• Show Date: 26/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: St. Bernard


St Bernard

Veteran D. ne

Minor Puppy D (1 a s)

Puppy D (2,1)

1st Place 2240 - Chandlimore Boys Night in (Mr C & Miss K Spencer-Gray & Forster)

V promising pup of 8mths. Liked his proportions. Head is ok for age. Deep stop, correct length muzzle. Needs to develop in skull. Lengthy neck, well laid shoulder. Deep chest, but above elbow. Well ribbed back. Plenty of hind angulation, just needs to coordinate more on move. Really good quality d. BP & RCC

Junior d (1)

1st Place 2238 - Snowfordhill Nimrod (L & E Lyons & Grubb)

Well grown d of good proportions. Broad skull deep stop. Lovely big nose. Liked his neck. Quite a well laid shoulder. Needs to develop more width of chest. Good leg length. Topline is ok. Needs more hind angulation. Stride is ok but a bit untidy up and back.

Yearling d ne

Novice d ne

Post grad d (1 abs)

Limit d (1)

1st Place 2242 - Tombears Mister Barista (Mr S & Mrs K Wright)

Masc d of good size and pleasing proportions. He has a good head but eyes could be better. Neck is ok. Well laid shoulder. Chest above elbow. Level topline. Moderate bend of stifle. Hocks could be firmer.

Open d (1)

1st Place 2234 - Chandlimore Gunz for Hire (Mr D & Mr B Jennings & Deegan)

He combines size with soundness. He has a super head, good eyes. Correct length of muzzle, deep stop. Lengthy neck. Super front. Chest above elbow. Well ribbed. He has too much hind angulation. Quality d. Could put a bit more effort into showing. CC

S beginners d/b ne

Veteran b ne

Minor puppy b (2, abs)

Puppy b (2 abs)

Junior b (4,3)

1st Place 2233 - Dawnstenbears Rule The World (Mr R & Mrs S & Mr S & Mrs D Holloway & Holloway & Milburn & Milburn)

MakIng her handler work hard. She has a fem head of good width, short muzzle. Would like tighter eyes. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder. Chest just above elbow. Well ribbed. Topline is ok. Moderate rear.

Yearling b (2)

1st Place 2227 - Cyronelle Dixie Princess at Branbar (Miss C Alderson)

Could be a little more enthusiastic. Liked her proportions the best here. She is fem in head with better eyes than 2. Medium neck. Quite a good front. Chest above elbow. Well ribbed. V moderate rear. Ok mover. Decided tro try harder in challenge and took RCC

2nd Place 2231 - Cyronelle Pudgie Bear (M K & C T Edwards)

She has a well proportioned head, good width but still fem. Medium neck. I would like her more up on leg. Well ribbed. Could be more positive in hind action.

Novice b (1 abs)

Post grad b (1 abs)

Limit b (1)

1st Place 2229 - Chandlimore Good Morning (Mr Jbm Davies)

Slightly heavy type of b. She has a good width of skull, short muzzle. Eyes could be better. Medium neck. Too deep in chest. Good width. Level topline. Needs more hind angulation. Quite a good mover.

Open b (1)

1st Place 2230 - Ch Chandlimore Heart Beat (Mr B & Miss A Deegan & Grainger)

V good moving fem b. I would like a fraction more leg on her, but she really is super. Fem head with enough width for a bitch. Correct neck. Well laid shoulders. Chest above elbow. Well ribbed. Level topline. Just right for hind angulation. Really powerful mover. Nothing close in the breed today, CC & BOB. Congratulations on winning RBIS

Jeff Horswell