• Show Date: 06/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Working Group

East of England

Working Group

My first breed judging appointment was at East of England back in 1982, and so it was poignant if a little sad to be judging at their last show. Congratulations to all involved on a wonderful show. The show ground is first class and I thought the layout was ideal, I wish Boston well here from next year and Im sure it will be popular with exhibitors.

This was a good group and coming forward into the shortlist were:

The young Bouvier, he is such a good type, ideal proportions and a super thick coat

Mastiff, big yet feminine and I thought for such a big dog she was a very good mover,

Newfoundland, liked his proportions and good to see a length of leg

Hovawart, really good mover with excellent body and some width.

Group - 1st Place 3766 - Ch Chandlimore Heart Beat, St Bernard

 (Mr B & Miss A Deegan & Grainger)

Really lovely b, full of type, size and such an easy mover. Her head is feminine with

Clean eyes and lovely expression. She is so well made, firm in her topline

and has decent length of leg. Was a fairly easy winner over dogs I really liked.

Congratulations on talking BIS

Group - 2nd Place 3592 - Ch Corleone Navigator at Kalizmar, Leonberger (Mr L Studholme)

Has the size and substance required and he is such a light and easy mover.

 Masc head with width. Enough neck, he is balanced in angulation and the correct

 Tail Presented in perfect condition.

Group - 3rd Place 3399 - Tuwos Macy Gray at Mattacane, Dobermann (Mr G Daniel)

She is fem, square, ideal proportions and has a long, clean, fem head. Strong neck,

 really hard in topline and covers the ground with easy

Group - 4th Place 3695 - Ch/can Grchb/can/am Ch Macduff's Critical Acclaim (Imp Can),

Portuguese Water Dog (Mr B C & Ms L G Williams & Newton). His proportions are good,

has a fairly broad skull. Correct length of neck/ Well bodied. Has firmed in front action

from when I last judged his. Correct tail.

Jeff Horswell