• Show Date: 27/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Italian Greyhound


Italian Greyhounds

Veteran D. ne

Minor Puppy D. ne

Puppy D. ne

Junior D. ne

Yearling D. ne

Post Grad D. (2)

1st Place 2077 - Valentini Edoardo (Ms Walton)

He was the most typical on the move of these 2 with lift and holding his outline. Masc head, although he is a little deep in stop. He has a crested neck. Upright in shoulder. Nice bone. Tight feet. Well ribbed. Little steep in croup and could be better in hind action. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Coat could be better.

2nd Place 2069 - Littlebriton Bombers Moon (Mrs S J C Satchell)

Like the outline of this black d stood. He is very houndy. Lengthy head. Ears are rather flat. Medium neck. Front angulation is ok. Well ribbed. Liked his rear. Lacks lift in action and flicks his pasterns but a sound dog.

Limit d (1)

1st Place 2070 - Blue Lagoon of Bytheiad (Miss J S Thompson)

Quite a typy d. He has a lengthy head, would like a better expression. Good ears. Medium neck. Very upright in shoulder. Needs a deeper chest. Topline is ok, although flattens slightly on the move. Well bent stifle. Parallel mover and really well muscled.

Open d(2)

Both good dogs with different virtues.

1st Place 2064 - Ch Jaros Ferazi Et Tu Brute at Sfizimio (Imp Usa) (Miss C W Y & Mr J R Chau & Steele)

This d won on his movement, he covers the ground well, but also has lift and flexion, although could be tidier coming towards. He has a super head, liked his eye and expression. Neat ears. Medium neck. Correct shoulder. Liked his fill of front. Very slightly long in body and tail carriage just about ok. Well bent stifle, low hocks and parallel going away. CC & BOB

2nd Place 2072 - Ch Toerag Little Scamp JW (Miss S M Tiley-Davies)

Typy d of excellent proportions. He too has a v good masc head. Medium neck. Not the shoulder of 1. Could be deeper in chest. Liked his gentle topline. Enough hind angulation. He has lift but not the stride of 1. RCC

Veteran b. Ne

Minor puppy b. Ne

Puppy b ne

Junior b. Ne

Yearling b (2)

1st Place 2061 - Artmeis Raise The Stakes (Mrs J B & Miss H Amsel & Rishworth)

This b is very typical in outline, which she holds on the move. Would prefer a better head, she is a bit deep and broad in stop. Lengthy neck. Quite a decent shoulder. Can still deepen in chest. Well ribbed back. Curvy topline. Liked her rear. Can firm a little out and back but correct profile action. CC

2nd Place 2065 - Miwell Mary Quant by Lamoye JW (Dr J M Mellis)

Well proportioned b. She is slightly wide in skull. More neck than 1. Front is well made and has some lift. Flattens in topline on the move. Could be stronger in the rear. Lovely coat.

Post grad b (4,)

Not an easy class to sort out.

1st Place 2068 - Littlebriton Winds ‘o’ Winter (Mrs Sl Read)

She was the best to go over and the best for type and outline on the move in this class. Didn’t always cooperate with handler moving, straight lines aren’t her thing and tended to pace at times. Long head, little too fine in muzzle. Nest neck and neck carriage in class. Could have more fill and be deeper in chest. Correct length. Body. Liked her rear v much.

2nd Place 2076 - Minitopo Maat (Ms Walton)

She. Has excellent proportions. Better head than 1. Crested neck. Moderate front angulation. Moderate rear. Could have a better neck set and topline moving,

3rd Place 2075 - Rockiggy Ruby Tuesday for Brighthound (Ms K Van Zyl)

Limit b (5)

1st Place 2062 - Artmeis Three Card Trick (Mrs J B & Miss H Amsel & Rishworth)

Very typy young b both standing and moving, could just be a bit more settled. Could have a better head, although has length and good muzzle. Like her ears. Medium length neck. Best front in class. Can still drop and fill in chest. V good topline. Super muscle in her rear. Could be tidier out and back but v good in profile. RCC

2nd Place 2063 - Little Briton Dragon Queen (Mrs J Carmody)

Thought she was so typy. She has a v good head. Lengthy neck. Front is ok. Little too shallow in chest. Well ribbed. Holds topline ok. Better rear than 3.

3rd Place 2073 - Toerag Little Sunbeam JW (Miss S M Tiley-Davies)

Open b (1)

1st Place 2074 - Toerag Love and Joy (Miss S M Tiley-Davies)

Pleasing b who holds her outline on the move with lift. She has a pretty, fem head. Medium neck. Shoulder is ok. Enough depth of chest. Could be stronger in the rear and more positive going away, which is where the young sisters scored over her. Well muscled up.

Jeff Horswell