• Show Date: 06/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Lancashire Heeler

East of England

Lancashire Heeler

Such a cute breed. Please watch length of back, some were too long.

Minor Puppy D ne

Puppy D (1 abs)

Junior D (2)

1st Place 4391 - Lankeela You Go Boss at Foveaux (Mrs D Felstead)

V good young d. He has a well balanced and masc head, could use his ears more. He has enough neck. Welllaid shoulder. Fairly straight front. Well ribbed. Topline is ok. V good tail. Moved well. Just looked a little raw and unready in challenge but should easily gain his title.

2nd Place 4396 - Lankeela Our Marnie (Mr K & Mrs D Musk & Bingham)

Liked his head. Lovely eye and expression. Enough neck. Forward in shoulder. Legs are ok. Level topline. Could have a little more hind angulation. Would like a better tail.

Yearling d ne

Graduate d (1)

1st Place 4395 - Utthanshavan Wolf Moon Man (Mrs W Mcbride)

Lovely temperament and a good moving d with thick coat. Liked his head. Well set ears. Dark eyes. Medium neck, slightly longer in back than ideal. His angulation is v well balanced. Would prefer a straighter tail.

Post grad d ne

Limit d ne

Open d (3)

Fairly even class

1st Place 4397 - Ch Taigwynion Johnny's Boy at Swanndale (Mrs J Swann)

He is in v hard condition with dense coat. Slightly longer than ideal. Masc head which is well balanced with lovely eye and expression. Enough neck. Fair front. Well spring ribs that go well lack. Holds a level topline. Best rear in class and a good tail. RCC

2nd Place 4401 - Ch Ribblespride Crakemoor (Mrs E A & Mr R J Thwaite & Hayes)

Substantial d. He has a v good head. Dark eyes and well set ears giving a v good expression. Slightly forward in shoulder. Deep chest. Also longer than ideal. Quite a good rear. Would like a better tail carriage on move. Better mover than 3.

3rd Place 4387 - Leyeside Mister Wilds at Daweslean (D J Dawes)

Veteran d (4)

V good class.

1st Place 4386 - Ch Foveaux Storm Revolution (D J Dawes)

Super d in hard condition and liked his proportions. He has a super head. Enough neck. Best shoulder in class. Liked his legs and feet. Well bodied. Level topline on the move. Enough hind angulation. Moved v well. CC & BV

2nd Place 4382 - Limebrook's Take A Chance On Me at Heelstone ShCM (Imp Swe) (Mr J & Mrs T Bellinger)

Liked his proportions, he has a good head. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front. Better in proportions than 3. Topline level on move, Not as good in hind action as 1.

3rd Place 4394 - Foxthyme Mr Tobias (Miss S M & Miss D H Jaques & Jaques-Harris)

Sb d (2,1)

1st Place 4395 - Utthanshavan Wolf Moon Man (Mrs W Mcbride) BSB

Minor puppy b. Ne

Puppy b (2)

Both very promising pups, winner just a bit more outgoing today.

1st Place 4390 - Foveaux Queens Gambit (Mrs D Felstead)

Liked her proportions. She has a fem head, so well balanced. Good eye and expression. Enough neck. Has a good front. Level in topline. Moderate rear. V good mover. Think she is quite lovely. RCC & BP, should easily make up

2nd Place 4389 - Skipest Summer Breeze (Mrs C A Fairest)

Liked her proportions. She has a good head, dark eyes. Medium neck. Good front, firm in topline moderate rear. Could be better in tail.

Junior b (3,1)

1st Place 4390 - Foveaux Queens Gambit (Mrs D Felstead)

2 withheld nice young b who didn’t want me to touch her on the table.

Yearling b (1)

1st Place 4384 - Tudorbrook Hocus Pocus (Mrs I Budd)

Very good moving junior with a big body. Liked her head. Enough neck. Slightly forward in shoulder and upper arm. Legs and feet ok. Firm loin. Topline is ok. Moderate rear. Really nice sort.

Graduate b (1)

1st Place 4383 - Parabar Primrosa (Mrs I Budd)

Liked her proportions. She has enough neck. Turns one front foot out a little more than ideal. Well bodied. Could have more hind angulation and runs up in topline. Super tail. Close behind but ok in profile.

Post grad b ne

Limit b(1)

1st Place 4399 - Ganseblume Memphis Belle (Mrs E C & Mr D A Syrett)

Fem b who is a v accurate mover. She has a v good head. Well set ears. Enough neck. Liked her front. A little longer than ideal. She could be lower in hock. Goes so v well.

Open b (3,1)

1st Place 4392 - Ch Selestar Salix Lutea with Foveaux (Mrs D Felstead)

Really super b , liked her proportions and she is so v good on the move. Well balanced head, slight stop. Super eye and expression. Enough neck. Quite a good front. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Well made rear. Super coat texture. Really fell for her. CC & BOB

2nd Place 4398 - Taigwynion The Special One at Swanndale (Mrs J Swann)

V good b just not as good in rear as 1. She has a super head. Lengthy neck. Liked her front. Well ribbed. Topline rises v slightly.. Good tail. Needs more drive in rear but accurate in front.

Veteran b (1)

1st Place 4381 - Heelstone Genevive (Mr J & Mrs T Bellinger)

V good moving b. Just a little long and soft in topline. Liked her head. Lovely eye and expression. Lengthy neck balanced in her angulation. Well sprung ribs. Thick coat.

SB B. ne

Jeff Horswell