• Show Date: 08/09/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 14/09/2023

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Basset Hound


Basset Hounds

Whilst I realise that some of the more heavy hounds didn’t enter, I was very impressed with the quality of the Bassets. Plenty of dogs that I really liked, and certainly no health concerns. Presentation was also v good.

Veteran D (1)

1st: 3287 ALLCHORNE, Mrs C Ch Nelgus Thyme Bomb JW ShCEx

Really lovely d of quality to start the day. Liked his overall proportions. Lengthy head with correct planes. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Could have better feet. Well ribbed. Firm in topline. Moderate rear. Super mover holding his outline. Never stopped performing. CC & BOB and well done on G3.

Minor Puppy D (2)

Both show plenty of promise.

1st: 3294 CUDLIP, Ms E Tanneron hideaway at harvidene

Best mover of this pair today. Liked his proportions. He has a long head with correct planes. Long. neck. Well laid shoulder. Ribbing goes well back. Moderate in hind angulation. Just needs to settle in topline. BP

2nd: 3301 JONES, Mrs S.B. & JONES, Mr K.R. ClanWillow Ace High

Liked his outline and slightly lighter frame. He too has a pleasing head. Long neck. Shoulders are quite good. Slightly long in loin but firm in toplIne. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Lengthy stride can just firm out and back.

Puppy D. Ne

Junior D (1)

1st: 3310 STRUDWICK, Mr & Mrs Leslie & Julia Armardio Ride Like The Wind Among Kumamatata

Good moving d of a slightly heavy type with more loose skin than ideal. Good length of head, just a bit lippy. Long and strong neck. Front angles are ok. Deep chest. Well sprung ribs. Quite a good rear.

Yearling D (1)

1st: 3312 WOODWORTH, Mrs M Armardio Against The Wind

Super young hound of excellent type. Long and masc head, planes a bit too divergent. Long neck. Well laid shoulder with good return of upper arm. Could be a but firmer in pastern. Correct depth of chest with well sprung ribs. Firm in topline. Well made rear. He could just have a little more power moving away but a grand dog.

Post Grad D (1)

1st: 3288 BATES, Mrs Karen Jane Diheath Pyjama at Karames

Typy hound in super hard condition. Lacked a little enthusiasm and stride moving round. Lengthy head. He has a medium neck. Fair front. Well ribbed. Level topline. V good rear. Just a bit wide coming towards, but parallel in the rear.

Limit D (2)

1st: 3300 JONES, Mrs S.B. & JONES, Mr K.R. ClanWillow Back to Th Future

Very nice type d, without any exaggeration. Lengthy head. Tight enough eyes. Planes could be better. V good neck. Well laid shoulder and better in upper arm than 2. He is v well ribbed. Could be firmer in topline. Super rear. V easy mover.

2nd: 3297 GRAY, Mr Stephen Quantas - Napoca Olaf (IMP ROM)

Liked his outline and a v typy d. Better head and topline than 1. Medium neck. Slightly over crooked in front and a bit heavy in shoulder. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. Could be tidier coming towards, holds his shape in profile.

Open D (4,1)

3 champion quality hounds of different virtues and different performance levels today.

1st: 3299 JONES, Mrs S.B. & JONES, Mr K.R. ClanWillow The Emerald King

He is a v easy moving hound of good balance and proportions. He is slightly short in muzzle and planes a little too divergent. Super neck. Best front in class. Well ribbed back. Topline level on the move. V good rear which he uses v well. RCC

2nd: 3290 CUDLIP, Ms E Ch Woferlow voyager at harvidene

V typy hound. Could have tighter eyes but a pleasing head. Long neck. Wouldn’t want him any lower. Deep chest. Well ribbed. More moderate in rear than 1, went better and firmer in topline than 3.

3rd: 3307 RODGERS, Ms Marita Switherland Sorrel

Sp Beginners D. Ne

Veteran B. Ne

Minor Puppy B ne

Puppy B. (1)

1st: 3298 GRAY, Mrs Helen D. Forever Long Ears Love at the First Sight at Basso

V good moving pup. She has a long and fem head. Long neck into a well laid shoulder. Well ribbed. Rather too moderate in the rear and topline runs up as a result. In v good condition.

Junior B. (2)

Both v good young hounds.

1st: 3293 CUDLIP, Ms E Whinneybrow her majesty at harvidene

She is a v free mover with lengthy stride. Liked her head, long with tight eyes and a super expression. Long neck. Well laid shoulder with a long sloping upper arm. and excellent breast bone. Well ribbed. Could have a little more hind angulation. Her topline more level moving than standing.


She is a v good type, just not quite the front assembly of 1. V good head. Lengthy neck. Well ribbed. V good rear. Topline is ok. Moves well if rather distracted.

Yearling B (1)


Really super b of correct type. Liked her head. Long neck. She has a super front. Well ribbed. Correct depth of body. V good rear. Moved v well here, rather threw the towel in later and had to settle for RCC.

Post Grad B (3,1)

1st: 3296 FREER, Mr Phillip Switherland Nutmeg

Free moving b who is so v fem. I liked her head. Long neck. Excellent breastbone. Shoulders could be better laid. Well ribbed back with correct clearance. Moderate rear. Topline better moving than stood.

2nd: 3303 MCLEAN, Mrs P A Switherland Gabriella at Stookewood

Typy b who isn’t the most feminine. Liked her head proportions. Long neck. Moderate front and rear and so she went with an even stride, certainly using her nose. Topline could be better.

Limit B. (3)

1st: 3291 CUDLIP, Ms E Harvidene sapphire

Fem b who has a lovely head. She is such a good mover, parallel with a long stride. Long neck, good front. Super feet. Well ribbed. Well made rear. Could be firmer in topline. Would like a little more leg and less skirt, but a good hound.

2nd: 3289 COLVIN, Mrs L Lagniappe time to shine

Bigger type b but still typical. Well proportioned head. Lengthy neck turns one front foot out more than the other. Quite a good front. Well ribbed. She too could be firmer in topline. Moderate rear. Went well.

3rd: 3302 MCLEAN, Mrs P A Switherland Final Chase At Stookewood

Open B (2,1)

1st: 3295 FREER, Mr Phillip Ch Ch. Switherland Albazar

Fem b with lovely clean outline. Liked her head proportions. Long neck. Quite a good front, could just have a bit more width coming towards. Well ribbed. Level topline. Moderate rear which she uses so well. Went well when it mattered to claim CC.

2nd: 3292 CUDLIP, Ms E Harvidene moonstone

V typy hound just not using her tail. Liked her head. Long neck. V good front with forechest. Well ribbed. Could be firmer in topline and have less skirt. Quite a good rear. Sound mover.

Sp beginners B. Ne

Jeff Horswell