• Show Date: 04/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/08/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Tibetan Spaniel

Paignton. Tibetan Spaniels

I would like to start by sending my best wishes to Carol Harwood who should have judged this entry, but sadly withdrew just before entries closed. Thanks for accepting me as a replacement, with such a nice entry. Sadly we were rather late starting. This breed is a bit of a challenge to judge, a big variation in type. I tried to put up the proportions I think are correct, slightly longer than tall, and thought the BCC line up was fairly even. The dogs are great characters and I really loved the way some of them looked at me.

S Beginners D (2)

1st: 4697 BEASLEY, Mrs Karen Lesley Marlyoak heart full of love

Raw baby. He is v sound and of good proportions. Masc head. Good length and width muzzle with a nice chin. Enough neck. Good front can settle in topline. Moderate rear. BSB

2nd: 4750 SMEARDON, Mrs K Balgay Dbang Cha Yin

More mature and in full coat. Bit too strong in chin. Medium neck. Front is ok. Well sprung ribs. Moderate rear. Not as positive as 1 moving.

Puppy D (3,1)

1st: 4729 MORTON, Mrs L M Linsdown Gibran

He is in v good bloom. Liked his slightly domed skull, excellent muzzle, dark eyes. Well set ears.Lengthy neck. Shoulders well laid. Well sprung ribs. Needs a little more hind angulation. A little untidy in front as yet, but holds his shape in profile. BP

2nd: 4697 BEASLEY, Mrs Karen Lesley Marlyoak heart full of love

Junior D (1)

1st: 4724 KEEPENCE, Mr A R & KEYTE, Miss A P Oldcharm Peaky Love For Alandobel

Good young d. Liked his proportions. Well balanced head. Correct length muzzle, good chin. He has a super expression. Could have a bit more neck and slightly better laid shoulders. Liked his front legs. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Moderate hind angulation. Accurate on the move.

Post Grad D (3)

1st: 4735 QUEST, Mr & Mrs G & M Chenrezi Just You and I

He is very slightly longer than tall. Liked his head proportions. Lovely expression. Well set ears with lift. Good lengthy and width of muzzle with a good chin. Ok neck. Good legs

and feet. Needs a bit more hind angulation and runs up in topline. Went well.

2nd: 4711 COOPER, Miss C & O'BRIEN, Miss Elizabeth SUSU MORE THAN A PRINCE

Masc head, could have a bit more chin. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck which he uses so well. Front legs are turn stifle. V good coat texture. Could cover more ground moving.. Level topline.

3rd: 4750 SMEARDON, Mrs K Balgay Dbang Cha Yin

Limit D (4)

1st: 4721 HIRSTWOOD, Miss Katy Elaine Quintrelle I Am I Said With Tibbitude

Liked his proportions and carrying the right amount of coat of v good texture. Masc head which is well balanced. Slightly domed skull. Super expression. Good chin. More neck than 2. His shoulders are ok. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. Quite a good mover.

2nd: 4705 CLOVER, Mrs A Chenrezi No Ordinary Love

Carries a lot of coat, not as low as he looks. Well balanced head. Dark eyes. Good legs and feet. Well ribbed back. Enough hind angulation. Ok on the move.

3rd: 4720 HALL, Mr & Mrs C Balgay Shab Tra

Open D (8,2)

Took a fair amount of sorting out.

1st: 4733 PROUVE, Mr L & MORAN, Mr A Ch Xaramae Image (Imp Fin)

Young d of super proportions. He is v good on the move and v well constructed. Masc head. He is a bit deep in stop with a steep rise in skull. Well placed eyes and such a typical expression. Good width muzzle and chin. Correct neck. Well laid shoulders. Good spring of rib. Level topline. He has enough hind angulation. V good mover. Carries a heavy mane. CC

2nd: 4698 BEVIS, Mrs P J Skyvana Empty Dreams of Starlance ShCEx

He is a v good moving d, slightly longer than 1. Liked his head. He is slightly domed in skull, correct stop. V good eyes and expression. Enough neck. V good legs and feet. Not quite shoulder of 1. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Enough bend of stifle. Carries correct coat. RCC

3rd: 4727 MORTON, Mrs L M Linsdown Karib

Veteran D (4)

1st: 4737 PENNY, Ms Sonia Ferncott Rave On Sh.CM

Slightly longer than 2. He has a super expression. Fairly small head, correct skull. Good width of muzzle. Lengthy neck. He could be a bit tidier coming towards. Well ribbed back. Moderate rear. Correct amount of coat.

2nd: 4702 BREEZE AND STYLES, Ms and Ms H Ch Paralde Little Bredy With Hilsar

Really liked the proportions of this d, who was carrying enough coat. Masc head, with a good chin. Dark eyes. Medium neck. Liked his feet. Well bodied. Level topline. Moderate rear.

3rd: 4754 SMITH, Mrs S & Miss R I Balgay Ma Beau at Saxina

S Beginners B. (3)

1st: 4696 BEASLEY, Mrs Karen Lesley Marlyoak just a little bit

Liked her for proportions, needs to be more settled on the table. Fem in head. Enough neck. Shoulders a bit forward. Firm topline. Moderate rear.

2nd: 4707 CONIBERE, Mrs Trudi & CONIBERE, Mr Simon Chenrezi Rewrite The Stars

Fem b, slightly longer than tall. She has a well balanced head, just a bit strong on her underjaw. Well ribbed. Topline is ok. Bit close at the rear.

3rd: 4751 SMEARDON, Mrs K Linsdown Clarice

Puppy B (1)

1st: 4744 SHORT, Mrs L Malia Miss Dior

V fem pup who shows v well. Super coat. She has a fem head. Correct skull, well set ears. Dark eyes. Good chin. Liked her neck. Well ribbed. Turns hocks in slightly. Covers enough ground in profile action.

Junior B (5,2)

1st: 4749 SIMPER, Miss H J & SCOATES, Miss ELISABETH & SCOAT Clydum Country Lass

Still quite raw, she has super proportions, enough coat of v good texture. Delightful temperament. Smallish head. Long enough in muzzle, which has good width. She is a bit too moderate in her angulation, but v well balanced and so is an easy mover. Level topline. Well ribbed with correct tail set,

2nd: BEASLEY, Mrs Karen Lesley Marlyoak just a little bit

Post Grad B (9,3)

1st: 4728 MORTON, Mrs L M Lindsown Jodha

Liked her head and proportions the best in this class. Head is fem, super expression. Liked her width and length of muzzle. V good eye and expression. Enough neck. Well ribbed. Could have a bit more bend of stifle.

2nd: 4747 SIMPER, Miss H J & SCOATES, Miss ELISABETH & SCOAT Clydum Here Comes Edna

Good proportions. Fem in head with a v typical expression. She has enough neck. V good feet. Topline is ok. Moderate rear.

3rd: 4715 CROUCHER, Miss B E M Bruesown Jonsai

Limit B( 11,1)

1st: 4725 LEMON, Mr S Linsdown Diva

Liked her for proportions and outmoved the rest when it mattered. V fem in head. Liked her eyes. V good width muzzle. Enough neck. Decent front. Level topline. She is well ribbed. Moderate rear. In super coat. RCC

2nd: 4748 SIMPER, Miss H J & SCOATES, Miss ELISABETH & SCOAT Clydum Rhapsody In Rhedd

Just a bit longer than 1. Not in her v best coat. Fem in head. Dark eyes and a lovely character. Enough neck. Well ribbed. Lengthy neck. V good feet. Well bent stifle. High set tail


Open B(6,3)

3 bitches with different merits but all plenty to like.

1st: 4718 DOLPHIN, Mrs Glenys Carol Castafiore Rebecca

Liked her proportions. She has a super head, lovely eye and expression. Good chin. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Well ribbed. Could be slightly better in stifle. She is accurate on the move and a good stride. Super coat. Real quality girl. CC & BOB

2nd: 4712 COOPER, Miss C L Ch Malia Pumpkin Pie By Susu JW

V good proportions and in enough coat, wouldn’t want her stronger in skull. Dark eyes. Decent neck. Not the front of 1 but better out and back than 3. Enough bend of stifle.

3rd: 4745 SIMPER, Miss H J & SCOATES, Miss E A & LUDVIG, Mr Clydum Calamity Jane

Veteran B (7,2)

Some lovely old girls here.

1st: 4710 COOPER, Miss C & O'BRIEN, Miss Elizabeth Susu Princess Spice Parti JW W17

Maybe a fraction long. She moves so v well and shows all the time in the ring. She has a fem head. Slightly domed skull. Lovely eye and expression. Good chin. Medium neck. Quite a good front. In super body. Level topline. Well set tail. Well bent stifle. BV

2nd: 4746 SIMPER, Miss H J & SCOATES, Miss ELISABETH & SCOAT Ch Beautiful Chaos At Clydum

She is a very typy b. Liked her head, eyes could be a fraction darker. Enough neck. Balanced in her angulation. Not quite as accurate as 1 moving. Super topline.

3rd: 4703 BREEZE AND STYLES, Ms and Ms H Hilsar Ucan't Ignore A Nora

Jeff Horswell