem head. Could be a bit better in front, and can firm on the move. Deep chest. Firm in topline. Well sprung ribs. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Uses her rear v well.

Post grad b ne

Limit b (3)

1st: 2561 HUTCHISON, Mrs D & MYCROFT, Mrs S Supeta's Diamonds R'Forever With Debison JW

Well made and fit b in good form. Very typy. Liked her outline. Good head, ears could be held better. Strong neck. Better front than 2. She has a deep chest, enough forechest. Well ribbed. Firm in topline. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Accurate out and back and a long easy stride. RCC

2nd: 2550 DANIEL, Mr Gary Robert Tuwos Macy Gray at Mattacane

Not as happy as she might be, ears back and expression could be better. She has a clean and fem head. Enough neck. Deep chest. Firm, slightly sloping topline. V good rear. Long and easy stride.

3rd: 2554 GALLAGHER, Miss P Izralight Jitterbug


Open b (4,1)

1st: 2568 BISLAND, Mrs Joan Ch Krieger's Highland Fling JW

Lovely type b, just went better when it mattered in this class. She has a v good head. Lengthy neck. Would like a better shoulder. Deep chest. Firmest of toplines. Slightly long in loin. Super rear with low hocks. Easy and accurate mover.

1st: 2568 BISLAND, Mrs Joan Ch Krieger's Highland Fling JW

She is a super shape and v good to go over, dropped her rear slightly on the final run. She has a v good head. Leng neck. Well laid shoulder. Hard topline. Well ribbed and firm in loin.

3rd: 2570 MYCROFT, Mrs S M Supeta's Diamond In The Sky

Veteran B ne

Jeff Horswell