• Show Date: 12/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/08/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Afghan Hound



Nice quality entry. V few long and low type dogs. I thought many were lacking any definition in topline.

Puppy D (3)

1st: 674 HARWOOD, Mrs Mary & HARWOOD, Mr Mark Altside Too Hot To Handle (BA1)

Stylish d who moves with lift and a lengthy stride. Long head. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Chest to elbow. Can fill in front. Holds a firm topline. V good rear. Accurate on the move with v good carriage. BP

2nd: 684 LEES, Mrs Sylvia Altside Micah Hot Prophet

Another v good pup. He has a v good head and eye. Long neck. Quite a good front. Just a bit longer than 1. His rear matches his front. Lengthy stride and accurate mover.

3rd: 678 HOLDER, Mrs Kerstin & HOLDER, Mr Adrian Zendushkas Rolling Stone at Farakushk

Junior d (5)

1st: 687 MOORE, Mr Wendell Merrick Prince Charming Cloudside( imp Fin)

Such a well made d who did just enough to take this class. Liked his outline. Lengthy head with a v typical expression. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep chest, best for body in the class. Firm topline. Short loin. V good rear. Could just have a fraction more lift, but a v sound mover. RCC

2nd: 677 HILLS, Mr Graham & HILLS, Mrs Sally-Ann Way Up Radio Waves (Imp) It

Liked his shape, just needs to deepen and fill in his body, but a firmer topline than 3. V good head. Long neck. Well made rear. He moves with style and spring.

Yearling d. Ne

Novice d. Ne

Graduate d (1 abs)

Post grad d (4,1)

1st: 675 HILLS, Miss M & THORNTON, Mrs B Absolute Afghans Djibouti at Karnak JW (Imp Nor)

Best mover in the class. He has a strong and masc head. Lengthy neck. Shoulders are ok. Chest to his elbow with well sprung ribs. Longer in back than ideal, but shortens on the move. Good tail. Rear matches this front.

2nd: 691 PEEK-MATAR, Mrs Deborah Yansukhim's Sherbet Fizz

He is of good proportions. Long head of correct width. Lengthy neck. Just a bit narrow in front and lifts his front feet too high moving, however his front assembly is ok. Can still finish in body. Good rear.


Limit d (2)

1st: 685 MCLAY, Mrs S Ann Cloudside Sun King

Liked his proportions and has a springy stride. Long head and not as heavy as 2 in skull. Long neck. Shoulders could be slightly better laid back. Deep chest. Firm topline, could have a better saddle. Ok croup and fairly moderate rear. Ring in tail.

2nd: 679 HURL, Mr Richard & HURL, Mrs J & NISBET, Mrs F & F Zandahar Xcuse Me Mister

Masc d of good proportions. He has a long neck. Well sprung ribs. Slightly forward in shoulder. Firm in topline. Lots of hind angulation. Accurate on the move with a lengthy stride. Could just have a bit more spring.

Open d (5,1)

1st: 690 PASCOE, Mr and Mrs Chris and Mary Ch Lux Ch UK Popovs Aladdin at Sarakhan (Imp NLD)

Really comes into his own on the move. Standing he is a bit long, but on the move he shortens up and goes with a long, free, springy stride so v full of style. Liked his head. Super eye and expression. Long neck. Well laid shoulders. Deep chest. Correct length of loin. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Really loved him moving. CC & BOB

2nd: 692 REED, Mrs Amanda Jayne & REED, Mr Terence Cloudside Sunstrike JW

Liked his proportions. Lengthy neck. Masc in head. Shoulders slightly forward, could have a deeper chest. Firmest of toplines. Super rear. Sound mover, better topline than 3, not the lift of 1.

3rd: 681 LANCASHIRE, Mrs A M & O'DONNELL, Miss C & LANCASHI Drishaun Star Among Lilies JW

Veteran d ne

S beginners d/b (1)


 D who is accurate on the move but could have a longer stride, but has some spring. Long head. Well shaped eye. Medium neck. Moderate but balanced in his angulation.

Puppy b (1)

1st: 693 RHODES, Mrs Susan Madeleine Alaqadar Ariodante of Shadowfax (Imp)

Lovely shape fem pup, being silly abound being gone over. Long head. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. She has a well laid shoulder. Level topline. Enough hind angulation. Could be better moving away, but a lengthy and spring stride.

Junior b (2)

Both behaving like teenage Afghans.


Very naughty but a good type and when she moved, was accurate and stylish. Fem head. Would like a bit more neck. Quite a good front. Short and firm topline. Moderate in the rear. Lots of promise.

2nd: 666 CALLARD, Mrs A Katanga's black widow at shimonay

She is longer than 1. Could have a longer head and neck. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Can firm in topline. V good tail. Lengthy stride.

Yearling B (1)


Novice B (1)

1st: 666 CALLARD, Mrs A Katanga's black widow at shimonay

Graduate B (1 abs)

Post grad b (2)

Both a similar shape. Winner used her tail.

1st: 695 SMART, Mrs Angela & SMART, Mr Paul Gezancol Kissed by an Angel

Fem head. Enough neck. Forward in shoulder. Has a firm topline. Proportions are good. Could have a deeper chest. Better rear than 2.

2nd: 680 TURNER, Mrs June & BOYDELL, Mrs Muriel & HUTTON, M Nightwind you're my kind of crazy

Liked her outline and proportions. Head planes are a bit off. Medium neck. Forward in shoulder. Moderate and balanced in her angulation. Moved v well.

Limit b (1)

1st: 667 FAIRBURN, Mrs M & ROBERTS, Mrs P Cloudside Sunset

Liked her shape and she is v well made, needs to use her tail more, came up v briefly half way. She has a long and fem head. Super eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Chest to elbow. Firm in topline. Slightly steep in croup. Long and easy stride smith some lift.

Open b (6,1)

1st: 672 HALL, Mrs Roberta Ch Saxonmill Majic Mirror

Lovely b who stood away amongst the females today. Like her proportions, enough leg and not long. She has a lovely head. Typical eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. She has a v good body, where she scored over the opposition. Would like a better topline and is slightly rounded in croup. Plenty of hind angulation. Went well with style. CC

2nd: 676 HILLS, Mr Graham & HILLS, Mrs Sally-Ann HR Ch Int Ch Slo Ch Oshanameh's Star Light Star Br

Liked her v much for type, would just like a bit more body. Shorter in back than 3 and more detail in toplione. Long head, fem and super expression. Long neck. Not the shoulder of 1. Well ribbed back. Super rear, long thighs and low hocks. Liked her tail. RCC

3rd: 694 RHODES, Mrs Susan Madeleine & SHAVERNEVA, Ms M Shadowfax Threepenny Opera JW

Veteran B ne

Jeff Horswell