• Show Date: 17/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/08/2023

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Portuguese Water Dog

WKC. Portuguese Water Dog

Never high numbers but always quality in this breed. The breed produced BPIS and veteran group winners - well done.

Veteran D. ne

Puppy D (2)

1st: 1121 THOMPSON-MORGAN, Mrs C & MORGAN, Mr E Belleville Salva Vidas

Really super d to start. Slightly longer than tall. He has a super head, excellent width of skull, well proportioned to muzzle. Correct neck. Could be slightly better in shoulder. Has a deep and well filled chest. Well sprung ribs. Level topline. Well made rear with a super tail. Excellent mover from all angles. High quality d that I really fell for. CC & BP

2nd: 1112 DRING, mrs Donna & DRING, Mr Shaun & REDDIN, Mr Jo Rarjo Hurricanes A Blowing At Yelsek

At a slightly leggy stage but a lot to like. Good proportions. He has a nice wide skull, slightly long in muzzle. Correct neck. Needs to deepen and fill in front and be tidier coming towards. Grand body. Level topline. Good tail moderate rear.

Junior d (2)

Quite a size difference between these 2.

1st: 1114 FAHEY, Miss F & SHIRE, Mr Joe Anakin Skywalker Nadarium

Liked his proportions and has a better rear than 2. Head is fairly broad in skull. Moderate neck. Shoulders are ok, and well muscled. Deep chest with a super body and rib. Level topline. Liked his turn of stifle. Tail is ok.


Would prefer him just a little longer in leg. Fairly broad skull. Medium neck. Can still develop in body. Level topline. Good tail. Moderate rear.

Post grad d ne

Limit d ne

Open d (2,1)

1st: 1122 WILLIAMS, Mr Byron & NEWTON, Ms Louise G Can Gr Ch UK Can Am Ch MacDuff's Critical Acclaim

Mature d in good body. Slightly longer than tall. He has a masc head with a broad skull and strong muzzle, making is so well balanced. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder. Elbows could be tighter and could be more accurate coming towards which cost hos the CC. Level topline. Liked his turn of stifle. Good tail. Uses his rear v well. Dog with many qualities. RCC

Veteran b (2)

1st: 1120 THOMPSON-MORGAN, Mrs C & MORGAN, Mr E Ch Belleville Anjo De Noite

In great condition and a really super b. She has the width and strength of head needed. Correct length neck. Good front. Deep chest with big ribs. Level and firm topline. Super tail. V good rear. Moved so v well. Top quality.CC & BOB

2nd: 1116 MARDLE, Mrs G R & BARTON, Mrs D A Auldhelm Bizzy Lizzie

Lots to like about her. Fem head of enough width. Correct neck. She is more moderate in angulation than 1 and not her length stride.

Puppy b (1 abs

Junior b (1)


Would like more strength to her right through. Her proportions are ok. Fem in head. Too much neck. Level topline. Her angulation is v well balanced. Can tighten on the move.

Post grad b. Ne

Limit b ne

Open b (2)

1st: 1113 DRING, mrs Donna & DRING, mr Shaun Yelsek Love And Pride

Liked her proportions and a better head than 2. Her head is fem and with enough strength. Correct neck, good front. Well ribbed back. Her rear is moderate but could have more width of thigh. Level topline. Quite a good tail. Accurate on move with a balanced stride. RCC

2nd: 1119 THOMPSON-MORGAN, Mrs C & MORGAN, Mr E Ch Belleville Love Song

She is of good proportions. Correct neck. Stands a bit wide in front and could be more accurate coming towards. Topline could be firmer. Super tail. Moderate and strong rear.

Jeff Horswell